6 week intuitive course


This course is for those who want to amplify and hone their gifts, form a greater bond with their guides, animal spirits, helping spirits, along with working with the shadow part of themselves where they hold great power! Energy follows attention and consciousness expands as we move further into our authentic self!

Are you one to get information from other realms or feel the energies of others and not quite sure how to maneuver it? Possibly you are wanting to expand into other modalities of the metaphysical world. Are you curious about learning how to feel into the layers of the shadow parts of your soul, reintegrate and move forward on your glorious path of light?

These are all great and interesting insights to explore, and as we do, you will see perceptions of yourself and others that you may not have encountered before. There will be reflections of who you are and what you are wanting to transform and bring into the light and become more of who you are authentically. All of us on a deep level are wanting to know more about who we are and why we are here. This is an never-ending journey of exploration and determination on our parts.

Come join this fabulous group of individuals and be guided by your wisdom and insight to grow and expand along your path… 

Total cost

Early bird pricing $495 after February 22nd $525

Payments can be made in two installments. Please email info@eliseannmoore.com to register and to make arrangements