I’ve been working on this post for the last week and every time I went to send it, my computer would freeze for the text would disappear. Now that Mercury has gone direct, here it is lol! With Mercury direct along with all the other planets, this is a great time of momentum. Pay attention to the signs and what comes in!

Esotericism, Ancient Energies! And FEAR!

If we look at the definition of the word esotericism is simply defined as “something” that has a “hidden meaning” “inner circle”, “within” . Folklore, even history itself, by its very nature is distorted by the individual who perceives it. However, esotericism also implies that the hidden meaning has a more obvious closeness to truth than the apparent meaning. 

For me personally there is a lot of truth in the esoteric world of history and the ancients. The myth always holds truth! The dreams lately from this perspective have been underneath the earth as in tunneling in. This is connected to Mu Lemuria and the Hopi as they both would go down under into the earth to do sacred ceremonies. What are your rituals? Something to think about during this fascinating time on our planet!

Before the temples, or pyramids had arisen the ancients actually worshipped the earth, the animals and Gaia held sacred her information that she would return to them. They held dream circles and circles of communication with talking sticks as the Maasai do in Africa. Whatever you choose to believe in, I do feel that the ancients are again rising as I see them and am experiencing them through channels and one in particular has come in as a healer and with great wisdom. She (Grandmother) has been with me for quite some time, but given what is happening on the planet and how fear based the collective is, she is appearing more and more now with clients and coming in dreams. There are deep truths of wisdom with her and from her. She is powerful and ancient. 

This brings me to the the ancient energies that are rising up now and coming down. Channels have been coming through and expressing and through dream channels, we are in for a big shift. They are coming back or “bringing back the time” as I’ve been told. This comes from various energies that have been here on the planet for eons and are rising up and coming down so to speak. For myself personally, I can see, hear and feel them and they are forging a new alliance for humanity and our earth and universe, but we have to get on board and see the bigger picture… This also means we will have to dive deep, see our own personal crap and be willing to do the work and evolve. I recent channel expressed to me “there is nothing more successful or greater than choosing to come into physical form in this reality.” That in itself is one of the biggest successes we have achieved. Funny how so may perceive being here as such hard work! For some with a lot of trauma and/or programs from belief systems that are burrowed in, this can be a challenging place to be. For other’s, they have recognized the significance of how joyful and fulfilling life can be once you decide to have fun with it and be in it. 

I personally have been experiencing a lot of EAGLE energy lately and I perceive this as creation energy. I was up in Seattle working with clients last week and went out for a walk and one appeared to me, then a pair circled overhead. This happened every morning I was there. I do believe this is connected to “White Eagle”  who visited me while I was in Africa. He was a Chief & Medicine Man who stood with Standing Bear. I truly believe in the ancients and what they are wanting to express. There is so much more around him, but I’m researching and traveling to sacred Native Indian Land next month to experience the energies as I was guided to do so. I’m excited to share more!

Some will say the EAGLE is christ energy (and this is not from biblical terms) coming in and down and in the Andean culture it is paired with the Condor. Once these two magnificent birds take flight, one from the south, the other from the North, we will be in for a huge shift on our planet. I truly believe this to be a spiritual shift and it’s starting to happen as we will see more and more people either waking up or staying in the bubble of less awareness, and some will be taking exits. If we choose to be in fear around our well-being , job, life or the crazy media frenzy with the virus or whatever that may be, the shift will be a lot more challenging. It’s time to step into who we are authentically, choose to live a more sustainable life, give back and only you know who and what that is. Only you know who you truly are and what it feels like to be in alignment with YOU and the Divine/Creation!

All there has to be in a crack in order for another perception to come in. We feel the resistance for however long it takes, and CRACK/BOOM there is an opening. This is the opening to the shadow part of who we are and if you don’t believe or if someone doesn’t believe it exists, well watch out, because it will catch up with you! There are so many layers and every layer is different for every person. It’s when we decide to sit in the darkness where all of the light is , we get to experience and see who we truly are! It’s like being in a cave and taking the time to FEEL!. This is a powerful place to be once you decide to sit and take part… It’s a place of potent power for sacred ritual and initiation with access to another realm where your higher self resides along with other energies! We have to have clear boundaries of what feeds us personally and take time to be in nature where all things work in harmony. I’m a huge believer in rituals and I encourage my clients and whomever will listen 🙂 to find what works for them. It creates a cleansing where insights are able to come in and be perceived.  

If we again go back to the astrology at the beginning of the year, we are in for a huge shift and it’s now happening. This is what I feel personally and why I work at staying out of the human collective, as it feels dire, depressed and a lot of fear. That being said, I do feel there are people on the planet that are living a great life and have chosen to rise above the fear that is being presented through our media and other sources. For me personally, I don’t watch the news or TV, so any information I receive comes into my awareness through different avenues. I have also chosen to take Social Media off my phone and rarely get on there anymore.

I have to say Thank You! to Tiffani for the image! It was her creativity and posting that inspired me. I love how we can choose to dive in deep, get quiet and feel what is there to be revealed.

Sending Love,