The Hermitic principle of polarity goes along with mutability from my perception. When we think about polarity we normally compare it to what is opposite, but in hermetics there is always degrees of polarity. Kind of reminds me of the movie “6 degrees of separation” on some levels. The more mutable we become, the easier to see beyond the polarity of our material world. The polarity will always be here given we live in a 3D world of material density. The key is how do we mutate or transmute our own energy, subatomic particles, the braiding of our DNA and then increase the wave of intensity of our own plasma in order to generate manifestation. This is where the whole process of multi-dimensionality comes in to play. The more we realize how multi-dimensional we really are, the more we are able and capable of playing with the laws of nature and becoming connected to source. This is true manifestation from my perception.

Once we learn how to become mutable with our own multi-dimensional selves, our own energy and how we are all connected to the tapestry, the unified field, we see how we create what is coming. We can see the waves of inter-dimensional motion (our emotions)  playing out in our own lives.  Again “it’s layered.” I would ask yourself what are the layers that I work with in my physical realm, dreamscape and in the spiritual realm. There are layers to these realms, and we have to set aside our thinking brain in order to perceive what is there in our waking life, our dreamscape and our spiritual life.

I feel there is a lot of talk lately of letting go of things, which is happening for so many people given the circumstances globally, but I feel what is missed a lot of the time, is it’s not let go of until it’s ready to be shed. We have to be willing to work through the layers of our Shadow and show up and do the work. If we choose to do what is referred to as a “Spiritual Bypass” or ‘Spiritual Bypassing”, the work isn’t done on the deeper levels and it will show itself again at some point in our lives. The other aspect to working through our layers is if we choose to rush things, we again are bypassing what really needs to be worked through… The question is how do we know?  When we become aware of patterns in our lives and in relationship to other’s and our own well being, we can shift any outcome if we so desire. We have to be willing to be vulnerable and see the deeper meaning of what is coming to the surface and being worked through. I would like to share a dream at the end to illustrate something that I’ve personally been working through for quite some time. It came to fruition after I sought out my own guidance and then different perceptions from experts I trust and believe in their work.

This present time in our world has been a perfect time to go deep. We’ve had numerous opportunities to be quiet, be in the stillness and allow our emotional body to speak to us. We have all the answers inside of us, in our body, and in our emtional body waiting to be tapped into if we choose. We all have trauma. No one is excluded from this. We are human and it’s part of the process of waking up to who we are as a light being and how we are connected to source…Someone asked me recently “I’ve been through the dark night of the soul, can I have another one?” From my perception, we can have more than one or several of them depending on how deep we are willing to go and our experiences in this lifetime and past lives. Are we willing to be comfortable in the uncomfortable, because that is where the work is done… those cathartic moments of release… the key is how do we become neutral out of it and STOP OVER THINKING AND PROCESSING of what we just experienced. In Hermetics this is a key component in learning how to control the mind. I’m personally not fond of the word ‘CONTROL” and like to use “manage the mind”,  but it’s literally what we are wanting to accomplish in order to seize the opportunities of greater consciousness.

I remember teaching this concept to mentoring students years ago and practiced it myself. It isn’t until recently how I’ve noticed how profound it really is. This doesn’t mean we don’t feel the emotions, but how we stay in the emotions and react to the emotional response we are having.

The HeartSong we project will also affect our mutability. The aboriginals do this in their dreamscape by lying on the nodes of the earth where energy lines cross and the energy flow is tuned into as below so above. In some shamanic teachings they are connected to the Red dimension (the all feeling dimension) , by way of the Rabbit in the MOON they speak to their ancestors, they create energetic lines of communication… We as humans in this industrialized society have lost sight and communication through which to speak to the spirits. They are among us as well as other species ready to communicate if we are open and mutable. The waves of our energy have to be more of light, heat and sound in order for this to happen. It’s through the harmonics of our DNA that opens us up to these amazing energies if we choose to connect. 

More and more studies show how the heart has an amazing field of energy that projects beyond our physical body. My belief is it affects the tapestry of our energy and creates these wavelengths of numerous possibilities for us to tap into to in order to communicate with our ancestors.

The dream I’d like to share of recent was the Full Moon on Halloween. This is about the deep shadow and how when we do shadow work, a higher mind of consciousness is revealed (Hermes). Again there are layers and mine goes back to the connection of my time in Africa last year with a spirit of “White Eagle” came to me and as I’m writing this blog, this was the day November 20th I was suppose to fly home from my African trip this year. Every step and nuance is significant when working in the unseen spiritual realm. I reached out to my Mayan teacher and unbeknownst to him I went for a bike ride today and asked for Eagle energy to come in and as I’m crossing the bike bridge I look down river and notice a huge bird by itself high up in a tree… I couldn’t really make out the type of bird, but I could feel it was an eagle. I rode my bike down there, a direction I don’t normally go and turned around and there he was perched in the tree. I sat with the Eagle for some time taking in the energies and rode home. When I got home I checked my emails and my teacher expressed from the information I had given him about the dream I’m about to share with you is connected to the Eagle in the Red Dimension and that it is time to work with the Eagle now. I’ve had dreams of eagles over these past few months, but the dream I’m referring to is a Deep dive into the shadow with Hermes appearing at the end.

Here’s the dream, and I will give insights as I write out the dream as well…

I’m with someone but not sure who it is and I enter this dark room and can’t see anything. I realize in order to see I must turn on a BLACK LIGHT, not a regular light. I happen to have one with me and as I turn on the black light I see a couple sitting on a couch watching a T.V… they seem fine and comfortable and safe. ( in order to see into the shadow , we can’t turn on a regular light or bright light, as we wouldn’t be able to see the shadow part, we have to use a black night. These two people on the couch represent the integration of energies, male and female) …The next scene I’m on this road in a small rural town and I see a few people around, and the buildings are low not high, so I know it’s a small town. All of a sudden a body of water (subconscious) comes down the road like a river, It’s not a fast moving river, but it’s flowing continually. I take notice of this rather large bloated body of a man face down floating down the river . I don’t see the face, but I can tell he has this strange thing around his waste and he reminds me of a balloon at a parade but bloated. (this represents the archetype of gluttony) Then everything goes BLACK. Just before the lights come back on I feel something or someone mark the side of my upper left arm. Once the lights come up I notice I’ve been marked with 3 RED horizontal lines. I say in the dream “I’ve been marked”. I look down in my hands and my wallet is open and everything is gone including any money in the wallet, and I say in the dream ” Wow that was fast” (this is not about money it’s about abundance on a different level, and the archetype of gluttony that was shown prior is a clue) … The next and final scene, is I see a wooden ladder (this is the symbol for the organic flow of working through the shadow to the higher mind with Hermes) and all of a sudden I see these feet coming down the ladder with RED WINGS on the ankles and I say in the dream “That is Hermes” and I wake up.

Hermes in the messenger of the gods and connected to Hermetics and Thoth in Egyptian mythology. But he also indirectly connected to the Eagle and the Mayan Mythology. He’s about the higher mind and communication and Mercury in Astrology   Hermes is responsible for guiding departed souls to the underworld (again communication with those who have passed, the ether) as well being associated with luck, shepherds, athletes, thieves, and merchants. He’s also known as the trickster.  I learned this of late that his name “Hermes”  literally means ‘boundary marker.‘ He asks us to have clear energetic boundaries.

I sat with this dream for a while then reached out to those I work with with my dreamscape. We are in a huge pivotal time in our history and I could go on and on with all the energies that I’ve been fortunate to be graced with , but what I’m conveying here is that if we listen to our higher guidance and we sit in shadow and we are willing to work through the dark times and challenging times in our lives, we are rewarded with amazing connections to source, spirit, gods, goddesses , spirit animals, people,  relationships, etc. The key is becoming aware of what our connections are and how we communicate with them and they will show up for us and guide us. At the end of the day, we all want to be comfortable , have loving reciprocal relationships and the more we do our own shadow work or work through the layers, and let go of what isn’t serving us anymore, the more life reveals beautiful experiences.

Sending Love,


photo by unknown artist…