“LIfe is about experiences not failures!” “There are no failures, just life experiences!” This from my mother after 3 years of being on the otherside in 2014. Given her life was lived based on fear and failures and coming to terms in an inevitable death of ovarian cancer that she beat for 4 years, before traveling and embarking on a journey that has suited her well. She didn’t much like being here in the physical realm and boy did you know it. The abuse she put her body and mind through was something written in movies and she wasn’t in a movie. Bless her heart, she visits now and gives sound advice and even when she was alive, she was a wise woman, smarter than hell , but so afraid of herself, that living in front of a TV was her savior. She would stop drinking at the age of 72 FINALLY! and then be diagnosed with cancer at 73 and pass on at 77. During those last years of her life she would wake up on so many levels and the last 6 months were such a healing for myself and her.

For myself she would lead me on a journey along with my grandfather who I never met (my dad’s father) from the otherside. They both still come and give reflections of what was past and what is coming. I’ve learned to decipher in my dreams as well in my waking life. They aren’t the only ones that come in to embark on this journey, but they are who I am thinking about this year in reflection. 

What my mother taught me through her own demise (that is not a poke at her but truth and she admits it by the way) is that we have a choice to sit and do nothing or embark on experiences that enrich our lives no matter how small they might be. She taught me how not to be racial or judgmental depending on the color of someones skin or what they did for a living. As a child I never understood why someone would be that way.. She taught me how to navigate my dreams and be rid of reoccurring nightmares, how to enjoy the rivers, outdoors and most of all believe it or not to EAT HEALTHY! You would never known that by looking at her later in life, but given she held on to so much trauma , guilt and dislike for herself and my father until her final years it was no wonder her body gave into cancer. As a healer I”ve worked with people with Cancer and it’s so layered. There’s so much shadow work to do, but if the work is done, the shedding can be remarkable no matter the outcome of a life lived. 

I’m sharing this as we all have had a year of self reflection and some more than other’s…We’ve had a choice to dive deep and see and feel what is serving us and what we are letting go. I personally let go of an identity of myself and sat in what I refer to as the VOID for quite a few months. Personally it was needed and after studying the astrological chart and the dreamscape and channels coming through, I’ve realized that all we have is EXPERIENCES like my mother said. I have chosen to live my life through experiences instead of doing. Not to say that doing isn’t part of it, but the structure is what I’m letting go of. I see it as following my dreams, our dreams literally.

I would like to share a practice that I chose to do over this past year. I didn’t really know what I was doing, but guided to do so through my dreams and my guides. I spent a lot of time of feeling what COMPASSION feels like for myself, but especially for other’s who were and are in my life. I would sit and imagine myself with the person and all the interesting feelings that came up and then bring them into my heart. I would sit with them and work on feeling compassion for them in my heart. I did this for months with people in my life and I did it until I actually felt TRUE COMPASSION for them. I found this to be one of the most powerful exercises I’ve done … I had several relationships shift during this year that I didn’t expect. They didn’t change in anyway, but I did. My energy shifted, I let go of judgement that was blocked by my own way of being and I could feel it in my body. I did this with my work in letting go of an old identity and sat with it until I felt the compassion for that part of myself that is no longer with me. I said “I LOVE YOU” to my Stepmom and felt it in my heart. I won’t go into details , but this has been a huge shift in family relations for me personally.. I would spend time differently with my parents, and could see the shift in my father as well. Nevertheless, some relationships left and it was time, but how I felt was much different than I would have a year ago… So I thank this year of challenging changing times and hope that you and your loved ones have spent time reflecting and now are moving forward to a brighter way of being.

Below is a channel from this year and one I personally have taken to heart. It is from the energy I channel I call Grandmother… For me personally I can not deny who I am as a all encompassing human able to feel, see, hear all of these amazing unseen experiences and have the honor of channeling other worldly energies. Grandmother is in my heart and body now and comes in periodically throughout the day at times and in sessions. She is a shamanic energy and indigenous in nature as I’ve wrote about in the past… Here’s the excerpt from May of 2020 

It’s time to gather your energy and show the world, there is nothing to be fearful of as you experience the new harmonics that are filtering down and that you feel in your earth 

The river will help open up your consciousness, it is the water of life. Allow yourself to drink from the water of life and be in your spiritual form as you experience your earthly presence for a better world, as you transition into this new world.

After reading this more than several times this year, I take note how spot on she was and is and we will still continue to shift our consciousness as we move forward into 2021 and beyond. We are on a never-ending loop of growth and expansion with galatic energies filtering down from the cosmos and ancestral energies rising up. As above so below! Our DNA is transmuting and becoming more of light. 

May your dreams either imagined or drempt guide you on your beautiful journey.

Sending Love,