Elise Ann Moore https://www.eliseannmoore.com Intuitive + Energy Healer Mon, 18 May 2020 12:53:16 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.4.1 Asbolus “The Black Winged One” https://www.eliseannmoore.com/asbolus-the-black-winged-one/ https://www.eliseannmoore.com/asbolus-the-black-winged-one/#comments Mon, 18 May 2020 02:42:55 +0000 https://www.eliseannmoore.com/?p=1794 I find the word Asbolus interesting as it means “soot” in Greek or some would say ashes. He is considered a winged centaur, seer, augur and/or prophet and from my perspective I would add ShapeShifter. He reads signs in the flight of birds.

I am writing about him given my dreams with him and waking visions and now his channels coming through. He showed me what was happening with the Pandemic before it was upon us. How we would be sheltered in, so many without means of financial support and the empty streets in our cities. Now in hindsight, I know he has more to teach and show us. I’m on board with being open to his visions and insights. He has intense energy and I found unless you are ready to be taken to a galactic place of insight, he’s not an energy you tread lightly with. He means business given he is one to take the dark energy that we hold and turn it to soot/ashes. From my perspective he posses a fire element that really isn’t talked much about. If we are willing to embrace his aspects, he has a lot to teach humanity.

Astrologically, “Asbolus is noted as indicating persons able to tap into the zeitgeist, or “spirit of the times”, those who have their finger on the pulse of events and trends, able to anticipate the future. Often their advice or input is rejected, as being ahead of its time. They have strong intuition and may possess psychic gifts.”

I took notice of the Astrological chart and where Asbolus the astroid is in the sky. He is in Gemini almost conjunct Venus. As of this writing we have entered Venus Retrograde with the North node transiting Gemini as well. It will be interesting to see what he brings forth with Venus so close in a sign of upmost communication. He reveals what we are most wanting to work through on a deep level. The question will be, are we ready as a collective and personally? 

Asbolus the Astroid orbits between Jupiter and Neptune. If you look at Asbolus the astroid itself, it has a major crater in it signifying a wound. Not unlike what Chiron represents, the wounded healer. Asbolus is connected to birds and the underworld, and we know birds hold a sacred place in mythology and are connected to flight. Are we willing to take flight? If we are willing to dive deeper with beings that come into our awareness, they will show us different perspective of the energies they are bringing in. What I have begun to learn from this centaur is that he carries with him a darkness that if we are willing to work with him, he unearths something inside of us. He creates a crack in what we perceive and allows us to see what potentially is on the other side from my perception and experience with him. 

I refer to him as a male energy given my interactions with this being and the intensity he brings. It’s powerful energy and a force that at times leaves me in AWE. He is galactic in nature and what I gather from him, he is here to help humanity call in the dark side of the soul and plunge even deeper into the depths of who we really are. Are we willing to dive deep and expose our most vulnerable wounds and work with the archetypes around them? Are we ready to embark on a path of TRUTH and humility as we come from our souls wanting to create in this physical form.. All good questions to ask. 

He has the ability to take us to the dark part of our soul if we allow it. It can happen once in a lifetime or several times depending on if we choose to listen. From my perspective this is a beautiful aspect of him. In order for growth we must break through our own barriers and beliefs that aren’t serving us. He illuminates what is being asked to be shed. I personally can relate to this quote above (Often their advice or input is rejected, as being ahead of its time.) I feel when we are gifted in areas that the collective is not comfortable with or open to, they will shame or put down anyone who says they have the ability to perceive the future or energies outside of the earth realm. What I feel as a human collective we forget at times, is we are surrounded by energy, energy of different dimensions that can flow in an out of our energetic field and magnetic field around the earth. The Veil! If we are open, and it is part of our Souls destiny to embody gifts from other beings and dimensions, our essences, then we have the ability to see outside of our own earthly realm and perceive what is coming. If we can speak to someone who has crossed over, which I personally do quite often, then why would it be any different in perceiving what may be coming. We have these algorithmic points I believe where we can by choice as humans shift the outcome of any future potential, but you have to be aware of what is happening and in tune with the energetic flow of energy that has already been created. We are creating our futures out of our emotions every day and as a collective, we do the same thing. It’s our emotional thought processes that define who we are in our human form and those emotional thoughts take on an energetic form and are propelled out into the ethers to take on form. Thoughts create form, this is why it is so important to watch our own thoughts and where they go on a daily basis.

I look forward to sharing more about Asbolus as he comes in. This is a short excerpt from a channel from a few days ago from him.

“The darkness rains down so you may all see the internal light that resides within you to bring forth that of who you are. 

The mythology of forebears are part truth in ways in which seers would gather the information to create the myth that humans seek to bring forth what they are seeking…” 


Sending Love,



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Following your dreams! Dreaming your life into reality!  https://www.eliseannmoore.com/following-your-dreams-dreaming-your-life-into-reality/ https://www.eliseannmoore.com/following-your-dreams-dreaming-your-life-into-reality/#respond Tue, 05 May 2020 19:50:30 +0000 https://www.eliseannmoore.com/?p=1781 We all have had an immense time for reflection during this interesting time on our planet. Personally I feel we are being asked to stop, take notice, feel and see what is important for the greater good of our ourselves, humanity, the earth and the universes.

Do dreams become reality? Are we living in a time where dreams can actualize from our dreamscape? I believe we can if we pay attention to our dreams and take the time to understand them, BELIEVE & TRUST what we are being shown, we can dream our reality!

The dreamworld can be elusive for some if they choose not to pay attention to their dreamscape given there is a belief about dreams not being real!  Or they say they “I don’t dream.” Everyone dreams! It’s like anything else in life, you have to practice dreaming and write them down. Every night before I go to bed I say “I ask for dream guidance for my highest good”. This is a general statement allowing anything to come in that is to serve me in the dreamscape and my waking life. When I have a question about something or wanting insight, I ask a specific question. I write it, speak it, and pay attention to what dream or dreams are presented to me that night. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I write them down. If I don’t , it’s most likely I won’t remember them after I go back to sleep. Once you start the practice of writing them down, more information emerges from the pages. They may not be real in your material world, but I will personally debate or disagree with anyone who believes that dreams are not real or that we can’t dream our own reality. I say this out of experience and one of the biggest keys is we have to stay out of our mind and allow the dreams and/or dreams to unfold and not question our actions or choices along the way given what the dream is showing us or guiding us to. We have to feel the dream! This is the first component of deciphering the dream. We can’t think we know what the dream is about, we have to feel it.

First we have to pay attention and understand how to interpret our dreams. What do signs and symbols mean in our dreams, and how do we decipher them? One of the first steps is keeping a log of the signs & symbols. An example is I dream of cars given I love cars and it’s a mode of transpiration. I know what bicycles mean in my dream or when I dream of a wheelchair. All modes of transportation. If the car or motorcycle is old, means I’m being referenced something ancient. When there is a black dog or horses in my dreams, means I’m going into an alternate world. They are psychopomps who travel with us to different realities. There are so many deep and fascinating wonders in the dreamworld, I could go on forever, but I will let you decide how you want to proceed. From my perspective the dreamworld makes our lives even richer and full of introspection and the ability to tap into a deeper part of our subconscious. I personally work through subconscious events in my dreams. I know when this is happening and wake up and say “here we go!” It’s how some dreamers are able to work through the shadow part of themselves without over analyzing it in their waking life. I highly recommend this.

Now lets talk about the term “There is only NOW” From my perspective this is an important component in how we dream our life in to reality. My sense of this is and has always been it’s like the movie Arrival where time is cyclical, but now I understand how is migrates through our energy and shows us how to move forward at any given time. Time doesn’t really exist and the more we can wrap our brains around that, the faster we are able to perceive where we are and where we are going and where we have been. Everything has already been created and the more we become in tune with our own energy and matrix, we are able to see, hear, feel and perceive what is being created in front of us. So if we pay attention to our dreams and log them, they will show us where we are going. If we are patient, they will show us when it’s time to take the next leap and take action. If we trust our own intuition, we will know when the right action is needed to take that next step.

Back to the dreamscape experience. As I have wrote about before of my travels to Africa this past year and then coming home I had several significant dreams that were about a business that I owned for 20 years. I new at some point in would be coming to an end or dismantling like what is happening now with our world from my perspective.

The first dream was about a client of mine that was lying on an apparatus , the reformer that was in my studio and I walked in and all of a sudden the reformer apparatus started to dismantle underneath of him. That was the dream. I went to my studio that week and the screws from one of the reformers started falling out on a daily basis. I would screw it back in, but it would keep coming out. Then someone pointed out another reformer had part of the spring bar bent back. The interesting thing about this is it’s not physically possible to do this given how strong the steel is on this mechanism . Someone would have to use a crowbar in order to bend it back. Believe me I took notice of this. Things were physically dismantling like in my dream. Again I took notice, but didn’t act. That was important given I new there was more to come. 

The next dream I was walking and my landlord was in the dream. He was telling me I should have done this or that and then he was standing on the outside of a building next to a railing and all of a sudden the foundation of the building started to dismantle. I could tell he was upset and I just stood there and watched and woke up. I felt when I woke up that the time was coming closer and then my dream about the pandemic came and I could feel the collective energy and how something apocalyptic was going to happen. I didn’t know exactly what it was, but I could feel it was big and heavy. The dream also included the financial and no contact issue that we are experiencing now. 

I asked guidance around closing down my business and asked for a clear and direct sign. I asked as I walked out my door that morning for a Hawk to appear to me. I talked about this in one of the Soul Circle Hours we had a couple of weeks ago. I went for my walk came home took a shower and walked into my living room and a Hawk was sitting on my bird feeder which is close to my living room windows. I just stood there and said thank you, thank you , thank you. That was my HUGE confirmation and I acted from there. 

Given these dreams and signs, I chose to close down a business of mine and it was time. This is what I mean about dreaming our reality. I have precognitive dreams, meaning I dream things before they happen and then they take shape in my waking life. I see this as guidance and how to move forward. Again, some of this is not comfortable as life is like that at times, but if we choose not to embrace the uncomfortable, we never really move forward , grow, expand and become more consciousness. It’s a choice. There really is not any FEAR, we create it though. 

We are all being asked to take life a bit different now. This time will be a game changer for some and some will choose to stay in the old paradigm. We will be bombarded with mass amounts of advertising once we all go back to work over time , and what will you choose to do is the question? Can you keep some of what you have learned during this time and take it forward with you? I know I will. We are being shown so much during this downtime, that if we can become more aware of our surroundings and we really do dream our life into reality, we will have an amazing time doing it. 

Sending love,


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Dressing up FEAR! https://www.eliseannmoore.com/dressing-up-fear/ https://www.eliseannmoore.com/dressing-up-fear/#respond Wed, 25 Mar 2020 03:12:32 +0000 https://www.eliseannmoore.com/?p=1731 What is FEAR?!

Some will say it’s False Emotions Appearing Real or False Experiences Appearing Real based on False Emotions! 

I use to say the former, but after working in the intuitive and shamanic world, I have a slightly different perception of what fear is. I do feel the collective human race at the moment is in a lot of fear, and rightly so. The key is how do we stay out of it and in these new frequencies that are here. They are extremely heightened frequencies and we have the ability to tap into them. It’s a bit like being in this state of fearlessness, euphoria and creative energy! This is my personal experience when I’m tapped into them. This doesn’t mean there won’t be challenging things happening, but the perception is so different.

When I tune into people and the collective, I can feel the fear and trepidation of what they foresee is coming next, or what really their minds think is coming next. What I believe is that if we feel into the FEAR and we dive a layer deeper, or work on walking behind it so to speak, we will either see, hear or feel something that is connected to our fear. It’s that layer of our shadow that is revealing something that we have been holding onto. In most cases what I’ve witnessed behind the fear is one of 4 or a couple of them. It’s either Anger, Sadness, Worry and/or Grief … Then we ask the question, what is behind the next layer of any of the 4 that are revealed? There is normally a memory or an insight attached to these emotions. We know that our bodies are full of emotions, but most of the time we have no idea what the emotions are about, or we listen to our brain to tell us what it is. If we have had a lot of trauma in our lives up until this point than our perception is based in the trauma. Our brain may tell us something different, but the body is responding to a past fear of trauma. So again, we have to dive deeper into the layers of the emotions behind the FEAR.

FEAR is the mask that our buried emotions likes to wear.

For a long time I would dress my fear up in different clothing to unmask what was behind it. It was like playing a game of dress-up. As a child my mother would get kind of irritated with me because I loved to try on so many outfits and normally I would change my clothes at least 4x a day into a new outfit, and wear all of them. I decided to do this with my fear while I was working through emotions I was dealing with. I had to get creative in order for the fear to allow me to go deeper. It’s the curiosity I feel was the key to the unmasking the fear. It took a lot of practice, but so worth the outcome.

We have to feel whatever those emotions are and just feel them, not over process or over analyze them, which can be challenging if we are in fear. We are human and as humans we are here to have an emotional experience and emotionally evolve. We have to ask the body what it’s feeling… This can be challenging when we are masked in FEAR and disbelief… 

During this time on our planet Fear is heightened. We are being asked to wake up on so many levels and the planet is helping us do that. We are being asked to REST, REST, REST! We have been going like a machine for so long and driving the planet along with us, and SHE has said enough is enough along with the natural world and unseen world in my opinion. She is healing, as is the wild animal kingdom, planet life, rivers, oceans, etc… You get the picture. We are being asked to FEEL on a Ginormous Level… It’s painful, scary, and given we really don’t know what is coming next, it can create more fear. I know this is cliche, but all we really have is right now, this moment. If we have a roof over our heads, food, our health, our kids are healthy, we have gas in our cars, our pets are healthy, etc then we are good. We’re better than good. We are doing GREAT!  There are places on the planet as you know that don’t have as much as we do and are struggling as those that are falling ill. One of the best things we can do is send our LOVE to ourselves, the collective, our loved ones, nature, the planet, the animals, to those suffering and keep our spirits high and tune into our beautiful bodies on a regular basis and feel ourselves. 

I can tell you this, when I tune into my own body, I get so excited. I’m actually really shocked a lot of the time given what is happening. But I feel our beings that are here having a human experience are excited about what is happening and we are in a huge astrological shift and the frequencies are elevating and expanding at a fast rate. Time is speeding up. We are being asked to calibrate to these new frequencies.

I don’t have all the answers, but what I do know is the more we can stay in an expanded frequency the better the outcome for the human consciousness and for ourselves personally. I do rituals on a daily basis, as I say in every blog because I feel they are so important. It’s the equivalent of doing night time prayers. However you want to perceive it and what works for you is the way to go. My personal rituals change as the energies that I channel change. This allows me to bring in new energies and calibrate to different frequencies that are coming down to earth and rising up from our ancestors. 

We all have fear at some point in our lives and will continue to do so. The key is to be able to feel the emotion, dive into the next layer, identify what it is, even if it’s just a word. It’s usually a lot simpler than we think. It’s the feeling that will always talk to us. I’m always amazed what an amazing teacher the body is…

Sending Love,


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Spiritual Maintenance! https://www.eliseannmoore.com/spiritual-maintenance/ https://www.eliseannmoore.com/spiritual-maintenance/#respond Tue, 10 Mar 2020 01:32:38 +0000 https://www.eliseannmoore.com/?p=1717 I’ve been working on this post for the last week and every time I went to send it, my computer would freeze for the text would disappear. Now that Mercury has gone direct, here it is lol! With Mercury direct along with all the other planets, this is a great time of momentum. Pay attention to the signs and what comes in!

Esotericism, Ancient Energies! And FEAR!

If we look at the definition of the word esotericism is simply defined as “something” that has a “hidden meaning” “inner circle”, “within” . Folklore, even history itself, by its very nature is distorted by the individual who perceives it. However, esotericism also implies that the hidden meaning has a more obvious closeness to truth than the apparent meaning. 

For me personally there is a lot of truth in the esoteric world of history and the ancients. The myth always holds truth! The dreams lately from this perspective have been underneath the earth as in tunneling in. This is connected to Mu Lemuria and the Hopi as they both would go down under into the earth to do sacred ceremonies. What are your rituals? Something to think about during this fascinating time on our planet!

Before the temples, or pyramids had arisen the ancients actually worshipped the earth, the animals and Gaia held sacred her information that she would return to them. They held dream circles and circles of communication with talking sticks as the Maasai do in Africa. Whatever you choose to believe in, I do feel that the ancients are again rising as I see them and am experiencing them through channels and one in particular has come in as a healer and with great wisdom. She (Grandmother) has been with me for quite some time, but given what is happening on the planet and how fear based the collective is, she is appearing more and more now with clients and coming in dreams. There are deep truths of wisdom with her and from her. She is powerful and ancient. 

This brings me to the the ancient energies that are rising up now and coming down. Channels have been coming through and expressing and through dream channels, we are in for a big shift. They are coming back or “bringing back the time” as I’ve been told. This comes from various energies that have been here on the planet for eons and are rising up and coming down so to speak. For myself personally, I can see, hear and feel them and they are forging a new alliance for humanity and our earth and universe, but we have to get on board and see the bigger picture… This also means we will have to dive deep, see our own personal crap and be willing to do the work and evolve. I recent channel expressed to me “there is nothing more successful or greater than choosing to come into physical form in this reality.” That in itself is one of the biggest successes we have achieved. Funny how so may perceive being here as such hard work! For some with a lot of trauma and/or programs from belief systems that are burrowed in, this can be a challenging place to be. For other’s, they have recognized the significance of how joyful and fulfilling life can be once you decide to have fun with it and be in it. 

I personally have been experiencing a lot of EAGLE energy lately and I perceive this as creation energy. I was up in Seattle working with clients last week and went out for a walk and one appeared to me, then a pair circled overhead. This happened every morning I was there. I do believe this is connected to “White Eagle”  who visited me while I was in Africa. He was a Chief & Medicine Man who stood with Standing Bear. I truly believe in the ancients and what they are wanting to express. There is so much more around him, but I’m researching and traveling to sacred Native Indian Land next month to experience the energies as I was guided to do so. I’m excited to share more!

Some will say the EAGLE is christ energy (and this is not from biblical terms) coming in and down and in the Andean culture it is paired with the Condor. Once these two magnificent birds take flight, one from the south, the other from the North, we will be in for a huge shift on our planet. I truly believe this to be a spiritual shift and it’s starting to happen as we will see more and more people either waking up or staying in the bubble of less awareness, and some will be taking exits. If we choose to be in fear around our well-being , job, life or the crazy media frenzy with the virus or whatever that may be, the shift will be a lot more challenging. It’s time to step into who we are authentically, choose to live a more sustainable life, give back and only you know who and what that is. Only you know who you truly are and what it feels like to be in alignment with YOU and the Divine/Creation!

All there has to be in a crack in order for another perception to come in. We feel the resistance for however long it takes, and CRACK/BOOM there is an opening. This is the opening to the shadow part of who we are and if you don’t believe or if someone doesn’t believe it exists, well watch out, because it will catch up with you! There are so many layers and every layer is different for every person. It’s when we decide to sit in the darkness where all of the light is , we get to experience and see who we truly are! It’s like being in a cave and taking the time to FEEL!. This is a powerful place to be once you decide to sit and take part… It’s a place of potent power for sacred ritual and initiation with access to another realm where your higher self resides along with other energies! We have to have clear boundaries of what feeds us personally and take time to be in nature where all things work in harmony. I’m a huge believer in rituals and I encourage my clients and whomever will listen 🙂 to find what works for them. It creates a cleansing where insights are able to come in and be perceived.  

If we again go back to the astrology at the beginning of the year, we are in for a huge shift and it’s now happening. This is what I feel personally and why I work at staying out of the human collective, as it feels dire, depressed and a lot of fear. That being said, I do feel there are people on the planet that are living a great life and have chosen to rise above the fear that is being presented through our media and other sources. For me personally, I don’t watch the news or TV, so any information I receive comes into my awareness through different avenues. I have also chosen to take Social Media off my phone and rarely get on there anymore.

I have to say Thank You! to Tiffani for the image! It was her creativity and posting that inspired me. I love how we can choose to dive in deep, get quiet and feel what is there to be revealed.

Sending Love,




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Chronic Pain! The Miraculous Gift! https://www.eliseannmoore.com/chronic-pain-the-miraculous-gift/ https://www.eliseannmoore.com/chronic-pain-the-miraculous-gift/#respond Mon, 10 Feb 2020 00:29:10 +0000 http://www.eliseannmoore.com/?p=1706 Where does Chronic come from? 

The word root ‘chron’ means time, and it came from the Greek word khronos ‘time’. … Let’s have a look at the word chronic that is used to describe something lasting for a long time as in chronic pain.

There are a lot of people on the planet that suffer from Chronic PAIN (I was one of them for many years) and it’s coming up more and more as the energies on the planet are shifting into another frequency. I would include FEAR as it goes along with creating pain as well.

Chronic Pain is nothing other than stuck/stagnant/repressed emotions. It’s really simple, but given we live in a society where a lot of the time we want a fix, we don’t see that it is deep and we have to do the work. There is no FIX! We have to dive deep, unravel, unwrap, unwind and release whats been buried. Pain is how our body talks to us on a regular basis and gives us a HUGE indication as to where we are vibrating. How do we maneuver out of it?  I was recently asked this from a client who suffers from a lot of pain and chronic discomfort. It takes practice and determination on our part. You have to listen to the body and I mean really listen, and do the work!

From my perception as an Intuitive and Shamanic Healer, it is imperative that we start taking responsibility for our own healing and inner work. We are on our own Journey, so why would we think others can fix us? This doesn’t mean that we don’t need guidance and healing work. Believe me, I did, and the healings I had from energy work and other modalities have been life changing for me. I feel at times when we are in the mix of deep inner work and transformation we don’t see the path that is leading us to this miraculous opening. There comes a time when we stop trying to figure it out, and just be in it.

EVERY PAIN, DISCOMFORT, DISEASE OR DIS-EASE IN THE BODY has an EMOTION BEHIND IT AND ATTACHED TO IT. It’s our job to FEEL what those emotions are. This is what I refer to as the FELT SENSES. We have to know our own felt senses as we all feel individually and uniquely. I truly believe this. It’s so important that we identify how we feel. What does excitement feel like in the body, anger, sadness, shame or being pissed off? They are subtle at times, but if we learn to identify them, we can maneuver out of them much faster when needed. I know for myself when my SI Joint is bothering me, I’m pissed off about something, and most of the time I’m not even aware of it until the discomfort shows up or I start to feel it coming on. I immediately get quiet now and feel into it, so I can allow the discomfort to release. This way it doesn’t turn into a huge cycle of pain. It’s not comfortable or much fun, but if we allow the emotions to come to the surface, it can have a huge impact on our emotional and physical well-being. When we allow ourselves to stay in the broader spectrum of emotions and not attach a situation to it, then it has an easier time releasing from the body. What I mean by this is, the more we choose not to label our tears and feel them, we have an easier time allowing them to pass through us.

When I work with people I can see the layers of trauma that they have experienced in their life and/or past lives, and it comes in details. Some are  shocked and I will admit at times, they aren’t happy with it, but the key is that it is coming to the surface without them even telling me because it’s wanting to be let go of. The body, nervous system & energy system is wanting to release the energetic and emotional attachment  This may sound harsh, but it’s that simple. The question lies in how do we let go when we don’t even know how? I’ve thought a lot about this on my own healing journey and how I was divinely guided to people and channeled in work that allowed my body to release the Chronic Pain!  I think one of the keys is I never questioned what was happening and I learned how to feel it even when it was so uncomfortable. I became comfortable in the uncomfortableness. We have to be willing to dive deep and go through the layers of the soul. I believe we at times have traumatic experiences to wake us up on some levels. That being said, there is no trauma that is not traumatic or significant. I personally have experienced extremes. But I do know now that it was a vehicle for growth and an opportunity to wake up a part of myself that was hidden. I don’t hold judgement or blame anymore and it took a lot of work to get there and have compassion. Once we can feel that, it’s a miraculous healing.  And it’s miraculous what it can do to the physical body as a whole and our subconscious. It’s an opportunity to allow the body to show us where we have been holding onto patterns in old beliefs that are no longer serving us.. The body is a miraculous vehicle if we allow ourselves to let it drive us. As humans we believe we actually drive the body, but in reality, we really don’t… Our Soul Being is what is driving us. If we can get out of the way, and start listening to that part of ourselves that is so subtle , but yet powerful, we have all the answers right inside of us and in front of us. WE HAVE TO STOP TRYING TO FIGURE THINGS OUT, FEEL IT AND BE IN IT! 

Sending Love,


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Transitioning https://www.eliseannmoore.com/transitioning/ https://www.eliseannmoore.com/transitioning/#respond Wed, 22 Jan 2020 14:06:59 +0000 http://www.eliseannmoore.com/?p=1679 Transition is passage from one state, stage, subject, or place to another : CHANGE, a movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, or style to another.

I recently had a conversation with a friend about transitioning. I feel it’s an interesting place to be in, but most of us either fear it, or don’t like it much. If we really look at our lives, we are in constant transition. Funny how we are always thinking about that place we want to be at or go to, and not really relishing in where we are in the moment. I remember someone saying to me once, “Appreciate where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going”. Truth Serum! 

If we look at preference and how as a western culture we prefer things and have preferences of how things should be done or are, we tend to shut down other openings of possibilities of creation. I personally found this to be an interesting exploration while traveling in Africa. The energy their for me personally was so expansive and I had to learn how to let go of preconceived notions of how things should be. Patience was a big one for me. I’m sharing this given what transpired, but I have come to see that the more we are in transition, the more vast we are and allow new things to come in. As humans, we view transition as this place of not being stable or less than, or we haven’t figured things out. It’s as if we view ourselves as not knowing what we are doing. The beauty is, we really don’t know what we are doing, given we are constantly going through transition. We have a choice to keep exploring or not. If we choose to keep exploring than we open ourselves up to the wonder of creation and what is in our field of potentials. We get into trouble when we sit and think, process and over analyze what we should being doing or not. What if we could embrace being is this constant state of transition, moving forward and enjoying each step and moment as we move along our yellow brick road. And believe in ourselves moment by moment.  Ralph Waldo Emerson once said“If the greatest thing a human can achieve to is the formation of their own selves, not something built by other’s” I love this quote given we are here to do what or soul is wanting to open up to. We are in a continuum in time given we live in a time space reality, but we have the capacity to allow the expansiveness of perceiving from our soul.

Transition is a key to creating anything new. Our bodies are in constant motion/transition given our cells continually vibrate to migrate. We transition every time we take a step or move. But yet we have this innate fear around letting go and moving into the unknown, the unfamiliar… Transitioning puts us in a place of vulnerability, not a place a lot of humans like to be in. It’s those places where wounds or old beliefs are buried in the subconscious and when we allow ourselves to be in vulnerability we can allow more space for healing to occur. 

I did an exercise this last summer where I went through layers after being quiet for a while, and I was surprised to see and feel this odd feeling around my childhood home. I could feel the energy of the home still in my emotional body and nervous system. I was a bit taken back given how vivid it was. I was taken through each room and felt the different emotions with all of them. I personally found this fascinating and a deep calling to allow more grief to be let go of. I also paid attention to my astrological chart at this time. I later had a conversation with an astrologer and she spoke about how the planets were revealing I was going back and working with the past. She wasn’t aware of what I had experienced, and she was spot on.

We are so imbedded with learned behaviors and beliefs that even when we do a lot of inner work and healing, there are more layers to be peeled away. When we allow old beliefs to come to the surface and hold a space for ourselves, we can see and feel what is coming through, recognize it, and allow moving forward as a transition verses a stopping point. Transitions are choice points as we move to evolve and learn about ourselves and where we want to go. Each experience is unique and different and if we continue to say “I should have done that then or a year ago or five years ago”, we wouldn’t be experiencing what we are in this moment which is growth and awareness, As someone once said to me “It’s not finished until there’s nothing left of it!” Meaning when we are transitioning and moving into something new or a shift, we let go of what we were doing when there is nothing left to hold on to anymore. Again, TRUTH! 

Enjoy the transitions of life. Some are more profound than other’s, but on a daily basis we are transitioning from our morning self, to our work self, to our home self,  to our relationship self, to our parent self, to being out in nature self. Enjoy all parts of yourself. The parts that aren’t calling to you anymore, you have the right to let go of… 

Transition on. 

Sending Love, 


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Journeying https://www.eliseannmoore.com/journeying/ https://www.eliseannmoore.com/journeying/#respond Thu, 16 Jan 2020 14:17:10 +0000 http://www.eliseannmoore.com/?p=1665 The Medicine Wheel. 

I”ve pondered this image for quite some time and recently it has come into my awareness 3 times in one day. I feel like it is wanting to shed some light on the importance of the wheel itself and how dreams play a huge part in the shamanic world and our every day life. If we pay attention to our dreams, we can dream our life and healing into reality.

What I have realized is that all aspects of the wheel have come in my dreams and the wheel itself is represented slightly differently in different Native American Indian tribes, Indigenous cultures and elsewhere. It also represents the cardinal sign in astrology, the cardinal cross. East, South, West and North. Please keep in mind that I tend not to read a lot about something that comes into my awareness until I’m downloaded with information and then I go and start researching. I’m a bit naive, but from my perception, if we can stay in the curiosity for a bit of time, we are apt to get more accurate information. I feel if we allow it to come in without having any knowledge base, we are better equipped not to have any preconceived perceptions or judgments of what it’s about. Our minds tend to go to that place of “Oh! I know that” when in the unseen world we really don’t, given it is so layered and the perceptions are vast. 

If we look to the South of the wheel where the snake lies and we can relate this to the south node in our astrological chart, it’s allowing us to see the past and shed the layers of the shadow that are now longer serving us. There is a sense of integrations when letting go of old wounds, especially when we have identified with them for so long. Having a grieving period for this is normal and necessary. The other element of the South is “RA” the sun, FIRE. Fire allows all to be distinguished and then replenished. To grow anew. 

In the West we find the cat or Jaguar. I remember my first dream with this elusive cat and the first one I saw in Samburu in Africa. They are silent, but yet hold a power that is sleek and unseen. The West is also associated with the element of water. The depths where the Great Whale resides, the one who holds Ancient Wisdom. This represents the act of breaking through bearers like the whale breaches, we shift in consciousness when we allow ourselves to become more aware and a part of us dies away. A never-ending process that we experience as we evolve. And water relates to the emotional body as well as being a conductor to the spirit realms.

The North is represented by the hummingbird, but I also see the Bear and the Trees with the North.. It’s the act of flight and nourishment as the hummingbird drinks from the flowers, the bear hibernates to replenish his reserves and the tree is the never ending communication of what is below us thriving to keep all of the ecosystem in harmony. I feel it’s connected to our north node in our astrological chart. The place we are moving towards to gather more insights about our soul and our quest in this lifetime. Again there are layers to this in that astrology is so layered as is our soul.

The East is the great eagle, falcon and hawk. The flight home to the self and the spiritual quest of who we are in waking life in relation to the great spirit who soars, “The EAGLE”. How we bridge the gap of our dreamscape into reality and become what our soul is wanting to experience. The East is associated with the element of air and each breath we take starts a new moment in life. When we realize that each breath is precious and how fortunate we are to be living in harmony with the earth and natural world, we wake up to a bigger spectrum of who we are. Our Divine Matrix ,Our Diamond Body, Our Divine Blueprint. We are each uniquely different, but yet hold a connection beyond what any of us can really imagine through space…Thoughts to ponder when the natural world/animal kingdom come into your awareness. Each animal holds an energy that we work with in order to bring healing to the surface. 

A client recently expressed in a session that she had a reoccurring dream of a horse. (She has given permission of her dream to be written about). Keep in mind reoccurring dreams and/or nightmares are unfinished dreams. There is more to be explored, but for whatever reason we are resisting what is wanting to be seen. It’s part of our growth. At times we need a bit of guidance to break through the bearer so to speak. 

She went on to explain the dream of being her in kitchen standing looking outside at the barn and she realizes that she has forgotten to feed her horse. She’s a bit frantic and runs out to find the horse but can’t find him. This may seem simple, but there are so many layers here to explore. 

When she was in session I asked her if she had ever experienced Journeying with the drum, and she hadn’t. She decided she wanted to explore this, so we went on a journey. I approach journeying with the drum a bit different in that I believe we go where we called to go. I feel when it’s new for someone , they need to just listen and see what comes to them. Possibly they see, feel, or hear something. I didn’t suggest anything to her except to do just that. I wanted her to stay open to whatever came to her. When she came out of the journey, she said “I saw a horse and he came to me.” From my perspective this is a big step in healing and the start of a relationship with her Animal. In the dreamworld horses are considered psychopomps and they take us to alternate worlds and are a mode of transportation. He’s been trying to get her attention for quite some time in the dream and now a doorway has opened for her. So Beautiful! 

She left and came back the next month, but this time she was with the coaching/mentoring group. I asked the group what is something they are wanting to let go of and shift? (I feel this is important given all of the astrological planetary shifts that are happening right now. It’s a powerful time). She expressed that she is afraid of losing people around her. Keep in mind this is a powerful statement given what her journey would be about that day and the insights she would gather.  We did another journey and this time I asked her if she felt like she wanted re-enter the dream, given she said she can have it her waking life. (This is actually a normal occurrence of dreaming a dream in the waking life when there is something that our soul is wanting us to see and experience and heal from.) She decides to re-enter the dream in her journey, she starts to cry. I’m loving this, because now I know she’s really gone somewhere and is releasing and allowing herself to go deep. After the journey she shares that she went to the barn and the horse was there and allowed her to get on him and he took her to a tribe. This is an ancestral tribe and she was experiencing grief around losing her husband. This healing on so many levels.

She than shares a bit of her history of this lifetime and what is being revealed is that she is healing a karmic past of loss through many layers. What she has experienced in her journey is profound and she later emailed me and asked what books to read and then stopped by so I could lend her a bunch. She’s now exploring different ways of the metaphysical and shamanic world to help her on her journey of healing. 

I can’t express enough how joyful it is to see someone break or breach like the whale does, come out of the depths and allow something to be revealed so they can move forward in their healing and on their journey.  Thanks and appreciation to her for sharing her dream and beautiful experience. 

Sending Love,


Here’s links to upcoming workshops/events

The pic is from the Vision Quest deck. I love this deck!

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TRUST! https://www.eliseannmoore.com/trust/ https://www.eliseannmoore.com/trust/#respond Thu, 02 Jan 2020 13:38:36 +0000 http://www.eliseannmoore.com/?p=1617 Here we are in this new decade and on the cusp of the Aquarian/Humanitarian age in my opinion. We are moving into a more humanitarian consciousness along with creating a place where we can stand in authenticity and sustainability. 

I would like to share a story about TRUST! Trust is KEY to allowing our intuition to become more accurate and onboard with how we live your daily lives. This is not what our mind tells us to be accurate in any way shape or form. I truly believe that in order for us to fully embrace who we are and shed the layers that are no longer serving us, we have to see through the those patterns of fear that hold us back to living in a state of well being, joy, love, adventure and knowingness. 

As most of people know I practice shamanic work. This comes in many different forms in the shamanic world. Shamanic encompasses the dreamworld, the etheric world, other realms and dimensions among other forms of energies. The dreamworld is a powerful place to gather information if it is part of how you communicate.. There are so many layers to intuition and the shamanic world that one story or 3 pages is not enough to explain the vastness that it holds for our spiritual self and world. I feel honored and am beyond grateful for the gifts that have opened up and that I tap into on a daily basis, but it’s a choice I have made and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. It’s one of the most rewarding experiences… given it is never-ending like our stream of consciousness.  

Lets go back in time about 11 months or so. I did a journey on my own which I do often. I had not set any kind of intention with this journey , it was just a day I felt I needed to listen. As I was in the middle of the journey listening to the drumming, I heard in clear words “NAIROBI, THERE’S SOMEONE THERE FOR YOU”… It caught me off guard and then I heard it again, so I knew this was an important message. I sat with this for months and would ask for more information, but nothing really was coming in… In June of 2019 I decided to go to England and visit sacred sites. The night before I was flying home I had another dream of a LION.  There’s a whole story with the dreams of Lions, but I’m not going to go into a bunch of detail other than Lions play a huge part in my dream world and this particular dream is what propelled me to move into action. The dream was simple, I was walking down a dark street and I turn around and this huge LION which has been in other dreams, came out of the darkness and roared at me and so I turned around and kept walking. I got to the airport the next morning and I heard over the speaker “last call for Nairobi” and my body was covered in goosebumps… I then heard the call again and the same thing happened. When this happens for me and Like I tell clients these are truth statements. I now refer to them as TRUST STATEMENTS…We might not know exactly what they are about at the time, but it’s important to feel into what is happening and take note… I took note and walked to the gate where people were getting on the plane to go to Nairobi and it was like I was being pulled to go. 

I flew home that day and the following day went to the post office to mail some things and I heard this man behind the counter talking about how he just got back from Nairobi. I then heard Nairobi again. I new this was a huge SIGN for me, so I interrupted him and started asking questions on what I needed to do to get there and so forth. 

About a month later in the summer of 2019 and I’m out hiking in the mountains with a friend and we are backpacking in and I always bring my shamanic drum. I find I have magical journeys in the wilderness given the ground is less polluted by city noise… We get there and there’s a mountain that morphs into different shapes and I immediately see a Lion and so does my friend, so I’m getting confirmations left and right which is so amazing. We are back at the campsite and I start the drumming just as it’s getting dark and the sky is full of memorizing stars. I can feel the energies of the land and it starts vibrating and then all of a sudden this African Shaman comes into my vision and says “This is the way to the Shaman” Meaning the drum. I can feel the Shaman take my hand and the drumming changes. I now drum like this when I’m teaching or drumming for myself personally. Then a wolf appears as well. When I finish the drumming my friend says “WHOA” that was powerful and she felt it to and says out loud “It’s the drum that’s the way in” At this point she doesn’t know what I have experienced. 

As we are driving home the next day I can feel and see this African Shaman with me and the wolf… And my friend can feel the wolf as well. The wolf is important as I would later have a dream of this wolf while in Africa and he is connected to one of the children I met there.

After I’m home for a couple of days I do another journey with my drum and ask for the African Shaman to come in. And so the energy appears again and this time I hear “ A Massai will appear to you” I was like what? and I hear it again “A Maasai will appear to you” Now at this point I’m thinking the energy said Messiah … so I go and look up and then I realize it’s an African Tribe the energy is referring to… I wasn’t familiar with the tribe and starting reading about them.

I sit with this for some time asking for more information and then after going in to the post office, I knew I was going to Africa. I had no idea what would transpire or why I was going. I do know and I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to listen and to feel into when to take action. 

I remember sitting with my computer and deciding to click the buy button on my ticket to Africa. At this point I didn’t have a guide had no idea where I was going to stay , I just knew at this point I was going , so I punched the purchase key…

As soon as I did this, one of my clients referred me to a guide and wired money and got on a plane 3 months later. 

I chose to go on my own without a group and I’m so happy I did this given it gave me flexibility in how I wanted the trip to go. Once I landed in Nairobi I could feel the change in energy .. I did meet the person from which the Journey said “Nairobi, there’s someone there for you!” He was my driver and guided me to the Maasai. There were challenges along the way, but the end point was and has been life changing for me and the work I do in the world. 

I would go on Safari and I see every animal imaginable along with ones that most don’t see. I would have dreams that would blow my mind away and started happening into what I refer to as REAL TIME dreams . I would contact those whom I dreamt about and they were a bit taken back. I’d put an intention out and it would appear to me. I found this so magical and the ground so sacred. It was like coming home for me. 

But the KEY here is is that a Maasai did appear to me in flesh and blood. I was guided to him and his family and had the honor of meeting his father the Chief and spent time with them. He would take me out into the bush every day twice a day walking with the wild animals. I’m talking about having a whole heard of elephants walk in front of me about 100-200 meters away, zebras , giraffes, gazelles, what bucks, birds, lions, etc… It’s one of those most amazing experiences I have had in my life. We would talk about his culture and how they live off the land, what is sacred to their tribe and culture and then he would come back to the lodge with me and he would teach me Swahili words and then the meaning in the Maasai language given they speak Maasai in the villages… He would teach me about plant medicine and how to track animals. What bird sounds meant given if danger is coming or when we saw a white hog it meant we had a save passage on our journey ahead. How they consider Lions there protectors when in the bush and guide them home. How they bury their dead and so much more. 

NO words can describe the feeling I felt while I was there and given how I listened to the African Shaman appeared to me and guided me to Africa and to the Maasai whose name is Nello … I will go back and help with the education of his children and the well being of the village and learn from the shaman in the village. I know now that I have a family in Africa that is welcoming… 

The last night at the lodge that I stayed at close to the village through me a surprise appreciation party as well. The cake they presented me with, they had written “Welcome Back! Again and Again!” They had no idea what I was experiencing and what those words meant to me personally, but on other levels from their heart and being they most certainly did. I was so taken back by the grace and generosity of people that I encountered that I am forever grateful. 

I’m sharing this experience hoping to express that it is vital that we listen to our intuition , our guides however you perceive them or it. THE KEY is that TRUST is the most important piece in everything within the unseen world. You can’t think about how much something will cost, or when or how it will happen. All you have to do is listen and TRUST and it falls into place… 

I wish you Peace, Joy, Adventure and Transformation in this New Year and decade. May all your dreams come true and when they do, keep dreaming and always keep evolving… We are never-ending beings of light.

Sending Love,


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Vulnerability! https://www.eliseannmoore.com/vulnerability/ https://www.eliseannmoore.com/vulnerability/#respond Wed, 30 Oct 2019 01:24:14 +0000 http://www.eliseannmoore.com/?p=1592 Truth Serum.

Vulnerability! Root word Latin noun vulnus means “WOUND” 

Interesting how the root word is actually WOUND! What are we wanting to dive deep and dig up in order to heal from?  Are you willing to release the MASK? We all where them, and they are different depending where we are during the day or chapters in our lives. We all have wounds, some deeper than other’s, but I guarantee if you are one to those people who love to grow consciously , then you will continue to expose those wounds that are needing you to be vulnerable in order to feel what is needed to be released. Easier said then done a lot of the time. 

I recently had someone ask me after they were given some information that was challenging for them.“How do I get to the emotions that I can’t even feel?” What we have to learn are the FELT SENSES in order to expose the layers that our soul is wanting us to feel, see, recognize and bring forth for healing. Some of what we are dealing with is OLD and YES this means from other lifetimes.

From my perception vulnerability allows us to see what we are masking. We may not even know what it is, but we can become aware of it given issues with our body. This can manifest in so many different ways. Health issues, skin issues and even chronic pain. Some times it comes at us suddenly. Possibly we are diagnosed with a disease out of the blue and now our body is really talking to us and we have to pay attention. Possibly something appears on our skin and we take notice each time we look in the mirror. What are we not seeing about ourselves that is wanting to be seen? The key is to become aware. You may not know what it is at first, but if you acknowledge it, it will most likely reveal itself in some form. This could be through meditation, or maybe you seek out a healer or therapist in order to get to the layers that are hidden. 

From my perspective we all arrive at our emotional body in different ways. I can speak or write from my perspective and experience having suffered from chronic pain from 20’s to my early 40’s, and I mean severe pain… The kind you go to the emergency room for and get heavy duty narcotics. I deduced one day that it was enough and started seeking out different types of modalities to help with the pain. What I ultimately found was my own creation of a system that allowed me to go deep into my body and actually see the stagnant energy and work with it and then release it. It took some time, but eventually the pain was gone and I’ve been PAIN FREE ever sense. So what I’m getting at is find a way to talk to your body and then LISTEN and FEEL the felt senses. These are the KEY components in order to allow anger, frustration, grief, sadness to release from the body. And yes I’m talking about somatic responses. But at the same time you don’t have to know what it’s about, the most important thing to do is FEEL IT. 

Have you ever had those moments where you cry so hard that you’re convulsing? I know I have. Your body feels like it’s wrenching, but it’s one of the most healing things you can do. The body cleanses itself through crying. It’s how we RELEASE. It’s unfortunate in this country there is still a stigma that goes along with it. In other cultures it’s a graceful thing to do and experience.

 If we can allow ourselves to surrender to what we are masking so to speak, then we can see through the layer of reality that is really holding us back to have a deeper connection with the SELF. 

Halloween is upon us and this is when the VEIL between worlds is the thinnest. It’s a wonderful time to ask for guidance if you have a challenging situation and are wanting to make contact with your higher self , spirit guides, animal spirits and/or helping spirits or loved ones on the other side. It’s also the celebration of Samhain (Samain) which is celebrated on November 1st. This is a time to give thanks to our ancestors and those that came before us and honoring the dead. I recommend doing rituals during this time if that is part of your spiritual practice and giving thanks and appreciation to those before us, those with us and those coming after us.  

Shine bright and many blessings on your journey.

Sending Love,


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Truth Serum https://www.eliseannmoore.com/sacred-ground/ https://www.eliseannmoore.com/sacred-ground/#respond Wed, 09 Oct 2019 02:19:36 +0000 http://www.eliseannmoore.com/?p=1575 We have a powerful Full Moon in Aries coming up on Sunday, October 13th that will be opposing Mars and a T-Square to Pluto! This is a intense combination along with other energies happening right now. I feel like this last quarter of the year is clearing out old patterns that are no longer serving us. This will be a period of time where fiery conversations can take a turn if we aren’t conscious and aware of our triggers. Pluto will bring things to the surface and the Moon will shed light on what has been unconscious or in our subconscious that is wanting to be revealed. These types of energies are important to now where our SACRED GROUND is!

Sacred Ground can mean different things to different people. For me personally there’s an internal Sacred Ground , a Spiritual Sacred Ground and an external Sacred Ground. The internal is where we find the place of solace, peace and grounding where we can not be pulled from. All those invitations that we are given on a daily basis can pull us in so many different directions. This happens in our daily life and also in the spiritual realm. If you are aware of your intuition ~ psychic abilities then you have connections to the outer worlds. This is where the Spiritual Sacred Ground is needed and needs discernment, just like our daily lives. The question is do you know what is coming in and how to decipher it and not be pulled in all kinds of directions. Do you have clear boundaries with the energies you work with? This takes practice and knowing how you perceive energy and listening to your guides or energies that you connect with. I call the ones that pull us off of our Spiritual Sacred Ground “Fly Bys”… They want to make contact and sometimes play or cause disturbance. If you are feeling uneasy, then it’s best not to engage. Again it takes practice. There is a felt sense of what feels like an expanded energy coming in verses one that is just along for the ride so to speak. I know most of us have experienced this, but it’s always a good idea to steer clear of unwanted energy just hanging out or flying by. All you have to say is “If you are not here for my highest good, then you must leave!” It sends a clear message for them to move on.

Do you take the time to sit with each invitation and ask, “Does this pull me off of my Sacred Ground that resides inside of me, my being?” I remember having this conversation with a friend years ago always saying “YES” when she really meant “NO”, but didn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings or disappoint someone. Each time we do this, we are creating a disharmony within our Sacred Ground and being dishonest with ourselves and other’s. We’ve all heard of the YES MAN! It’s knowing the Truth of where and who you are. The invitation to stay in the energy of you verses the energy of other’s.

External Sacred Ground is a wonderful place to find our way of being! This can be your home, a place in nature or wherever you feel like you’ve created a place that is calm and nurturing! My home is this way for me and my garden as well as being in nature. Listening to the birds in the morning or just sitting with my dog as he gives doggy hugs! Find the place or places that bring you stillness of being and reside there for a length of time and let it breath you and you it. I heard this not to long ago when I was channeling some work. “The pentacle of your existence is the breath on your tongue” I had to sit with it for a while until I really felt what was being channeled in. Each breath we take we are starting a new moment of time/space in a continuum of existence with self!

Find time over the next couple of months to tune in, feel in and decipher what’s being broadcast to you… You have all the insight and knowingness to move through all that is!

Sending Love,


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