The dreamscape is a magical place to draw from if we allow ourselves to see how dream sequencing comes from our waking life into our dreamscape and our dreamscape into our waking life. 

When we sleep at night our being leaves and travels around and gathers information and experiences for us to embody if we so desire. We also communicate with loved ones, other energies, our guides, spirit animals , the list goes on.  What I want to focus on is Dream Sequencing and how I believe and have experienced being a magical part of life’s wonders… When we are open to other perspectives and realms, we will tend to communicate with them on different planes and/or dimensions.

I recently had a swarm of bees come my way. I had been to a friends house a few months ago and she had a beehive. I looked at the hive and thought and then said outlook “I want a beehive” I could feel the energy the bees were putting out, so I contacted the bee man. I will call him “BOB the BEE MAN” and he said it was probably too late in the year to get a swarm. He goes out and gets a live swarm from nature, and early spring was the best time he explained. I was asking well past that. So I kind of assumed I wouldn’t get one this year. Well, I was going to be surprised of what happened next. 

I had a dream a few nights later where I was walking down a path and I saw this sleeping bag lying on the dirt and this milky kind of white stuff getting on it. (I would realize later this was honey on the ground) I was a bit concerned about the milky kind of stuff and then all of a sudden I was lying on the ground and I sat up and this man was in front of a big wooden square box pulling combs out and shaking the bees. The bees then flew over and started swirling in the top of my head in my hair. I’m like ‘HEY” and he says “ Just lie back down” so I did, but sat up again and he did the same thing and more bees came into the top of my head and in my hair. This time it was the whole swarm of bees, like they were making a bee hive. I then woke up… I new then there was a swarm of bees and they were coming home to my house. I texted BOB the BEE MAN and sure enough he had just gotten a new swarm the day prior. He then said I needed to get a beehive but would need to stain it and blah, blah ,blah! I’m like NOPE! I went and bought one, he came over and brought the bees… At this point we didn’t know if there was a queen in the swarm, so it was a wait and see for about 3 weeks. I fed them when it rained a lot, and they stared bringing back pollen on their legs. It’s the cutest thing to see, it looks like they have little yellow pants on.  That night I dreamt about BOB the BEE MAN and he says to me “Now Elise you need to name all 3000 bees” I’m like what, and I wake up laughing. It’s so something he would say. He actually did say when he brought the swarm over that there were about that many bees. It’s a big swarm. 

Now comes the Yummy part. Here’s the second dream of what I refer to as dream sequencing given I’ve now had two dreams with the bees. I dreamt I was on a sidewalk and I looked to my right and the bees have this big square, and they’re all around it on the edges hovering it off the ground. What’s interesting about this is it’s related to the first dream and the square holding all  the combs. The hive itself is square boxes one of top of each other. They work from the top box down to the next box making comb. I didn’t know this prior to getting the hive or the first dream. So I see the bees hovering this big square down the sidewalk but there are 3 bunnies on the back helping them. Then I see all these cats come and start crossing the street. I run down to the bees and I see a beautiful grey bunny at my feet,  I stop and pet the bunny from the nose up between it’s ears. This is significant given my Mayan teachings with the Rabbit and the Rabbit in the Moon! Then the bees pick up the square box again and hover it off the ground and the rabbits help take it down the sidewalk. I then wake up. 

I sat with this dream for a few days and shared it with some friends. I was out walking in nature and it hit me. The rabbits are about fertility. I realized at that moment that there were baby bees in the hive. I got home and texted BOB the “BEE MAN” and he came over and sure enough there were baby bees. This is what you want to see in a hive as this means there is a QUEEN in the swarm. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I was to have baby bees. They are magical and have ancient wisdom and a frequency that isn’t from here. I encourage anyone who is wanting to take care of bees to do so. Please remember the honey is for them to survive on during the winter, so harvesting it right away is not a good thing for the health of the bees. 

The next Bee dream was when I was out on Sacred Land in the Ochoco’s over the 4th of July. I had several dreams in one night, but one in particular was about a huge Queen Bee. That’s it, but given all of the other dreams I have had over these last 3 eclipse within 5 weeks, it hit me. My first dream as a child was of a HUGE BEE… It scared the hell out of me given it was the size of my bed and it came down upon me. What I didn’t know at the time it was a shamanic representation of what was to come. This is what I was referring to in the Newsletter about Dream Sequencing and how dreams will come full circle at times in our lives if we write our dreams down and understand the metaphors and symbols and how we are able to read them like we do our intuitive language. We have dream language as well.  What I realized was there was a huge healing within my family ancestry and I had just been to my father’s the week before where something beautiful took place. I won’t go into details, but when I decided to work on compassion with my family tree, huge shifts started happening. The Bee for me personally is connected to that. 

Bees have a shamanic connection as well and Celtic one among other mythologies as Bee Goddess Artemis of Ephesu and they are connected to the Melissae in the Shamanic world. They are the female shamans connected to the Bees and there is something so sensual about how they work their magic with the bees. … I love this work and the connections to the bees and how they communicate through the dreamworld.

The other beautiful thing that came out of all of this is I didn’t know or was aware my father once had bee hives for years! The bees on some level have connected us on a deeper level and spiritually. I also want to share that before I went to my father’s house that week, the previous week my MOTHER came through while I was standing in the kitchen and said “Elise you need to see your father” and then she repeated it. What I have learned from the spiritual world is when someone makes a clear statement, it’s best to listen. There is a profound experience coming if we choose to act upon what we are getting. My father gave me his bee suit for me to use when inspecting the hive which I’m learning how to do over time. The other thing I’ve learned is that bees somewhat imprint as animals do, or you could say they recognize your scent if you take the time to introduce yourself. It was suggested that I leave a night shirt that I sleep in (for me it’s a T-shirt with an OWL on it:) next to the hive where they enter. They get to know your scent so when you come out to visit them or water plants, they go about their business. Right away I had one land on my hand and walk around for a bit until I took it back to the hive. I also learned that they will let you know when they are frustrated or pissed. They will land on you and start biting you to let you know they want you to leave… If you don’t listen, then they sting! It’s unfortunate when this happens, as they die from this action. I’m looking forward to many more bee dreams and experiences with them and when the propolis can be harvested given it is  powerful in fire ceremonies…

We all have the capability to connect with nature like this if we so desire. Talking to nature, the bees, the trees, the birds, the deer, the insects will bring about other sources of communication and healings!

Sending Love,