We are in living in interesting times to say the least. With the equinox on the 22nd of this month which will be a powerful transition and Mars now retrograde in Aries with Eris,  planets still in Capricorn, and some squaring Uranus in Taurus, we are in for big shifts. And we all know it’s an election year in the U.S. October and November  energetically are going to bring forth some intense energy,  but that being said, all the light is in the darkness. If it were not for the contrast, we most likely wouldn’t be able to move into this new energy that is coming in strong and is transformative. I recently read something about chaos and order and a 4300 year cycle. We are at the end of this 4300 cycle and approximately in the last 30 years of it. These next 3 decades are going to bring about big shifts in consciousness, new technology, and sustainability. The key is using the technology for the greater good.

Given the fires that we have experienced over these last couple of weeks and are still burning I’d suggest doing a ritual around what has perished and will be giving life to something new. Fire rituals are powerful and I personally saved some of the ash that blew in over where I live. I will use it in another ceremony and give thanks to all those who perished, animals, trees, insects the whole eco system that gave life in order for a rebirth of sorts. I’d also suggest doing a water ceramony and giving thanks to the body of water, your body of water and source energy. We are in powerful times and water holds memory… replenishes us, the earth and natural world.

  • Placing a glass of water out in the morning
  • Give thanks to the East, North, West & South, the Center (Mother Gaia), the Underworld & the Cosmos/Galactic
  • Give gratitude to the water and what you are thankful for
  • Thank the water for giving us life here on earth on this journey in this lifetime
  • Ask for healing for the human collective
  • Ask for healings for mother Gaia and the wild animal kingdom
  • Add things that resonate with you.
  • Then take a sip of the water as you have just blessed this water. Do this every day until the water is gone and repeat!

With the new energies that are coming in, we are getting a new blank slate or canvas. The question is what do you want to paint on the new canvas with these new energies. We are being asked to be flexible, to pivot and weave with all of the changes and some more so than than others… If we can keep the perspective of holding energy for the greater good as we move forward on our path and learn to live a life with grace and ease we will tap into these HARMONICS! 

We’ve been witnessing what has transpired in our world since the beginning of the year, and it’s out of our control and now with the whole west coast under fire “literally”, we are being asked to take heed and witness what is important in our lives, and if you are wanting to do something you’ve been wishing for, or imagining, I say “GO FOR IT” … “Life is short, but it isn’t, We only have one life, but we don’t…” Our energy lives on and on and on and on and on. But what does happen is when we break through our fears or being scared of something, we have broken a cycle and that cycle will shift our past lives, our future lives, our parallel lives and this life as we know it. Remember anything we heal in this lifetime affects EVERYTHING!

When do we make that jump, or Leap of Faith? We all have choice points throughout our lives depending on what our soul growth is in this lifetime. There’s no rushing it, and if we do, most likely the brakes will be put on and we will go off path and/or come to a screeching halt. One of the keys of a choice point is obviously knowing when it’s here and when something in life is finished and the choice is ready to be made. When the fear sets in about security, foundation and the unknown, what we tend to forget is the known that we knew is now gone and the unknown is where all the juicy stuff is that is about to happen if we make the jump or Leap of Faith… So it’s ok to do nothing until there’s a felt sense that everything is done and finished. I think we get caught up in our heads how we always have to makes things happen. At times it’s in our best interest to DO NOTHING! Not take any action, but sit in what I call the HOVER position. It can feel like there’s nothing going on, but behind the scenes in the multi-sensory world there’s a lot happening. When life starts to fade away and dissipate, it’s time to move out of what we’ve been doing and start moving into a new creative juncture in life. This can be a new career, moving, a new family or going on a Grand Adventure.

Recently I’ve been witnessing the Light Bodies of clients transmuting in big ways. It’s a beautiful experience and honor to witness this happening. I can see the crystalline structure first in their bodies and see the changes taking place on the subatomic level. Quite extraordinary, and then the light body shows itself in this beautiful hue of color. It’s like a holographic energy…I can’t even express how exciting this is. We are creating a new energetic body and light body. So amazing!

Sending Love,