As I’m sitting down to writing this blog , I’m remembering back to the year 2007 when Jupiter entered Capricorn energy for a couple of years along with a bunch other energies. Jupiter expands things as we know and with Mars being in Aries for so long and now going direct on the 13th, we will experience some intensity in our personal lives and collectively. We are going into a whole new paradigm and my belief is beautiful things are happening and new amazing developments are on the horizon. We will have challenging times to work through, but we’ve all done it before and will continue to do so. I suggest taking some time and reflecting where you were 13 years ago and what kind of relationships were in your life and what is being let go of now during this profound time we are going through personally and collectively. It’s POWERFUL!

I was reflecting on what was happening in my life during that year up until the beginning of 2020 and I always find it amazing how the planetary energies guide us along with our guides or however you perceive your guidance to be. Over this last year I personally have paid a lot more attention to the astrology, astronomy, my dreamscape and have lately been studying physics and how it corresponds with the spiritual realm of our existence… For instance if we look at our Aura and the more we expand our awareness, our consciousness, the easier it will be to go through the event of leaving our bodies… I can attest to this with personal experience being around people months before their death with a terminal diagnosis and how stubborn they’d become or their bodies wrapped in fear and anxiety and god willing, they transform before their own eyes and the eyes around them. There is a GRACE that takes over for them energetically and their transition is so peaceful and heartfelt for those around them… Of course it’s still painful emotionally for some, but there is a since of ease and comfort along the way. I wish all humans could experience this. I do believe it’s one of the reason we are here to experience along with of course having fun. We are here reserrecting our soul and coming back to who we are authentically along the way. We’re breaking old trauma patterns once we become aware of them, and this year has been a year of going inward for the collective. Some have done the work and I praise those that are willing to go deep into the Scorpion energy and the depths and rise up like the last degrees of Scorpio, the Pheonix. It takes courage and faith to do the deep work. It’s how we transitions from being stubborn to becoming full of GRACE…

I have learned that the DreamScape shows me the future not only for myself, but for my friends, clients and the collective. This may sound a bit out there for some, but if you are a dreamer and take the time to write the down, log them, revisit them and then watch how it takes shape in your waking life along with your guides… you will see the end result. I personally didn’t come to realize how profound this was until this year. I’ve been a huge dreamer since a small child and the dreams have shown me what would happen with my mother, my businesses, that I would be traveling to different countries, my friends, I dream of clients before I ever meet them, who was going to win the presidency, you get the picture. Then it would play out in my waking life. There is always action to be done, but also patience, and we have to TRUST what we are getting and learn how to decipher what is coming in. My question is do you speak to your guides on a daily basis? Do you know who they are? Do you ask for dream guidance? Everyone dreams, and when we say we are not dreamers, from my perception, we are blocking one of the most profound guidance systems along with our spirit/animal guides. Here’s a few tips to finding your dreams…

  • Mediate and ask for dream guidance before you go to bed
  • Before going to bed ask for all parts of yourself to come back in. When this is done on a regular basis, you will feel yourself actually drop in. It’s an amazing feeling and awareness.
  • Ask your guides to be with you when you leave your body during your dreamscape. They will show themselves to you over time. (we all leave during sleep time to gather information in the cosmos and come back)
  • When waking up, ask all parts of yourself to come back into your body at least three times.
  • When you wake in the morning and even if you don’t remember your dream, grab a piece of paper and pencil and sit quietly and see if anything pops into your mind. The first thing that does, write it down. It’s the beginning of remembering your dreams.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice…
  • Don’t be surprised that if during the day all of a sudden a dream pops into your head… Again write it down. It starts the process of channeling your dreams and gathering information.

Recently I’ve been dreaming of Gods and Goddesses. Hermes most recently, and it was powerful. There’s always a message if we are open to the energies that are wanting to make contact. Happy Dreaming and may your Dreams come true!

Happy New Moon in Scorpio! Be ready to dive deep with this New Moon! Take time to sit with yourself and experience YOU! Remember this is a lunar moon, so it can be a bit more emotional. What’s rising up, possibly anger, frustration, excitement, joy, tears… It’s all good. Take it in and let it release through the body and hold space for yourself as you are perfect just as you are, strong and Beautiful! 

Sending Love,