We are in the middle of Eclipse energy and I really feel this is a pivotal time for people on different levels. What I have noticed with clients, there are big life changes happening all around. Not just with a few. Feel into what was working for you in January and what wasn’t and even in the year 2000-01. There’s a letting go of a lot of energies that are no longer serving us and according to the Mayan Calendar on July 26th we are moving into a new 13 year cycle. Are you allowing what is not serving you to fade away or are you holding on out of FEAR? I think these are great questions to ask ourselves. What are we wanting to take forward and what are we wanting to leave behind.

FEAR is an interesting topic to me personally as it is for most of the human condition. Or maybe I should say “our human condition is fear based.” I do believe we are shifting out of it though on some levels.  What I have realized as of late is that WHAT IF we had a different perspective of FEAR. Most say FEAR is False Emotions or Experiences Appearing Real which I agree with. But WHAT IF with a TWIST we start feeling into FEAR and recognized that most of the time, not always, it’s most likely excitement drenched in patterns with an old belief system. A belief system is just a thought that is constantly thought over and over and over again.

From my perspective FEAR is EXCITEMENT MASKED IN THE SHADOW OF OURSELVES. So what if we allowed ourselves to actually feel the fear, step into it head on and realize that it’s that Shadow part of us that is wanting to be recognized and given attention to. We all have fears and they will continue to rise up and reveal themselves. And what a great time to recognize this given as an Eclipse shines light into the darkness  and during a full moon the veil is thinner and we have better access to the FEAR and the signs.. What if we feel into the fear and possibly we get a totally different feeling than anxiety and we recognize our brain is telling us we are afraid ,but out body is showing us something totally opposite. That we are excited. Just yesterday someone expressed to me over a decision they have made in their life that has been coming now for the past couple of years. “Sometimes I feel really excited and then all of a sudden I’m in fear over the decision. I’ve learned now from you, that if I stay in the excitement and witness the fear, I can pull myself out of the fear and see how it isn’t actually real.” This takes practice and once you know your own felt senses, you can become a witness to any situation or experience that possibly could bring up fear issues or even old belief patterns. We all get triggered, but our reaction is the key. Or possibly our body is still in FEAR and anxiety given circumstances and experiences. AND I say you are entitled to feel your fear and you are entitled to allow yourself to feel as long as you need to and allow yourself to unfold out of it at your own pace.

I love this quote LOVE! “Letting Others Voluntarily Evolve”. A Lovely friend of mine Sharon in Seattle shared this quote with me years ago and it has always stuck with me. It’s about holding space for people which she is amazing at and I learned that from her. But the quote is so powerful. We are here to EMOTIONALLY EVOLVE and allow ourselves to peal away the layers at our own pace. For some this may happen fast, other’s it can take a lifetime. But what If we hold space for those people around us that are feeling fear or having a challenging time moving forward? Doesn’t mean we align with them , but we can hold space for them. It reminds me of what True Compassion is. It’s empathy without judgement, expectation or an outcome. It’s again holding space.

Check out the link for the next workshop “Deciphering the Signs & Symbols”  This will be a fun workshop and especially with so much going on cosmically.

Happy Eclipse Season and Full Moon in Capricorn on July 16th

Sending Love,