The meaning is a metaphorical extension of the word’s Latin root: inspirare means “to breathe or blow into.” The metaphor is a powerful one, with the very breath of a divine or supernatural force asserted as being at work.

Lets dive into the psychic world for a moment… And possibly see where we go from here. We all have these innate natural abilities beyond our perception of our current reality if we believe it to be true. The power of the imagination is profound and when tapped into, worlds are created far away and in our current reality. They bleed over so to speak if we allow them. We can find inspiration in the imaginal world. As children that’s what we did, wee played, created and allowed our wildest dreams to come true in our imagination and our reality. This is true INSPIRATION!  

I’ve had more clients reaching out expressing these interesting things happening, but they’re not quite sure how to identify what’s happening. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, we are going into an age or paradigm where communication with the unseen world, other dimensions, the akashic records, however we perceive it, is becoming more available to people. The earth herself has shifted frequency and from my perception we are in a huge HEART CONVERGENCE. It’s been happening for a while on the planet, but now we are truly collaborating to this energy. 

The dreamworld is an opportunity to co-exist with many different realities, beings, loved ones, parallel lives, worlds beyond our perception and our current life. I always ask myself in my dreams, what in my dream is in my current life, how does it transcribe. Here’s a few things I have learned over years and years of logging my dreams, the symbols they represent and the wonderful dreamers I reach out to to discuss my dreams with. It’s important to have a circle or at least a couple of people you can express your dreams to and see what perceptions are shown back to you. We take what resonates and leave the rest behind. I tend to record my dreams by writing them down and then recording them on audio as well. When I speak them out loud, there’s usually an AHA moment of insight which is wonderful. 

Here’s a few tips for your dreams

  • Houses are about the self. When you dream of a home and specifically your own home or childhood home, what about yourself are you seeing or what is changing? Is the house new construction or old construction? Are parts falling down? Or possibly you’re creating a new home. Always good to pay attention to the details if you can remember.
  • Cars are about how we move about in life… Are you dreaming of new cars, old cars, dream cars, or perhaps a spaceship:) Vehicles in general carry us through from one destination to another in our life.  
  • Dogs, horses can be referred to as psychopomps. Meaning they help you travel to other dimensions or realities. I always pay attention to black dogs specifically, as I know that I will be traveling elsewhere in my dreams as well with horses, dragons, jaguars, bees for me personally. Check to see what animal or animals come to you in your dreams and see where they take you. They are allies in your dreams and are there for protection. 
  • Bathrooms are about letting go, so if you are needing to go to the bathroom in a dream and can’t find it, ask yourself what am I wanting to let go of, but possibly I’m not seeing it yet… Are the bathrooms clean or dirty? Are you going number 1 or 2?  Sounds kind of yucky (no pun intended), but these details can say a lot about what’s going on in the psyche and shadow part of ourselves. 
  • Dreams are about getting in touch with our subconscious and shadow of who we are… I personally love dreaming and will lucid dream before I go to sleep to see what comes in. I am always surprised about what shows up, and it’s normally something I wasn’t expecting…
  • Can you identify your guides in your dreams. These will be people, animals or other forms of life that are consistent in your dreams. They may change appearances slightly, but once you’ve identified them, they will make themselves known to you. I have a few and two in particular will appear with certain hair color so I know how to identify them… Guides will change as well, so be aware of any new energy that is coming in thats repetitive.
  • Recurring dreams or a recurring symbol. Do you have the same dream over and over? Are you having consistent nightmares? Is there a symbol that keeps coming into a dream over and over? These are wonderful signs that something or someone is wanting to get your attention. It’s time to take a deeper look. Can you identify the location in the dream or nightmare? Is it nighttime or daytime. What’s the feeling when you wake up from the dream? Identifying different parts of a dream and taking the action of writing it down can provoke a deeper wisdom wanting to show itself to you. Nightmares tend to be dreams that aren’t finished. Usually whatever is in the nightmare is wanting to get your attention to see behind the curtain so to speak. The block that is keeping us in fear is the key to the block being the WAY! This goes for our waking life as well. What we feel is blocking us and the most challenging in our lives, is the way to see through, around and past the block and allow it to fall away. 
  • Upon waking, take time to feel into the dream and ask how did the dream make me feel? This is an important component to dreams. Take some time and sit with the dream or in the dream if you are in-between sleep and awake. That moment when you’re most likely lucid. More will be revealed.

Here’s a example of what a sign or symbol would be in a dream when it comes to light. I had a dream where I was in this dark room and the only way I could aluminate the room was by using a black light. This is significant given as we know all the light is in the darkness, but in this case the shadow was wanting to be aluminated and by doing so I needed a black light to do it. This is a deep subconscious way of telling me there’s something within this room that is wanting to be revealed and it was… It was a powerful dream and by the end of the dream I was with the God Hermes. This particular dream had several symbols that have migrated to other dreams. If I hadn’t written them down, I wouldn’t have been able to see the pattern and what the dreams were revealing to me. Remember like in mythology where things are metaphoric and symbolic, the dreamscape is like this. It reveals the layers of our shadow and how to read between the lines or what I like to say “Read Between the Dimensions” … 

Dreams will come in sequences as well. Some can take a year or more to come to fruition. If you log your dreams or journal about your daily life, then you will start to see the patterns and synchronicities of how the universe and your dreamscape communicates with you. I don’t know about you, but I find this one of the most fascinating things about life. If we pay attention we are given all these signs, symbols and guides that show us the way. It’s as if our future self is showing us the way if we listen and see.

If dreaming isn’t part of your repertoire yet, I’d suggest taking a moment upon waking in the morning and lying on your side and ask yourself how do I feel after this nights sleep. Keep your eyes closed and over time a possible vision may occur, a color may appear or maybe you hear a sound or voice. These are all indicators that things are opening up and the dreamworld is there waiting for you. And before going to sleep set an intention that you would love to dream and remember anything from your dreamscape. We have the possibility to receive great inspiration from our dreams and there are worlds beyond our perception of our own reality. DREAM BIG!


Sending Love,