Discovering our own Karmic Loop!

Our soul over lifetimes experiences Soul Migration. The spark that has come down to earth in this lifetime is just a small fractal of what our soul is compromised of. It’s that part of our soul throughout many lifetimes that is wanting to experience new experiences and heal what we weren’t able to heal in our precious lifetime. We can be shown aspects of ourselves throughout our Souls Migration in our DreamScape when we take the time to write down our dreams and again learn our own dream language and then wait for an insight possibly later throughout the day or at any given moment. Are we willing to open up to what to the layers of the shadow part of ourselves is presenting in different aspects? Take a look at the different parts of your life and your dreams. Do you know the characters presenting themselves to you. The aspects of yourself that are wanting to be seen and needing attention. Do you ask for Dream Guidance before you go to bed on any particular topic or situation, or possibly you’re wanting to talk to your Sprit Guides or a loved one who has crossed over. All of these scenarios are doable. We have to be comfortable with our dreamscape and understand our own dream language. I feel our dream language will enhance our intuition as well as the other way around. When we become aware, we start to see our own patterns emerging. Once we recognize the pattern and the emotions that drive us into different situations that we may want to shift, we can become more consciously aware throughout our dreamscape and our waking life to shift where we are at.

When we learn and realize how our soul migrates through lifetimes and the fractal part of ourselves that continue through a cycle of Karma or lessons, we realize it takes that fractal part of our self, that part of our soul that is experiencing a karmic lesson to shift a pattern. We experience a pattern until the cycle is complete through multiple lifetimes or even 100s or thousands of lifetimes. We have to be on the opposite side of the karmic lesson in the cycle which is the mirror aspect of our fractal . This is when we finally clear the karmic lesson and the fractal part of our soul is integrated back in. It’s like a tumbler of sorts that fits back into the DNA of our fractal self that is healed. Once the cycle is complete, we are onto our next lesson. We then get to see the pattern presented to us once again and we decide not to repeat it. It’s a powerful place to be when we are aware that we’ve made a conscious choice to move beyond what we once perceived.

What is important to understand is our Astrological blueprint we are born with is where we can gain insight into the lessons and patterns we may experience on different levels. I recently completed an Astrological course for my own personal knowledge of diving deeper. There’s so much truth to how we come into our own unique self and the lifetime we have chosen.  

“When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt.” (Balzac)

In old English “DREAM” meant to rejoice to have joy.

Dream Weaving

You are the bridge between the everyday world and dream worlds. As the Dream Weaver you weave the threads between the connections that show up. The insights you receive are an opportunity to make conscious choices in the context of who you desire to be and the footprints you wish to leave behind.

I recently was listening to a podcast and someone was talking about nightmares. I personally don’t believe in nightmares as they are dreams that are showing us something that is hidden behind whatever is scaring the dreamer… The podcaster went on to say that a “Nightmare” is the “Horse” “The Mare” she comes at night. The “Dark Horse” so to speak. In my perception, if we are willing to get on her back and take the ride into the shadow parts of ourselves in order to see what is behind the curtain we will reveal  something beautiful being held for us within the DarkHorse and/or behind her. In our dreamscape we are taken to different worlds of perception with different characters, signs and symbols. Once we know how to interpret our own dream language, we can apply the messages from the dream into our daily life. We experience subtle nudges during the day if we shift our awareness and pay attention to the signs, symbols and metaphors. Knowing this in your waking life can help navigate the subtle energies coming into make contact with you. The biggest key is to TRUST what you are getting. It takes courage to understand the dreamscape and allow it to guide you in your waking life. It’s MAGIC not your imagination!   

Weaving our dreams is a wonderful way to see the patterns we are experiencing in our life, especially if we are wanting to make shifts. Keeping a dream log is imperative as I talked about earlier. We learn our own dream language and how to discypher our own signs, symbols and metaphors. We develop relationships with aspects of ourselves in the dreamscape. An example is I tend to dream of a dark haired woman or man in my dreams that I know are aspects of myself showing me through a dream or having an encounter with them. Then I pay attention to what in the dream is in my waking life where I can apply what is coming through after journaling about it. I know not everyone is interested in diving deep, but I find when we do, it enriches our lives on many different levels. Having access to different worlds and aspects of ourselves allows us to live more of an authentic life and more consciously aware as well. 

We have chosen to come here to have an emotional experience. At times we experience severe emotional distress and other times great joy. This is part of the process of growth with being a HUMAN BEING… We tend to as humans dive into those dark emotions or emotions with fear until we finally have enough awareness to shift the perception and the patterns surrounding any given situation that isn’t serving us. We aren’t done until the Karmic Looping has cycled. From my perspective we aren’t done with something or situation or person until we are DONE. No one can convince us otherwise. And IT”S OKAY! We are here again to experience emotions and learning how to become neutral takes a lot of takes like a movie set before we finally go “OKAY I GOT IT”  We find depth of ourselves through the experiences we choose. 

Onward with LOVE