I received an email the other day from a friend who receives the newsletter and blog… She pointed out that I spelled meditation as mediation. YIKES! Funny thing is I used spell check and re-read the newsletter like 4 times, but obviously this was my segue to writing this blog post.

It got me thinking about meditation verses mediation. It’s really not that different in the aspect of when we meditate we are continually mediating our thoughts. We become of aware of them coming in as we are meditating and if you’ve ever read “The Untethered Soul” the author talks about how we have this dialogue all day long with ourselves. We ask ourselves questions, we answer ourselves, sometimes we even argue with ourselves or give ourselves a pat on the back. Our thoughts do this in meditation as well.  So we are mediating our thoughts continually. This is what I refer to as maneuvering the negative looping in the brain. WORDS are so powerful and if we can learn how to shift and maneuver them and literally, and I mean LITERALLY STOP thinking so much, we have a much better chance of listening to what is available to us. So my new MOTTO is MEDIATE THE you know what out of your thoughts. When we mediate we are working on coming to some type of reconciliation between parties. But if we continue to talk to ourselves daily, why not mediate our own thoughts, maneuver them and learn how to be at peace with them. Become your own filtering system. It’s your inner being having a relationship with your thoughts. The two parties having an inner dialogue.

Have you ever been around people that just speak whatever comes in and they say it out loud. They have no filter. I have family like this:) It can be adorable at times and have found this kind of a curious thing. From my perspective, it’s as if they are wanting to get rid of everything that is coming in, so they let it fly out. It can be comical and then at times not so much. But what if we did this with ourselves?Just let the thoughts come for a few days, really pay attention to what they are and see where one thought leads you to another and all of a sudden you’re on this totally different tangent going someplace you had no idea you were going. This is what thoughts do. I watch my thoughts when I’m walking if I’m not listening to a podcast or music. It’s like this whole scenario of endless ends really. I laugh out loud sometimes given they are meaningless at times or all of a sudden I’m thinking of some past dating experience, a past childhood experience and I start trying to figure things out and have to catch myself.  I’m like where did that come from and I stop myself and will think of something else that turns me on or my LOVE SYMBOL, instead of going down the rabbit hole… 

The beautiful thing is when we get through one layer soon after another layer is revealed. We dove into the layers of the ShadowSelf in the March workshop and what we must remember, there are no endpoints. It never ends! We will always, until we decide to leave the planet for an even greater adventure, peal away layers of our soul to become more authentic to who we truly are. Becoming enlightened or more conscious doesn’t mean you won’t have lessons to work through, what’s different is how you react to them and the process becomes more clear from my perspective. You will still have to chop wood, carry water and clean toilets as one of my friends has said. The beautiful thing about the process is when we heal a part of ourselves, we help heal the human consciousness and the cosmic consciousness as a whole. We heal those essences that are with us that we have unseen connections to. 

The next workshop coming up is The Intuitive Perspective on the Journey. We will explore the quantum field of possibilities,  journey with the drum and bring back desires while releasing old belief patterns. This is powerful work when done in a group. Click the link for more information.

Sending Love,