Elise Ann Moore https://www.eliseannmoore.com Intuitive + Energy Healer Sat, 21 Nov 2020 02:20:17 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.5.3 Mutability https://www.eliseannmoore.com/mutability/ https://www.eliseannmoore.com/mutability/#respond Sat, 21 Nov 2020 02:20:10 +0000 https://www.eliseannmoore.com/?p=1993 The Hermitic principle of polarity goes along with mutability from my perception. When we think about polarity we normally compare it to what is opposite, but in hermetics there is always degrees of polarity. Kind of reminds me of the movie “6 degrees of separation” on some levels. The more mutable we become, the easier to see beyond the polarity of our material world. The polarity will always be here given we live in a 3D world of material density. The key is how do we mutate or transmute our own energy, subatomic particles, the braiding of our DNA and then increase the wave of intensity of our own plasma in order to generate manifestation. This is where the whole process of multi-dimensionality comes in to play. The more we realize how multi-dimensional we really are, the more we are able and capable of playing with the laws of nature and becoming connected to source. This is true manifestation from my perception.

Once we learn how to become mutable with our own multi-dimensional selves, our own energy and how we are all connected to the tapestry, the unified field, we see how we create what is coming. We can see the waves of inter-dimensional motion (our emotions)  playing out in our own lives.  Again “it’s layered.” I would ask yourself what are the layers that I work with in my physical realm, dreamscape and in the spiritual realm. There are layers to these realms, and we have to set aside our thinking brain in order to perceive what is there in our waking life, our dreamscape and our spiritual life.

I feel there is a lot of talk lately of letting go of things, which is happening for so many people given the circumstances globally, but I feel what is missed a lot of the time, is it’s not let go of until it’s ready to be shed. We have to be willing to work through the layers of our Shadow and show up and do the work. If we choose to do what is referred to as a “Spiritual Bypass” or ‘Spiritual Bypassing”, the work isn’t done on the deeper levels and it will show itself again at some point in our lives. The other aspect to working through our layers is if we choose to rush things, we again are bypassing what really needs to be worked through… The question is how do we know?  When we become aware of patterns in our lives and in relationship to other’s and our own well being, we can shift any outcome if we so desire. We have to be willing to be vulnerable and see the deeper meaning of what is coming to the surface and being worked through. I would like to share a dream at the end to illustrate something that I’ve personally been working through for quite some time. It came to fruition after I sought out my own guidance and then different perceptions from experts I trust and believe in their work.

This present time in our world has been a perfect time to go deep. We’ve had numerous opportunities to be quiet, be in the stillness and allow our emotional body to speak to us. We have all the answers inside of us, in our body, and in our emtional body waiting to be tapped into if we choose. We all have trauma. No one is excluded from this. We are human and it’s part of the process of waking up to who we are as a light being and how we are connected to source…Someone asked me recently “I’ve been through the dark night of the soul, can I have another one?” From my perception, we can have more than one or several of them depending on how deep we are willing to go and our experiences in this lifetime and past lives. Are we willing to be comfortable in the uncomfortable, because that is where the work is done… those cathartic moments of release… the key is how do we become neutral out of it and STOP OVER THINKING AND PROCESSING of what we just experienced. In Hermetics this is a key component in learning how to control the mind. I’m personally not fond of the word ‘CONTROL” and like to use “manage the mind”,  but it’s literally what we are wanting to accomplish in order to seize the opportunities of greater consciousness.

I remember teaching this concept to mentoring students years ago and practiced it myself. It isn’t until recently how I’ve noticed how profound it really is. This doesn’t mean we don’t feel the emotions, but how we stay in the emotions and react to the emotional response we are having.

The HeartSong we project will also affect our mutability. The aboriginals do this in their dreamscape by lying on the nodes of the earth where energy lines cross and the energy flow is tuned into as below so above. In some shamanic teachings they are connected to the Red dimension (the all feeling dimension) , by way of the Rabbit in the MOON they speak to their ancestors, they create energetic lines of communication… We as humans in this industrialized society have lost sight and communication through which to speak to the spirits. They are among us as well as other species ready to communicate if we are open and mutable. The waves of our energy have to be more of light, heat and sound in order for this to happen. It’s through the harmonics of our DNA that opens us up to these amazing energies if we choose to connect. 

More and more studies show how the heart has an amazing field of energy that projects beyond our physical body. My belief is it affects the tapestry of our energy and creates these wavelengths of numerous possibilities for us to tap into to in order to communicate with our ancestors.

The dream I’d like to share of recent was the Full Moon on Halloween. This is about the deep shadow and how when we do shadow work, a higher mind of consciousness is revealed (Hermes). Again there are layers and mine goes back to the connection of my time in Africa last year with a spirit of “White Eagle” came to me and as I’m writing this blog, this was the day November 20th I was suppose to fly home from my African trip this year. Every step and nuance is significant when working in the unseen spiritual realm. I reached out to my Mayan teacher and unbeknownst to him I went for a bike ride today and asked for Eagle energy to come in and as I’m crossing the bike bridge I look down river and notice a huge bird by itself high up in a tree… I couldn’t really make out the type of bird, but I could feel it was an eagle. I rode my bike down there, a direction I don’t normally go and turned around and there he was perched in the tree. I sat with the Eagle for some time taking in the energies and rode home. When I got home I checked my emails and my teacher expressed from the information I had given him about the dream I’m about to share with you is connected to the Eagle in the Red Dimension and that it is time to work with the Eagle now. I’ve had dreams of eagles over these past few months, but the dream I’m referring to is a Deep dive into the shadow with Hermes appearing at the end.

Here’s the dream, and I will give insights as I write out the dream as well…

I’m with someone but not sure who it is and I enter this dark room and can’t see anything. I realize in order to see I must turn on a BLACK LIGHT, not a regular light. I happen to have one with me and as I turn on the black light I see a couple sitting on a couch watching a T.V… they seem fine and comfortable and safe. ( in order to see into the shadow , we can’t turn on a regular light or bright light, as we wouldn’t be able to see the shadow part, we have to use a black night. These two people on the couch represent the integration of energies, male and female) …The next scene I’m on this road in a small rural town and I see a few people around, and the buildings are low not high, so I know it’s a small town. All of a sudden a body of water (subconscious) comes down the road like a river, It’s not a fast moving river, but it’s flowing continually. I take notice of this rather large bloated body of a man face down floating down the river . I don’t see the face, but I can tell he has this strange thing around his waste and he reminds me of a balloon at a parade but bloated. (this represents the archetype of gluttony) Then everything goes BLACK. Just before the lights come back on I feel something or someone mark the side of my upper left arm. Once the lights come up I notice I’ve been marked with 3 RED horizontal lines. I say in the dream “I’ve been marked”. I look down in my hands and my wallet is open and everything is gone including any money in the wallet, and I say in the dream ” Wow that was fast” (this is not about money it’s about abundance on a different level, and the archetype of gluttony that was shown prior is a clue) … The next and final scene, is I see a wooden ladder (this is the symbol for the organic flow of working through the shadow to the higher mind with Hermes) and all of a sudden I see these feet coming down the ladder with RED WINGS on the ankles and I say in the dream “That is Hermes” and I wake up.

Hermes in the messenger of the gods and connected to Hermetics and Thoth in Egyptian mythology. But he also indirectly connected to the Eagle and the Mayan Mythology. He’s about the higher mind and communication and Mercury in Astrology   Hermes is responsible for guiding departed souls to the underworld (again communication with those who have passed, the ether) as well being associated with luck, shepherds, athletes, thieves, and merchants. He’s also known as the trickster.  I learned this of late that his name “Hermes”  literally means ‘boundary marker.‘ He asks us to have clear energetic boundaries.

I sat with this dream for a while then reached out to those I work with with my dreamscape. We are in a huge pivotal time in our history and I could go on and on with all the energies that I’ve been fortunate to be graced with , but what I’m conveying here is that if we listen to our higher guidance and we sit in shadow and we are willing to work through the dark times and challenging times in our lives, we are rewarded with amazing connections to source, spirit, gods, goddesses , spirit animals, people,  relationships, etc. The key is becoming aware of what our connections are and how we communicate with them and they will show up for us and guide us. At the end of the day, we all want to be comfortable , have loving reciprocal relationships and the more we do our own shadow work or work through the layers, and let go of what isn’t serving us anymore, the more life reveals beautiful experiences.

Sending Love,


photo by unknown artist…

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GRACE https://www.eliseannmoore.com/grace/ https://www.eliseannmoore.com/grace/#respond Thu, 12 Nov 2020 22:33:33 +0000 https://www.eliseannmoore.com/?p=1988 As I’m sitting down to writing this blog , I’m remembering back to the year 2007 when Jupiter entered Capricorn energy for a couple of years along with a bunch other energies. Jupiter expands things as we know and with Mars being in Aries for so long and now going direct on the 13th, we will experience some intensity in our personal lives and collectively. We are going into a whole new paradigm and my belief is beautiful things are happening and new amazing developments are on the horizon. We will have challenging times to work through, but we’ve all done it before and will continue to do so. I suggest taking some time and reflecting where you were 13 years ago and what kind of relationships were in your life and what is being let go of now during this profound time we are going through personally and collectively. It’s POWERFUL!

I was reflecting on what was happening in my life during that year up until the beginning of 2020 and I always find it amazing how the planetary energies guide us along with our guides or however you perceive your guidance to be. Over this last year I personally have paid a lot more attention to the astrology, astronomy, my dreamscape and have lately been studying physics and how it corresponds with the spiritual realm of our existence… For instance if we look at our Aura and the more we expand our awareness, our consciousness, the easier it will be to go through the event of leaving our bodies… I can attest to this with personal experience being around people months before their death with a terminal diagnosis and how stubborn they’d become or their bodies wrapped in fear and anxiety and god willing, they transform before their own eyes and the eyes around them. There is a GRACE that takes over for them energetically and their transition is so peaceful and heartfelt for those around them… Of course it’s still painful emotionally for some, but there is a since of ease and comfort along the way. I wish all humans could experience this. I do believe it’s one of the reason we are here to experience along with of course having fun. We are here reserrecting our soul and coming back to who we are authentically along the way. We’re breaking old trauma patterns once we become aware of them, and this year has been a year of going inward for the collective. Some have done the work and I praise those that are willing to go deep into the Scorpion energy and the depths and rise up like the last degrees of Scorpio, the Pheonix. It takes courage and faith to do the deep work. It’s how we transitions from being stubborn to becoming full of GRACE…

I have learned that the DreamScape shows me the future not only for myself, but for my friends, clients and the collective. This may sound a bit out there for some, but if you are a dreamer and take the time to write the down, log them, revisit them and then watch how it takes shape in your waking life along with your guides… you will see the end result. I personally didn’t come to realize how profound this was until this year. I’ve been a huge dreamer since a small child and the dreams have shown me what would happen with my mother, my businesses, that I would be traveling to different countries, my friends, I dream of clients before I ever meet them, who was going to win the presidency, you get the picture. Then it would play out in my waking life. There is always action to be done, but also patience, and we have to TRUST what we are getting and learn how to decipher what is coming in. My question is do you speak to your guides on a daily basis? Do you know who they are? Do you ask for dream guidance? Everyone dreams, and when we say we are not dreamers, from my perception, we are blocking one of the most profound guidance systems along with our spirit/animal guides. Here’s a few tips to finding your dreams…

  • Mediate and ask for dream guidance before you go to bed
  • Before going to bed ask for all parts of yourself to come back in. When this is done on a regular basis, you will feel yourself actually drop in. It’s an amazing feeling and awareness.
  • Ask your guides to be with you when you leave your body during your dreamscape. They will show themselves to you over time. (we all leave during sleep time to gather information in the cosmos and come back)
  • When waking up, ask all parts of yourself to come back into your body at least three times.
  • When you wake in the morning and even if you don’t remember your dream, grab a piece of paper and pencil and sit quietly and see if anything pops into your mind. The first thing that does, write it down. It’s the beginning of remembering your dreams.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice…
  • Don’t be surprised that if during the day all of a sudden a dream pops into your head… Again write it down. It starts the process of channeling your dreams and gathering information.

Recently I’ve been dreaming of Gods and Goddesses. Hermes most recently, and it was powerful. There’s always a message if we are open to the energies that are wanting to make contact. Happy Dreaming and may your Dreams come true!

Happy New Moon in Scorpio! Be ready to dive deep with this New Moon! Take time to sit with yourself and experience YOU! Remember this is a lunar moon, so it can be a bit more emotional. What’s rising up, possibly anger, frustration, excitement, joy, tears… It’s all good. Take it in and let it release through the body and hold space for yourself as you are perfect just as you are, strong and Beautiful! 

Sending Love,




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Never-ending Change! https://www.eliseannmoore.com/never-ending-change/ https://www.eliseannmoore.com/never-ending-change/#respond Mon, 19 Oct 2020 00:16:10 +0000 https://www.eliseannmoore.com/?p=1975 Well its been a while since I’ve sat down to write a blog, as I’ve been busy working and was planning on being in Africa during this time and sending posts from there, but the powers to be had something else in mind. The picture on the website says it all!

I feel an important topic to share which can be sensitive to some, but I feel important to bare witness to. I had so many people reaching out asking me point blank “Why did this happen to you?” “Do you know the reason why you weren’t able to go?” First  I’d like to say thank you for having me in your thoughts, and second, just because someone is psychic and highly intuitive doesn’t mean stuff doesn’t happen to them. We may not know what it is at the moment, but hopefully it reveals itself at some point. There is always a greater plan happening behind the scenes. When we have challenging experiences, like in relationships when someone is reactive to you, it’s most likely about something underlying verses the topic that they are upset about. There’s usually a deeper underlying message that isn’t being seen yet… I feel the same about some situations. There’s a bigger plan playing out, but what I do know is I will be back there with my African family when the time is right. So I’m home now, doing fire ceremonies, and learning how to draw with charcoal from the fires… so much fun.

Now to what this blog is about really. We are coming into some intense energy over the next few weeks into the end of the year, and if you follow astrology as I know a lot of you do who read this blog, well you know all the squares, oppositions and so forth. I’m not going to go in to great detail as many astrologers are wonderful at doing this. If you are needing an astrology session, I’d suggest reaching out to Lucy Pond who is fabulous… 

We will soon be coming out of Libra energy and into Scorpion energy and with the FULL MOON on the 31st in Taurus… Remember Venus rules Taurus as it does Libra and Libra is about balance and relationships. Taurus is connected to money, material world, architecture, beauty. It really is a beautiful earth sign.  A lot of relationships are changing and shifting now personally as well on a community/global aspect and politically. Mercury and Mars are in retrograde with Mars in Aries with Eris and normally a Mercury retrograde feels amazing to me, but this one is a bit more intense. There’s so much going on on a daily basis in the sky, I’d suggest taking a look at the chart each day.

I’ve had a lot of visions over this last month, but one in particular gave me an intense feeling that we will have another major event like I’ve mentioned before. I’m not the only one saying this in the astrological and intuitive world, but it feels seismic to me personally. Whether it’s an earth bound event or a galatic event will be seen. No matter what happens if we can stay in the flow of frequency that is supportive to ourselves and others and not reactive we will ride the wave so to speak. I perceive it as jumping the GAP. Like I’ve said before over the last couple of months, the last quarter of 2020 is going to be the most intense. My suggestion is finding sacred ground and becoming extremely aware of what that is for you personally.

  • Imagine you yourself are your sacred ground and every invitation you receive has the potential to pull you off your sacred ground.
  • The question is, does the invitation feed your sacred ground spiritually, emotionally & morally?.
  • How does the invitation feel to you? does it feel good?
  • Are you taking the time to actually feel into the invitations or are you just saying yes out of guilt or not wanting to hurt someones feelings? All good questions to ask.
  • Are you being direct and clear with your invitations?
  • Are you accommodating people instead of thinking about yourself?

Another suggestion during this time is go out and TALK to the ANIMALS. They are listening more than ever now and will communicate if you are open to it. We are being asked to come back home, meaning back to our roots of nature and all that she has to offer us. Each animal, insect, tree, etc has it’s own unique energy as you do and will give insights if asked upon. We are HU-Man. Meaning God MIND… and if you break down the etymology all it means is we are light beings having a human experience, but we get to choose what those experiences are most of the time, but we tend to forget we don’t have control and when we surrender even to the most challenging of circumstances, we see the bigger picture of what is playing out. Wouldn’t you want to experience nature in all it’s glory given the fact that nature lives in harmony ALWAYS! 

Sending Love,


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Choice Points https://www.eliseannmoore.com/choice-points/ https://www.eliseannmoore.com/choice-points/#respond Fri, 18 Sep 2020 23:14:42 +0000 https://www.eliseannmoore.com/?p=1966 We are in living in interesting times to say the least. With the equinox on the 22nd of this month which will be a powerful transition and Mars now retrograde in Aries with Eris,  planets still in Capricorn, and some squaring Uranus in Taurus, we are in for big shifts. And we all know it’s an election year in the U.S. October and November  energetically are going to bring forth some intense energy,  but that being said, all the light is in the darkness. If it were not for the contrast, we most likely wouldn’t be able to move into this new energy that is coming in strong and is transformative. I recently read something about chaos and order and a 4300 year cycle. We are at the end of this 4300 cycle and approximately in the last 30 years of it. These next 3 decades are going to bring about big shifts in consciousness, new technology, and sustainability. The key is using the technology for the greater good.

Given the fires that we have experienced over these last couple of weeks and are still burning I’d suggest doing a ritual around what has perished and will be giving life to something new. Fire rituals are powerful and I personally saved some of the ash that blew in over where I live. I will use it in another ceremony and give thanks to all those who perished, animals, trees, insects the whole eco system that gave life in order for a rebirth of sorts. I’d also suggest doing a water ceramony and giving thanks to the body of water, your body of water and source energy. We are in powerful times and water holds memory… replenishes us, the earth and natural world.

  • Placing a glass of water out in the morning
  • Give thanks to the East, North, West & South, the Center (Mother Gaia), the Underworld & the Cosmos/Galactic
  • Give gratitude to the water and what you are thankful for
  • Thank the water for giving us life here on earth on this journey in this lifetime
  • Ask for healing for the human collective
  • Ask for healings for mother Gaia and the wild animal kingdom
  • Add things that resonate with you.
  • Then take a sip of the water as you have just blessed this water. Do this every day until the water is gone and repeat!

With the new energies that are coming in, we are getting a new blank slate or canvas. The question is what do you want to paint on the new canvas with these new energies. We are being asked to be flexible, to pivot and weave with all of the changes and some more so than than others… If we can keep the perspective of holding energy for the greater good as we move forward on our path and learn to live a life with grace and ease we will tap into these HARMONICS! 

We’ve been witnessing what has transpired in our world since the beginning of the year, and it’s out of our control and now with the whole west coast under fire “literally”, we are being asked to take heed and witness what is important in our lives, and if you are wanting to do something you’ve been wishing for, or imagining, I say “GO FOR IT” … “Life is short, but it isn’t, We only have one life, but we don’t…” Our energy lives on and on and on and on and on. But what does happen is when we break through our fears or being scared of something, we have broken a cycle and that cycle will shift our past lives, our future lives, our parallel lives and this life as we know it. Remember anything we heal in this lifetime affects EVERYTHING!

When do we make that jump, or Leap of Faith? We all have choice points throughout our lives depending on what our soul growth is in this lifetime. There’s no rushing it, and if we do, most likely the brakes will be put on and we will go off path and/or come to a screeching halt. One of the keys of a choice point is obviously knowing when it’s here and when something in life is finished and the choice is ready to be made. When the fear sets in about security, foundation and the unknown, what we tend to forget is the known that we knew is now gone and the unknown is where all the juicy stuff is that is about to happen if we make the jump or Leap of Faith… So it’s ok to do nothing until there’s a felt sense that everything is done and finished. I think we get caught up in our heads how we always have to makes things happen. At times it’s in our best interest to DO NOTHING! Not take any action, but sit in what I call the HOVER position. It can feel like there’s nothing going on, but behind the scenes in the multi-sensory world there’s a lot happening. When life starts to fade away and dissipate, it’s time to move out of what we’ve been doing and start moving into a new creative juncture in life. This can be a new career, moving, a new family or going on a Grand Adventure.

Recently I’ve been witnessing the Light Bodies of clients transmuting in big ways. It’s a beautiful experience and honor to witness this happening. I can see the crystalline structure first in their bodies and see the changes taking place on the subatomic level. Quite extraordinary, and then the light body shows itself in this beautiful hue of color. It’s like a holographic energy…I can’t even express how exciting this is. We are creating a new energetic body and light body. So amazing!

Sending Love,



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The alchemy of nature & the dreamscape https://www.eliseannmoore.com/the-alchemy-of-nature-the-dreamscape/ https://www.eliseannmoore.com/the-alchemy-of-nature-the-dreamscape/#respond Wed, 02 Sep 2020 02:33:20 +0000 https://www.eliseannmoore.com/?p=1948 I firmly believe that life is about experiences and how we choose to live life based on our own energy, intuition, integrity and the energy of the natural world. For some it can be sacred sites, the river, the mountains, an animal, the bees or even a fly, but for me personally it’s the all of nature and especially the wild animal kingdom. They visit in dreams and create this mystical type of dialogue that if we listen we are shown the next step of our journey here on earth. Those that are connected through the dreamscape and the natural world know if we ignore, than well, we will tend to have a more challenging time getting through life. Not everyone here is ready to wake up , some more than other’s, but if we can be a conduit and support for showing the way, then we have given back in ways that are priceless for some who are needing guidance or a gesture of kindness.  .  

The experience I’m sharing happened over last week and a few weeks prior to leaving for Eastern Oregon. The magic that happened in the Alvord desert and the Steens Mountains is priceless! The energy I felt was intense and I had no idea or expectations of what would come about once we were there. What I do know is that when I choose to enter the unknown, magic happens, and otherworldly experiences are most likely on the agenda. It’s a path less chosen for some, but for those willing to enter life’s wonders, magic is exposed. My girlfriend who I often backpack with was astounded. Her exact words “My god Elise, every time I’m out with you amazing things happen, but this trip is at the top and one that will be remembered forever” I have to say I felt and feel the same. There is something about Magic when in the wilderness and among the natural world that is a true inspirition and allows our soul to integrate even more with our humanness of who we are wanting to express. 

Let me back up with two snippets of two prior dreams before venturing out to the East. They play in a role in what transpired with the Owl and Eagles. 

 I was being guided to a round table and given this statue that morphed into an eagle and started to nuzzle my neck. Up until this point I haven’t dreamt of an eagle and given what the rest of the dream was about I took notice when I woke up in the middle of the night. I sat with the Eagle for quite some time and felt the energy. The next night a dreamt of an Owl that flew over from a cliff and nuzzled my neck for quite some time and then flew off with another Owl. Over the years I’ve had several Owl dreams, but they are now coming more often. When I do energy work there is an Owl who appears in the wall and now there are two more who have come recently. While in the Ochoco’s this summer I had a dream with 3 owls in it as well. I pay attention to the animal spirits that come given they are leading me on my journey personally and having 3 eagles show up in the Steens was no surprise. They called and circled overhead every time we ventured out to explore the canyon. The last day we were there they came over the top of the canyon and called again and as we started our decent they went back over the canyon wall. I can’t begin to express how powerful and mesmerizing these experiences are.

The adventure in the desert and mountains we would come across an Owl, Wild horses, Eagles, Hawks, a Lone Wolf along with visions of natives and a jaguar, a light show that I’ve never seen before, plus dancing orbs! Thunder showers and lightening. Oh! and we can’t forget the TWO ginormous fighter jets that flew over within about 100 feet of our heads. It was crazy and fascinating. At first I was pissed, and then realized how ironic the contrast of military when these mountains were named after a Major Enoch Steen who pushed out the Paiute Indians. Again we see these indigenous cultures being eradicated. I also find it interesting his name was Enoch.

I felt we were in for a surprise when I opened the car door and got out on the Playa in the Alvord Desert and right below my feet was a HUGE HEART shape on the desert floor. I set up my tent on top of it and started taking pictures and low a behold Orbs started bouncing around. You can’t make this stuff up,. I drummed that night and my girlfriend felt like she needed to to a WIND DANCE which I wasn’t aware of, and truth be told, the wind came the next day and we had to break camp early and drive to the Steens. On our way there we came across several bands of wild horses and were able to stop and get up close to them. They are such magnificant animals. One in particular had coloring of this beautiful silvery satin color.

As soon as we started hiking in I could feel how ancient the area is. What I would come to realize is the huge Rocks we came upon as we were setting up camp are markers, I still am looking for information on this area and the significance of the rocks. There was one large one upright which I’ve seen at other sacred sites, and around the campground other’s lying down flat. My sense is at once point there was some type of stone circle or sacred ceremony in this area among native people.The visions in the canyon were quite different than anything I’ve experienced before. To be quite honest, it felt intense, like the energies were asking us to become more intertwined. they finally did on our last night as I was drumming I saw a huge Jaguar which to me is an indication of the shamanic connection to the natural world.

Now getting back to the alchemy of things. The nuzzling of the Owl and Eagle can be perceived as an act of intimacy, and I know for myself personally of my intimate relationship with birds, raptors in particular as they show up when called. The Owl in particular that came and played with us on the dessert floor for over 15 minutes and hovered over my head and then flew over and hovered over my friends head was nothing I’ve experienced. He then flew about 20 feet away and stood on the desert floor looking around, flew back over and hovered again, I said out loud “This is SPIRIT”. You could feel it. He stayed there hovering about 10ft above my head and this time he starting chirping or calling and again flew over to my friend and did the same thing. I put out my arm as if to gesture him to come in closer and he did. What I find fascinating about this is most birds would fly off once an arm has risen or a quick movement was made. Not this Owl. He was totally engaged… He also came back during the night flying over our tents. No sleep for us the night:) 

I drummed each night we were there and at night would hear strange voices, animals sounds and the dreams were intense. I truly believe we are being asked to show up and be a part of what nature has to teach us, It’s the natural laws of nature. We would encounter numerous hawks, but one particular would fly over our heads as we were hiking further up into the canyon. On this particular day my friend asked me several times ” Do you smell Palo Santo?” I would say yes I can smell it. And then it would happen again. She’d ask the same thing. Quite adorable and I would respond with “Yes I smell it, It’s spirit trying to get your attention!” Energies will do this in order to get our attention and usually they are wanting to express something to us if we listen. She was so surprised of the smell given we were out in the boonies far away from anyone. There wasn’t anyone else camping that week which was a huge blessing, we had the whole canyon to ourselves along with the animals and spirits.  On our way home we came upon a LONE WOLF standing in a field in the middle of the day. If memory serves me right, they don’t normally venture out in the middle of the afternoon to be seen or hunt, they hunt at night! He was HUGE. Again I’ve not experienced seeing a wolf before and was taken back by his size and POWER…He was so extraordinarily beautiful!  I’m so grateful and amazed how the animal kingdom shows up if we are open to listening. 

The more time I spend in the vastness of the nature, the more I come to realize that we are an extension of what exists in the natural laws. The dreamscape and nature are so interconnected, if and when we learn to pay attention to the signs and symbols we are shown the path of our soul on many different levels.

I LOVE sharing experiences with people in nature. It’s one of the reasons why ’m traveling back to Africa next month to work with a Shaman from the Kikuyu tribe given they are connected to the 9 sisters which is connected to the  “Mother of 9” whom I channel . If we look at mythology the 9 sisters are connected to Mt. Kilimanjaro. In the village of the Massai Tribe I spent time with last year you can see the mountain from their village. I’m so looking forward to spending more time with them in their village studying their culture and the ways of the land.

Sending Love,




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Ancient Ones! https://www.eliseannmoore.com/ancient-ones/ https://www.eliseannmoore.com/ancient-ones/#respond Fri, 31 Jul 2020 00:48:57 +0000 https://www.eliseannmoore.com/?p=1922 We have a full moon coming up on August 3rd in Aquarius, sun in Leo and just one of the aspects is it is squaring Uranus which rules Aquarius so most likely it will be an intense Full Moon. Uranus known as the Awakener  can disrupt things or have sudden shocks to any given situation personally and collectively. I personally think we are in for another big event! I’ve said this before, but I can feel something coming and it feels like something we will have to have an open mind around and embrace as something new going forward. I don’t know what it is, but I can feel it and so can other’s.

We are as a collective humanity taking a huge leap in consciouness. the question is are we willing to do the work to take the huge leap of faith, willing to grow, expand and dismantle the old to bring in the new? Venus has now gone direct and going back towards the North Node in Gemini as a collective and if your personal node is there as is mine, I would really pay attention to what you are creating. Is it out of truth of who you are? Are relationships in your life of genuine quality and reciprocal? All good questions to ask ourselves as we move forward through this interesting and fascinating time.  Aquarian energy at a heightened awareness is inovative, creative and at a contracted place tends to over think and over anyalzing everthing. It reminds me a bit of Virgo energy where everything has to be perfect and too much time is spent figuring things out instead of getting out of the way and letting creation do its thing. Being Creative! A bunch of planets are about to go direct and with this Full Moon they will be sitting still so to speak as all of this takes place, it’s like being in a void for a period of time where from my perception there is easy access to the outer realms or non-ordinary realities. I can speak from what I’ve been experiencing over these last two weeks. WOW! There’s so much energy coming in and the the channeling I’m receiving from numerous beings is powerful and right to the point. It’s like going into the 5th world for moments and experiencing what some have spoken about as the Hopi refer to and other ancients… I’ve recently channeled Ishtar and if you aren’t familiar with her, she is a Goddess that was worshipped during Sumerian times. Here’s a quick description of her connections

Ishtar, (Akkadian), Sumerian Inanna, in Mesopotamian religion, goddess of war and sexual love. … She was also the goddess of rain and thunderstorms—leading to her association with An, the sky god—and was often pictured with the lion, whose roar resembled thunder.

 If you read mythology, she is connected to Isis in Egypt, Innana,  along with being seen as Venus in the sky …What we have to remember in mythology is it’s layered like anything else we come upon in life, in the cosmos or underworld. For instance Isis is related to Mary Madeline and Mother Mary some believe. So if you believe in channeling as I do, then we are given insights into what is coming and the layers that are being revealed.

Dreaming the ancient ones! 

How do we know when we dream of ancient ones? Is there a signature they leave in the dream that identify them? Are they capable of shapeshifting? Are they connected to our essences? All great questions to ask when dreaming. 

I’ve dreamt as most of you know for my whole life. I truly believe it’s the way of the shaman, the modern shaman and an innate nature in all of us if we are open to it. Once we learn how to identify our dream language in conjunction with our intuitive language, we have given ourselves tools to help decipher what is coming in. I’ve personally read some of Jung’s dream books, along with other very old ones and I recently read an article from a woman who is a Jung dream expert and she was giving a client advice. The reason I’m bringing this up is my mother, bless her heart, gave me this advice as a child that the dream analyst gave her client. My mother knew nothing about this work, and tuned into something to help a frightened child. she gave me the best advice ever. She said the next time you have the nightmare as she referred to it, turn around in your dream and run towards him and he will disappear. I had the same dream every night as a small child, and I must have been about 5 or so when she gave me this amazing advice. I did what she said and in the dream I consciously turned around and ran towards the man and he disappeared. I remember waking up yelling, it worked , it worked, it worked. I was so elated and I’ve never had the dream again. 

What I’m getting at here is that we all have fearful dreams possibly from anxiety, trauma, or we have learned how to dream our way through our subconscious back to our soul. It’s quite an extraordinary thing to do from my perspective. The other thing that can affect our dreaming is watching TV or violet video games, or movies that are scary. If we aren’t aware that we are taking on the energy, then it tends to hang out with us and can show up in the dreamscape.  We also have the ability to shift a dream or re-enter a dream once you know how to consciously become aware in the dream. Some refer to this as Lucid dreaming. There are so many techniques out there now, but what I’m wanting to express is learning how to read our own dream & intuitive language in order to see the patterns in our dreams and speak with our guides and essences.  

I’m offering a 4 week dream course called Dream Sequencing starting in September, I hope you join me… We will learn how to decipher our dreams together, how they become cyclical if we pay attention and understand our own dream language along with our intuitive language. We will dive into the ancients in our dreams and what symbols they may use for you personally. I’ve lately been dreaming with Ishtar after she channeled through last week several times and again this week. They normally don’t show up as you would imagene them to, so learning how to identify them is helpful with the messages that are coming through. We will identify our guides in our dreams, as we all have them. They can shapeshift just as the deities can, and it’s an interesting thing to watch how they bring us these different ways of perceiving outcomes if we are paying attention. 

Dreams are a gateway to our soul and of course our subconscious. Like I’ve mentioned before if you are a dreamer you have the advantage of working through your subconscious in your dreamworld and not have to spend so much time in the waking life over analyzing everything. It really is magic. 

The other work that comes out of dreaming is what I refer to as cyclical dreaming. This is where over time you understand again your dream language and intuitive language along with your guides, your essences , spirit animals, helping spirits and loved ones from the other side to help you in bringing a dream through a cycle. This can take years or weeks depending on the dreamer. For some if there is a deep karmic pattern playing out in this lifetime or you are connected to ancient beings that are wanting to work with you, they will give you indications in dreams from an early age that will propel you to do the work in your dreamscape which eventually if you choose expands into your waking life. It’s so layered and multidimensional that one blog can’t begin to break the surface of what it’s all about. That’s why I’m running this workshop to help other’s understand the dreamscape in ways that can help bring the cycle to a new beginning. It’s really magical when it happens. Fears are released, new beginnings happen and dreaming become so much richer along with LIFE!

Sending Love,



Artist Unknown!

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Bees & Dream Sequencing! https://www.eliseannmoore.com/bees-dream-sequencing/ https://www.eliseannmoore.com/bees-dream-sequencing/#comments Mon, 13 Jul 2020 01:36:35 +0000 https://www.eliseannmoore.com/?p=1911 The dreamscape is a magical place to draw from if we allow ourselves to see how dream sequencing comes from our waking life into our dreamscape and our dreamscape into our waking life. 

When we sleep at night our being leaves and travels around and gathers information and experiences for us to embody if we so desire. We also communicate with loved ones, other energies, our guides, spirit animals , the list goes on.  What I want to focus on is Dream Sequencing and how I believe and have experienced being a magical part of life’s wonders… When we are open to other perspectives and realms, we will tend to communicate with them on different planes and/or dimensions.

I recently had a swarm of bees come my way. I had been to a friends house a few months ago and she had a beehive. I looked at the hive and thought and then said outlook “I want a beehive” I could feel the energy the bees were putting out, so I contacted the bee man. I will call him “BOB the BEE MAN” and he said it was probably too late in the year to get a swarm. He goes out and gets a live swarm from nature, and early spring was the best time he explained. I was asking well past that. So I kind of assumed I wouldn’t get one this year. Well, I was going to be surprised of what happened next. 

I had a dream a few nights later where I was walking down a path and I saw this sleeping bag lying on the dirt and this milky kind of white stuff getting on it. (I would realize later this was honey on the ground) I was a bit concerned about the milky kind of stuff and then all of a sudden I was lying on the ground and I sat up and this man was in front of a big wooden square box pulling combs out and shaking the bees. The bees then flew over and started swirling in the top of my head in my hair. I’m like ‘HEY” and he says “ Just lie back down” so I did, but sat up again and he did the same thing and more bees came into the top of my head and in my hair. This time it was the whole swarm of bees, like they were making a bee hive. I then woke up… I new then there was a swarm of bees and they were coming home to my house. I texted BOB the BEE MAN and sure enough he had just gotten a new swarm the day prior. He then said I needed to get a beehive but would need to stain it and blah, blah ,blah! I’m like NOPE! I went and bought one, he came over and brought the bees… At this point we didn’t know if there was a queen in the swarm, so it was a wait and see for about 3 weeks. I fed them when it rained a lot, and they stared bringing back pollen on their legs. It’s the cutest thing to see, it looks like they have little yellow pants on.  That night I dreamt about BOB the BEE MAN and he says to me “Now Elise you need to name all 3000 bees” I’m like what, and I wake up laughing. It’s so something he would say. He actually did say when he brought the swarm over that there were about that many bees. It’s a big swarm. 

Now comes the Yummy part. Here’s the second dream of what I refer to as dream sequencing given I’ve now had two dreams with the bees. I dreamt I was on a sidewalk and I looked to my right and the bees have this big square, and they’re all around it on the edges hovering it off the ground. What’s interesting about this is it’s related to the first dream and the square holding all  the combs. The hive itself is square boxes one of top of each other. They work from the top box down to the next box making comb. I didn’t know this prior to getting the hive or the first dream. So I see the bees hovering this big square down the sidewalk but there are 3 bunnies on the back helping them. Then I see all these cats come and start crossing the street. I run down to the bees and I see a beautiful grey bunny at my feet,  I stop and pet the bunny from the nose up between it’s ears. This is significant given my Mayan teachings with the Rabbit and the Rabbit in the Moon! Then the bees pick up the square box again and hover it off the ground and the rabbits help take it down the sidewalk. I then wake up. 

I sat with this dream for a few days and shared it with some friends. I was out walking in nature and it hit me. The rabbits are about fertility. I realized at that moment that there were baby bees in the hive. I got home and texted BOB the “BEE MAN” and he came over and sure enough there were baby bees. This is what you want to see in a hive as this means there is a QUEEN in the swarm. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I was to have baby bees. They are magical and have ancient wisdom and a frequency that isn’t from here. I encourage anyone who is wanting to take care of bees to do so. Please remember the honey is for them to survive on during the winter, so harvesting it right away is not a good thing for the health of the bees. 

The next Bee dream was when I was out on Sacred Land in the Ochoco’s over the 4th of July. I had several dreams in one night, but one in particular was about a huge Queen Bee. That’s it, but given all of the other dreams I have had over these last 3 eclipse within 5 weeks, it hit me. My first dream as a child was of a HUGE BEE… It scared the hell out of me given it was the size of my bed and it came down upon me. What I didn’t know at the time it was a shamanic representation of what was to come. This is what I was referring to in the Newsletter about Dream Sequencing and how dreams will come full circle at times in our lives if we write our dreams down and understand the metaphors and symbols and how we are able to read them like we do our intuitive language. We have dream language as well.  What I realized was there was a huge healing within my family ancestry and I had just been to my father’s the week before where something beautiful took place. I won’t go into details, but when I decided to work on compassion with my family tree, huge shifts started happening. The Bee for me personally is connected to that. 

Bees have a shamanic connection as well and Celtic one among other mythologies as Bee Goddess Artemis of Ephesu and they are connected to the Melissae in the Shamanic world. They are the female shamans connected to the Bees and there is something so sensual about how they work their magic with the bees. … I love this work and the connections to the bees and how they communicate through the dreamworld.

The other beautiful thing that came out of all of this is I didn’t know or was aware my father once had bee hives for years! The bees on some level have connected us on a deeper level and spiritually. I also want to share that before I went to my father’s house that week, the previous week my MOTHER came through while I was standing in the kitchen and said “Elise you need to see your father” and then she repeated it. What I have learned from the spiritual world is when someone makes a clear statement, it’s best to listen. There is a profound experience coming if we choose to act upon what we are getting. My father gave me his bee suit for me to use when inspecting the hive which I’m learning how to do over time. The other thing I’ve learned is that bees somewhat imprint as animals do, or you could say they recognize your scent if you take the time to introduce yourself. It was suggested that I leave a night shirt that I sleep in (for me it’s a T-shirt with an OWL on it:) next to the hive where they enter. They get to know your scent so when you come out to visit them or water plants, they go about their business. Right away I had one land on my hand and walk around for a bit until I took it back to the hive. I also learned that they will let you know when they are frustrated or pissed. They will land on you and start biting you to let you know they want you to leave… If you don’t listen, then they sting! It’s unfortunate when this happens, as they die from this action. I’m looking forward to many more bee dreams and experiences with them and when the propolis can be harvested given it is  powerful in fire ceremonies…

We all have the capability to connect with nature like this if we so desire. Talking to nature, the bees, the trees, the birds, the deer, the insects will bring about other sources of communication and healings!

Sending Love,


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Paranormal is my NORMAL! https://www.eliseannmoore.com/paranormal-is-my-normal/ https://www.eliseannmoore.com/paranormal-is-my-normal/#respond Wed, 01 Jul 2020 02:52:17 +0000 https://www.eliseannmoore.com/?p=1894 Paranormal really is normal to me!

We recently finished a year long mentoring group, and at the last class I asked what is the most important thing or the one thing that stood out over this last year? Confidence was one, Trust was another,  but what came next made my world all that more electrified … One participant said “For me, I have now experienced what I only use to read about in books” I can’t begin to tell you how that made me feel. I was elated for her. She referred to her experience with me in class as a Wayshower! This is a huge compliment in that she felt there was space held for her to feel safe as she explored experiences that she may have not done otherwise. They all learned how to trust what was coming in and learn their own language of intuition, which is key to deciphering symbols and metaphors in the psychic realms. I love watching people tap into their gifts and intuitive abilities. It brings me so much Joy.. Plus it’s a blast !

I’ve been writing a book now for over a year, but this statement was the icing on the cake for me. Not only did she experience things she always wanted to experience, she had read about them and now new for herself that it’s possible to connect with energies, beings, her guides, other realms as she wanted to. This came with a lot of work on her part and providing the space in which the frequencies were held to where she and other’s where able to expand to other realms and experience what they had desired. Beautiful!

This is what I refer to as the Tapestry, and the energies I channel talk about this. When we are able to bridge the separation of anything that we have judgement or fear about, we allow ourselves to expand our Tapestry. We become more of our light body… The Tapestry as I perceive it and have been shown lives outside of our Auric fields and connects to them, but has a greater connection to the United Field per say. I see a broader system than just the Chakra system and Auric fields that most talk about. I see a whole other system inside the body that runs up and down our channel (Hara line) which then intersects with the chakra system, auric fields and then our Tapestry. It’s as if we have to work from the inside out in order to clear away debris that is no longer serving us. We do this by releasing separation and becoming more of light and allowing our reactions to be our own responsibility… There are so many layers to being human, and once we start to uncover them and peel back each layer, more is revealed. Below are a few channels that have come through lately and I will give you my perceptions of what they are conveying. 

“There is common good beyond the borders of the intellect where consciousness meets with creation. The development of current traditions are manifested into physical form to be taught in order to transgress the thinking mind of the human traffic. Commodity is a forum of allowing what you think is substantial but only a common practice of enticing others to believe in your process of how the world forms material items which you deem necessary, but are frivolous. The taking of things to become more affluent is a process deemed of the soul being broken and flashed upon by unwanting energetic electric forces that creates wholes in the tapestry.”  M9

The above channel is pretty self explanatory in that they are speaking about our material world and how we need to stay out of our heads and come from our heart! If we continue to be of consumption and not giving back in ways that are sustainable, we will continue to have wholes in our tapestry. As a whole we will continue to live in separation. We can see this in our culture and it’s been prevalent for a long time. We’ve had oppression of lands for thousands of years, and if we continue to take and destroy, we will as a collective pay the price. This creates more separation and divide. We see it now with the human condition and especially with being in partial lockdown all that is being revealed about our humanity.  I do feel on some levels though that people are learning how to consume less, live more simply and hopefully in the long run, we will understand that we have to come together as a collective community, live sustainably, have autonomy, and live from the heart. 

“Bestow upon those that are keeping the vessel of light in order to broaden the horizons of other’s. May they shine the forth coming insights in those that are seeking to break the paradigm.”M9

They are expressing that there are those on the planet that are of expanded frequencies of light and they are here to help guide those that feel the huge shift and all of the energies that are coming in which can make them feel scared and vulnerable. They are asking those to share their insights in order to help other’s see the light and break the mold of our old paradigm.

“Travel the lengths of the tapestry to bring back and bring forth intuitive knowledge left by your forebears . Knowledge is a false pretense in it already exists.  You are seeking what has already been created. The past tense are maneuvers of the tapestry that is cycling a new dynamic of co-creation with the self and those you intersect. Myth is upon you in order to see what has come before you.” M9

This is an interesting channel. I’ve been conversing with them and what they have expressed is that all that we are has already been created. Meaning we have past lives, future lives, parallel lives all running at the same time. I will attest to this given I’ve experienced this. What I have learned is not to judge someone’s perception given I haven’t experienced it yet. They have, so it rings true for them. In other words, we are here learning what we already know and the more we learn how to let go of separation, we bridge the gap of our experiences and interweave them into our tapestry. Every time we do this we are healing all of our life experiences in other lives that are running at the same time, and we are healing the Cosmic Collective Consciousness as a whole…For some this is far fetched, but we aren’t the only universe,  planet or species. We have guides that are with us that we have had experiences with in other realms, and they are here helping us. Myth is our history and from my perception, Myth is truth. We tend to as humans think myth is somewhat make believe. Again, until we’ve experienced those myths it’s best we not judge those that believe.

I refer back to the mentoring student I wrote about above . Her response was “I have now experienced what I use to only read about in books” Again until we’ve experienced it, we really can only imagine what something is like. If we can do that with compassion, excitement, joy and without judgement we allow our tapestry to open, transverse and we will create new experiences for ourselves. This is how we allow separation to dissolve. When we transverse the tapestry and stop forecasting, we come from the heart. We interweave our experiences without separation and we begin to see the broader spectrum of all living beings here and elsewhere. 

Sending Love,


Artwork by unknown artist…

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Unity! https://www.eliseannmoore.com/unity/ https://www.eliseannmoore.com/unity/#respond Fri, 05 Jun 2020 01:01:19 +0000 https://www.eliseannmoore.com/?p=1855 Where to begin!

We are changing in so many ways, personally, collectively, cosmically and universally, and if we choose not to, there will be a tipping point! I have faith and hope in humanity even though there is trauma and discord happening. On some levels we are going through the dark night of the soul as a collective. This doesn’t mean we are all suffering dramatically, but we are all connected in this maze of collective energy. We are learning to feel from the Heart Centered Space as other cultures do. If you have any experience or even studied indigenous cultures, especially those in the Americas, the Hopi, Native Indian Tribes, African Tribes to name a few, they are heart centered people as a collective and individually. As soon as you come into contact with these people, individuals, you can feel it. It’s one of the most loving feelings on the planet. I truly believe this is what we are striving for in this country. There has come a time where astrologically we are experiencing some of the same energies of times before us, but there are also new energies coming in that we haven’t experienced before from my perspective. . The masses choose not to listen and it shows you where we are as collective human consciousness. As one of my wonderful Shamanic teachers has said, “we are here to wake up the zombies and help them remember who they are.” This is not a judgement, but a truth. We are all here learning what we already know. Some will do it quickly, other’s it will take a lifetime, or choose a path of contraction. The system has been created by us, we must be the ones that dismantle it and move in a different direction of being a collective force of unity.

Yes! Love in the highest vibration there is, and if you have ever experienced it on the other side or in other realms , you know what I mean. There’s nothing like it… We have the potential, but I do believe we are being asked to see the shadow part of our culture, ourselves and elsewhere. We are being asked to have a collective human soul growth so to speak. It’s almost as if we are having a collective soul retrieval. Our spirit comes into our body which I perceive is a spark of our soul. We are here to evolve and emotionally grow through our experiences. We then go back to our greater consciousness and weave it into the tapestry so to speak. It’s like a divine spark comes down embodies a body and we go on a journey. Some journeys are easier than others, but we are all here individually growing and expanding , but we are collectively creating and individuating at the same time through creation.

From my perspective George came in and his soul new there was greater work to be done. His death has rocked our world and it’s not only here in the states, but elsewhere. George came into this world from my perception for a much bigger purpose. He gave his physical body in order to shine a light on a greater issue than just himself, but he paid the ultimate price of dying. I wake up every day and give thanks to George for what he did and what his soul decided to do in this lifetime. He is much bigger than life now as we know, and I truly believe that we have exit points when we come in and when our soul is ready to go, no matter what the circumstances are, our soul will take flight. That’s what George did, but his soul flight was to bring awareness in a time where our country is dividing in so many ways.

My African friends whom I consider family are so supportive and feel the pain we are experiencing. And I have to interject this about the African communities, the ones I have experienced. I’ve always been attracted to people of ethnic backgrounds and the Love I felt in Africa I have not experienced in the States. I have wonderful friends don’t get me wrong, but the heart centeredness they exude is tremendous. I miss being with them every day!

This has been a huge issue in our country for so long and we are not going back to any new norm. We all can see it and feel it, even if we are denial from my perception. The energies that are coming in are huge, electromagnetic and some are having challenging experiences, while other’s are just taking it easy. What I do feel is we have to come together and rectify this issue of race. If you take away color, the body and look at a soul, we are just souls being with souls. Souls talking to souls. 

Sending Love,



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Asbolus “The Black Winged One” https://www.eliseannmoore.com/asbolus-the-black-winged-one/ https://www.eliseannmoore.com/asbolus-the-black-winged-one/#comments Mon, 18 May 2020 02:42:55 +0000 https://www.eliseannmoore.com/?p=1794 I find the word Asbolus interesting as it means “soot” in Greek or some would say ashes. He is considered a winged centaur, seer, augur and/or prophet and from my perspective I would add ShapeShifter. He reads signs in the flight of birds.

I am writing about him given my dreams with him and waking visions and now his channels coming through. He showed me what was happening with the Pandemic before it was upon us. How we would be sheltered in, so many without means of financial support and the empty streets in our cities. Now in hindsight, I know he has more to teach and show us. I’m on board with being open to his visions and insights. He has intense energy and I found unless you are ready to be taken to a galactic place of insight, he’s not an energy you tread lightly with. He means business given he is one to take the dark energy that we hold and turn it to soot/ashes. From my perspective he posses a fire element that really isn’t talked much about. If we are willing to embrace his aspects, he has a lot to teach humanity.

Astrologically, “Asbolus is noted as indicating persons able to tap into the zeitgeist, or “spirit of the times”, those who have their finger on the pulse of events and trends, able to anticipate the future. Often their advice or input is rejected, as being ahead of its time. They have strong intuition and may possess psychic gifts.”

I took notice of the Astrological chart and where Asbolus the astroid is in the sky. He is in Gemini almost conjunct Venus. As of this writing we have entered Venus Retrograde with the North node transiting Gemini as well. It will be interesting to see what he brings forth with Venus so close in a sign of upmost communication. He reveals what we are most wanting to work through on a deep level. The question will be, are we ready as a collective and personally? 

Asbolus the Astroid orbits between Jupiter and Neptune. If you look at Asbolus the astroid itself, it has a major crater in it signifying a wound. Not unlike what Chiron represents, the wounded healer. Asbolus is connected to birds and the underworld, and we know birds hold a sacred place in mythology and are connected to flight. Are we willing to take flight? If we are willing to dive deeper with beings that come into our awareness, they will show us different perspective of the energies they are bringing in. What I have begun to learn from this centaur is that he carries with him a darkness that if we are willing to work with him, he unearths something inside of us. He creates a crack in what we perceive and allows us to see what potentially is on the other side from my perception and experience with him. 

I refer to him as a male energy given my interactions with this being and the intensity he brings. It’s powerful energy and a force that at times leaves me in AWE. He is galactic in nature and what I gather from him, he is here to help humanity call in the dark side of the soul and plunge even deeper into the depths of who we really are. Are we willing to dive deep and expose our most vulnerable wounds and work with the archetypes around them? Are we ready to embark on a path of TRUTH and humility as we come from our souls wanting to create in this physical form.. All good questions to ask. 

He has the ability to take us to the dark part of our soul if we allow it. It can happen once in a lifetime or several times depending on if we choose to listen. From my perspective this is a beautiful aspect of him. In order for growth we must break through our own barriers and beliefs that aren’t serving us. He illuminates what is being asked to be shed. I personally can relate to this quote above (Often their advice or input is rejected, as being ahead of its time.) I feel when we are gifted in areas that the collective is not comfortable with or open to, they will shame or put down anyone who says they have the ability to perceive the future or energies outside of the earth realm. What I feel as a human collective we forget at times, is we are surrounded by energy, energy of different dimensions that can flow in an out of our energetic field and magnetic field around the earth. The Veil! If we are open, and it is part of our Souls destiny to embody gifts from other beings and dimensions, our essences, then we have the ability to see outside of our own earthly realm and perceive what is coming. If we can speak to someone who has crossed over, which I personally do quite often, then why would it be any different in perceiving what may be coming. We have these algorithmic points I believe where we can by choice as humans shift the outcome of any future potential, but you have to be aware of what is happening and in tune with the energetic flow of energy that has already been created. We are creating our futures out of our emotions every day and as a collective, we do the same thing. It’s our emotional thought processes that define who we are in our human form and those emotional thoughts take on an energetic form and are propelled out into the ethers to take on form. Thoughts create form, this is why it is so important to watch our own thoughts and where they go on a daily basis.

I look forward to sharing more about Asbolus as he comes in. This is a short excerpt from a channel from a few days ago from him.

“The darkness rains down so you may all see the internal light that resides within you to bring forth that of who you are. 

The mythology of forebears are part truth in ways in which seers would gather the information to create the myth that humans seek to bring forth what they are seeking…” 


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