We all have had an immense time for reflection during this interesting time on our planet. Personally I feel we are being asked to stop, take notice, feel and see what is important for the greater good of our ourselves, humanity, the earth and the universes.

Do dreams become reality? Are we living in a time where dreams can actualize from our dreamscape? I believe we can if we pay attention to our dreams and take the time to understand them, BELIEVE & TRUST what we are being shown, we can dream our reality!

The dreamworld can be elusive for some if they choose not to pay attention to their dreamscape given there is a belief about dreams not being real!  Or they say they “I don’t dream.” Everyone dreams! It’s like anything else in life, you have to practice dreaming and write them down. Every night before I go to bed I say “I ask for dream guidance for my highest good”. This is a general statement allowing anything to come in that is to serve me in the dreamscape and my waking life. When I have a question about something or wanting insight, I ask a specific question. I write it, speak it, and pay attention to what dream or dreams are presented to me that night. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I write them down. If I don’t , it’s most likely I won’t remember them after I go back to sleep. Once you start the practice of writing them down, more information emerges from the pages. They may not be real in your material world, but I will personally debate or disagree with anyone who believes that dreams are not real or that we can’t dream our own reality. I say this out of experience and one of the biggest keys is we have to stay out of our mind and allow the dreams and/or dreams to unfold and not question our actions or choices along the way given what the dream is showing us or guiding us to. We have to feel the dream! This is the first component of deciphering the dream. We can’t think we know what the dream is about, we have to feel it.

First we have to pay attention and understand how to interpret our dreams. What do signs and symbols mean in our dreams, and how do we decipher them? One of the first steps is keeping a log of the signs & symbols. An example is I dream of cars given I love cars and it’s a mode of transpiration. I know what bicycles mean in my dream or when I dream of a wheelchair. All modes of transportation. If the car or motorcycle is old, means I’m being referenced something ancient. When there is a black dog or horses in my dreams, means I’m going into an alternate world. They are psychopomps who travel with us to different realities. There are so many deep and fascinating wonders in the dreamworld, I could go on forever, but I will let you decide how you want to proceed. From my perspective the dreamworld makes our lives even richer and full of introspection and the ability to tap into a deeper part of our subconscious. I personally work through subconscious events in my dreams. I know when this is happening and wake up and say “here we go!” It’s how some dreamers are able to work through the shadow part of themselves without over analyzing it in their waking life. I highly recommend this.

Now lets talk about the term “There is only NOW” From my perspective this is an important component in how we dream our life in to reality. My sense of this is and has always been it’s like the movie Arrival where time is cyclical, but now I understand how is migrates through our energy and shows us how to move forward at any given time. Time doesn’t really exist and the more we can wrap our brains around that, the faster we are able to perceive where we are and where we are going and where we have been. Everything has already been created and the more we become in tune with our own energy and matrix, we are able to see, hear, feel and perceive what is being created in front of us. So if we pay attention to our dreams and log them, they will show us where we are going. If we are patient, they will show us when it’s time to take the next leap and take action. If we trust our own intuition, we will know when the right action is needed to take that next step.

Back to the dreamscape experience. As I have wrote about before of my travels to Africa this past year and then coming home I had several significant dreams that were about a business that I owned for 20 years. I new at some point in would be coming to an end or dismantling like what is happening now with our world from my perspective.

The first dream was about a client of mine that was lying on an apparatus , the reformer that was in my studio and I walked in and all of a sudden the reformer apparatus started to dismantle underneath of him. That was the dream. I went to my studio that week and the screws from one of the reformers started falling out on a daily basis. I would screw it back in, but it would keep coming out. Then someone pointed out another reformer had part of the spring bar bent back. The interesting thing about this is it’s not physically possible to do this given how strong the steel is on this mechanism . Someone would have to use a crowbar in order to bend it back. Believe me I took notice of this. Things were physically dismantling like in my dream. Again I took notice, but didn’t act. That was important given I new there was more to come. 

The next dream I was walking and my landlord was in the dream. He was telling me I should have done this or that and then he was standing on the outside of a building next to a railing and all of a sudden the foundation of the building started to dismantle. I could tell he was upset and I just stood there and watched and woke up. I felt when I woke up that the time was coming closer and then my dream about the pandemic came and I could feel the collective energy and how something apocalyptic was going to happen. I didn’t know exactly what it was, but I could feel it was big and heavy. The dream also included the financial and no contact issue that we are experiencing now. 

I asked guidance around closing down my business and asked for a clear and direct sign. I asked as I walked out my door that morning for a Hawk to appear to me. I talked about this in one of the Soul Circle Hours we had a couple of weeks ago. I went for my walk came home took a shower and walked into my living room and a Hawk was sitting on my bird feeder which is close to my living room windows. I just stood there and said thank you, thank you , thank you. That was my HUGE confirmation and I acted from there. 

Given these dreams and signs, I chose to close down a business of mine and it was time. This is what I mean about dreaming our reality. I have precognitive dreams, meaning I dream things before they happen and then they take shape in my waking life. I see this as guidance and how to move forward. Again, some of this is not comfortable as life is like that at times, but if we choose not to embrace the uncomfortable, we never really move forward , grow, expand and become more consciousness. It’s a choice. There really is not any FEAR, we create it though. 

We are all being asked to take life a bit different now. This time will be a game changer for some and some will choose to stay in the old paradigm. We will be bombarded with mass amounts of advertising once we all go back to work over time , and what will you choose to do is the question? Can you keep some of what you have learned during this time and take it forward with you? I know I will. We are being shown so much during this downtime, that if we can become more aware of our surroundings and we really do dream our life into reality, we will have an amazing time doing it. 

Sending love,