What is FEAR?!

Some will say it’s False Emotions Appearing Real or False Experiences Appearing Real based on False Emotions! 

I use to say the former, but after working in the intuitive and shamanic world, I have a slightly different perception of what fear is. I do feel the collective human race at the moment is in a lot of fear, and rightly so. The key is how do we stay out of it and in these new frequencies that are here. They are extremely heightened frequencies and we have the ability to tap into them. It’s a bit like being in this state of fearlessness, euphoria and creative energy! This is my personal experience when I’m tapped into them. This doesn’t mean there won’t be challenging things happening, but the perception is so different.

When I tune into people and the collective, I can feel the fear and trepidation of what they foresee is coming next, or what really their minds think is coming next. What I believe is that if we feel into the FEAR and we dive a layer deeper, or work on walking behind it so to speak, we will either see, hear or feel something that is connected to our fear. It’s that layer of our shadow that is revealing something that we have been holding onto. In most cases what I’ve witnessed behind the fear is one of 4 or a couple of them. It’s either Anger, Sadness, Worry and/or Grief … Then we ask the question, what is behind the next layer of any of the 4 that are revealed? There is normally a memory or an insight attached to these emotions. We know that our bodies are full of emotions, but most of the time we have no idea what the emotions are about, or we listen to our brain to tell us what it is. If we have had a lot of trauma in our lives up until this point than our perception is based in the trauma. Our brain may tell us something different, but the body is responding to a past fear of trauma. So again, we have to dive deeper into the layers of the emotions behind the FEAR.

FEAR is the mask that our buried emotions likes to wear.

For a long time I would dress my fear up in different clothing to unmask what was behind it. It was like playing a game of dress-up. As a child my mother would get kind of irritated with me because I loved to try on so many outfits and normally I would change my clothes at least 4x a day into a new outfit, and wear all of them. I decided to do this with my fear while I was working through emotions I was dealing with. I had to get creative in order for the fear to allow me to go deeper. It’s the curiosity I feel was the key to the unmasking the fear. It took a lot of practice, but so worth the outcome.

We have to feel whatever those emotions are and just feel them, not over process or over analyze them, which can be challenging if we are in fear. We are human and as humans we are here to have an emotional experience and emotionally evolve. We have to ask the body what it’s feeling… This can be challenging when we are masked in FEAR and disbelief… 

During this time on our planet Fear is heightened. We are being asked to wake up on so many levels and the planet is helping us do that. We are being asked to REST, REST, REST! We have been going like a machine for so long and driving the planet along with us, and SHE has said enough is enough along with the natural world and unseen world in my opinion. She is healing, as is the wild animal kingdom, planet life, rivers, oceans, etc… You get the picture. We are being asked to FEEL on a Ginormous Level… It’s painful, scary, and given we really don’t know what is coming next, it can create more fear. I know this is cliche, but all we really have is right now, this moment. If we have a roof over our heads, food, our health, our kids are healthy, we have gas in our cars, our pets are healthy, etc then we are good. We’re better than good. We are doing GREAT!  There are places on the planet as you know that don’t have as much as we do and are struggling as those that are falling ill. One of the best things we can do is send our LOVE to ourselves, the collective, our loved ones, nature, the planet, the animals, to those suffering and keep our spirits high and tune into our beautiful bodies on a regular basis and feel ourselves. 

I can tell you this, when I tune into my own body, I get so excited. I’m actually really shocked a lot of the time given what is happening. But I feel our beings that are here having a human experience are excited about what is happening and we are in a huge astrological shift and the frequencies are elevating and expanding at a fast rate. Time is speeding up. We are being asked to calibrate to these new frequencies.

I don’t have all the answers, but what I do know is the more we can stay in an expanded frequency the better the outcome for the human consciousness and for ourselves personally. I do rituals on a daily basis, as I say in every blog because I feel they are so important. It’s the equivalent of doing night time prayers. However you want to perceive it and what works for you is the way to go. My personal rituals change as the energies that I channel change. This allows me to bring in new energies and calibrate to different frequencies that are coming down to earth and rising up from our ancestors. 

We all have fear at some point in our lives and will continue to do so. The key is to be able to feel the emotion, dive into the next layer, identify what it is, even if it’s just a word. It’s usually a lot simpler than we think. It’s the feeling that will always talk to us. I’m always amazed what an amazing teacher the body is…

Sending Love,