Well its been a while since I’ve sat down to write a blog, as I’ve been busy working and was planning on being in Africa during this time and sending posts from there, but the powers to be had something else in mind. The picture on the website says it all!

I feel an important topic to share which can be sensitive to some, but I feel important to bare witness to. I had so many people reaching out asking me point blank “Why did this happen to you?” “Do you know the reason why you weren’t able to go?” First  I’d like to say thank you for having me in your thoughts, and second, just because someone is psychic and highly intuitive doesn’t mean stuff doesn’t happen to them. We may not know what it is at the moment, but hopefully it reveals itself at some point. There is always a greater plan happening behind the scenes. When we have challenging experiences, like in relationships when someone is reactive to you, it’s most likely about something underlying verses the topic that they are upset about. There’s usually a deeper underlying message that isn’t being seen yet… I feel the same about some situations. There’s a bigger plan playing out, but what I do know is I will be back there with my African family when the time is right. So I’m home now, doing fire ceremonies, and learning how to draw with charcoal from the fires… so much fun.

Now to what this blog is about really. We are coming into some intense energy over the next few weeks into the end of the year, and if you follow astrology as I know a lot of you do who read this blog, well you know all the squares, oppositions and so forth. I’m not going to go in to great detail as many astrologers are wonderful at doing this. If you are needing an astrology session, I’d suggest reaching out to Lucy Pond who is fabulous… 

We will soon be coming out of Libra energy and into Scorpion energy and with the FULL MOON on the 31st in Taurus… Remember Venus rules Taurus as it does Libra and Libra is about balance and relationships. Taurus is connected to money, material world, architecture, beauty. It really is a beautiful earth sign.  A lot of relationships are changing and shifting now personally as well on a community/global aspect and politically. Mercury and Mars are in retrograde with Mars in Aries with Eris and normally a Mercury retrograde feels amazing to me, but this one is a bit more intense. There’s so much going on on a daily basis in the sky, I’d suggest taking a look at the chart each day.

I’ve had a lot of visions over this last month, but one in particular gave me an intense feeling that we will have another major event like I’ve mentioned before. I’m not the only one saying this in the astrological and intuitive world, but it feels seismic to me personally. Whether it’s an earth bound event or a galatic event will be seen. No matter what happens if we can stay in the flow of frequency that is supportive to ourselves and others and not reactive we will ride the wave so to speak. I perceive it as jumping the GAP. Like I’ve said before over the last couple of months, the last quarter of 2020 is going to be the most intense. My suggestion is finding sacred ground and becoming extremely aware of what that is for you personally.

  • Imagine you yourself are your sacred ground and every invitation you receive has the potential to pull you off your sacred ground.
  • The question is, does the invitation feed your sacred ground spiritually, emotionally & morally?.
  • How does the invitation feel to you? does it feel good?
  • Are you taking the time to actually feel into the invitations or are you just saying yes out of guilt or not wanting to hurt someones feelings? All good questions to ask.
  • Are you being direct and clear with your invitations?
  • Are you accommodating people instead of thinking about yourself?

Another suggestion during this time is go out and TALK to the ANIMALS. They are listening more than ever now and will communicate if you are open to it. We are being asked to come back home, meaning back to our roots of nature and all that she has to offer us. Each animal, insect, tree, etc has it’s own unique energy as you do and will give insights if asked upon. We are HU-Man. Meaning God MIND… and if you break down the etymology all it means is we are light beings having a human experience, but we get to choose what those experiences are most of the time, but we tend to forget we don’t have control and when we surrender even to the most challenging of circumstances, we see the bigger picture of what is playing out. Wouldn’t you want to experience nature in all it’s glory given the fact that nature lives in harmony ALWAYS! 

Sending Love,