We have a full moon coming up on August 3rd in Aquarius, sun in Leo and just one of the aspects is it is squaring Uranus which rules Aquarius so most likely it will be an intense Full Moon. Uranus known as the Awakener  can disrupt things or have sudden shocks to any given situation personally and collectively. I personally think we are in for another big event! I’ve said this before, but I can feel something coming and it feels like something we will have to have an open mind around and embrace as something new going forward. I don’t know what it is, but I can feel it and so can other’s.

We are as a collective humanity taking a huge leap in consciouness. the question is are we willing to do the work to take the huge leap of faith, willing to grow, expand and dismantle the old to bring in the new? Venus has now gone direct and going back towards the North Node in Gemini as a collective and if your personal node is there as is mine, I would really pay attention to what you are creating. Is it out of truth of who you are? Are relationships in your life of genuine quality and reciprocal? All good questions to ask ourselves as we move forward through this interesting and fascinating time.  Aquarian energy at a heightened awareness is inovative, creative and at a contracted place tends to over think and over anyalzing everthing. It reminds me a bit of Virgo energy where everything has to be perfect and too much time is spent figuring things out instead of getting out of the way and letting creation do its thing. Being Creative! A bunch of planets are about to go direct and with this Full Moon they will be sitting still so to speak as all of this takes place, it’s like being in a void for a period of time where from my perception there is easy access to the outer realms or non-ordinary realities. I can speak from what I’ve been experiencing over these last two weeks. WOW! There’s so much energy coming in and the the channeling I’m receiving from numerous beings is powerful and right to the point. It’s like going into the 5th world for moments and experiencing what some have spoken about as the Hopi refer to and other ancients… I’ve recently channeled Ishtar and if you aren’t familiar with her, she is a Goddess that was worshipped during Sumerian times. Here’s a quick description of her connections

Ishtar, (Akkadian), Sumerian Inanna, in Mesopotamian religion, goddess of war and sexual love. … She was also the goddess of rain and thunderstorms—leading to her association with An, the sky god—and was often pictured with the lion, whose roar resembled thunder.

 If you read mythology, she is connected to Isis in Egypt, Innana,  along with being seen as Venus in the sky …What we have to remember in mythology is it’s layered like anything else we come upon in life, in the cosmos or underworld. For instance Isis is related to Mary Madeline and Mother Mary some believe. So if you believe in channeling as I do, then we are given insights into what is coming and the layers that are being revealed.

Dreaming the ancient ones! 

How do we know when we dream of ancient ones? Is there a signature they leave in the dream that identify them? Are they capable of shapeshifting? Are they connected to our essences? All great questions to ask when dreaming. 

I’ve dreamt as most of you know for my whole life. I truly believe it’s the way of the shaman, the modern shaman and an innate nature in all of us if we are open to it. Once we learn how to identify our dream language in conjunction with our intuitive language, we have given ourselves tools to help decipher what is coming in. I’ve personally read some of Jung’s dream books, along with other very old ones and I recently read an article from a woman who is a Jung dream expert and she was giving a client advice. The reason I’m bringing this up is my mother, bless her heart, gave me this advice as a child that the dream analyst gave her client. My mother knew nothing about this work, and tuned into something to help a frightened child. she gave me the best advice ever. She said the next time you have the nightmare as she referred to it, turn around in your dream and run towards him and he will disappear. I had the same dream every night as a small child, and I must have been about 5 or so when she gave me this amazing advice. I did what she said and in the dream I consciously turned around and ran towards the man and he disappeared. I remember waking up yelling, it worked , it worked, it worked. I was so elated and I’ve never had the dream again. 

What I’m getting at here is that we all have fearful dreams possibly from anxiety, trauma, or we have learned how to dream our way through our subconscious back to our soul. It’s quite an extraordinary thing to do from my perspective. The other thing that can affect our dreaming is watching TV or violet video games, or movies that are scary. If we aren’t aware that we are taking on the energy, then it tends to hang out with us and can show up in the dreamscape.  We also have the ability to shift a dream or re-enter a dream once you know how to consciously become aware in the dream. Some refer to this as Lucid dreaming. There are so many techniques out there now, but what I’m wanting to express is learning how to read our own dream & intuitive language in order to see the patterns in our dreams and speak with our guides and essences.  

I’m offering a 4 week dream course called Dream Sequencing starting in September, I hope you join me… We will learn how to decipher our dreams together, how they become cyclical if we pay attention and understand our own dream language along with our intuitive language. We will dive into the ancients in our dreams and what symbols they may use for you personally. I’ve lately been dreaming with Ishtar after she channeled through last week several times and again this week. They normally don’t show up as you would imagene them to, so learning how to identify them is helpful with the messages that are coming through. We will identify our guides in our dreams, as we all have them. They can shapeshift just as the deities can, and it’s an interesting thing to watch how they bring us these different ways of perceiving outcomes if we are paying attention. 

Dreams are a gateway to our soul and of course our subconscious. Like I’ve mentioned before if you are a dreamer you have the advantage of working through your subconscious in your dreamworld and not have to spend so much time in the waking life over analyzing everything. It really is magic. 

The other work that comes out of dreaming is what I refer to as cyclical dreaming. This is where over time you understand again your dream language and intuitive language along with your guides, your essences , spirit animals, helping spirits and loved ones from the other side to help you in bringing a dream through a cycle. This can take years or weeks depending on the dreamer. For some if there is a deep karmic pattern playing out in this lifetime or you are connected to ancient beings that are wanting to work with you, they will give you indications in dreams from an early age that will propel you to do the work in your dreamscape which eventually if you choose expands into your waking life. It’s so layered and multidimensional that one blog can’t begin to break the surface of what it’s all about. That’s why I’m running this workshop to help other’s understand the dreamscape in ways that can help bring the cycle to a new beginning. It’s really magical when it happens. Fears are released, new beginnings happen and dreaming become so much richer along with LIFE!

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