I firmly believe that life is about experiences and how we choose to live life based on our own energy, intuition, integrity and the energy of the natural world. For some it can be sacred sites, the river, the mountains, an animal, the bees or even a fly, but for me personally it’s the all of nature and especially the wild animal kingdom. They visit in dreams and create this mystical type of dialogue that if we listen we are shown the next step of our journey here on earth. Those that are connected through the dreamscape and the natural world know if we ignore, than well, we will tend to have a more challenging time getting through life. Not everyone here is ready to wake up , some more than other’s, but if we can be a conduit and support for showing the way, then we have given back in ways that are priceless for some who are needing guidance or a gesture of kindness.  .  

The experience I’m sharing happened over last week and a few weeks prior to leaving for Eastern Oregon. The magic that happened in the Alvord desert and the Steens Mountains is priceless! The energy I felt was intense and I had no idea or expectations of what would come about once we were there. What I do know is that when I choose to enter the unknown, magic happens, and otherworldly experiences are most likely on the agenda. It’s a path less chosen for some, but for those willing to enter life’s wonders, magic is exposed. My girlfriend who I often backpack with was astounded. Her exact words “My god Elise, every time I’m out with you amazing things happen, but this trip is at the top and one that will be remembered forever” I have to say I felt and feel the same. There is something about Magic when in the wilderness and among the natural world that is a true inspirition and allows our soul to integrate even more with our humanness of who we are wanting to express. 

Let me back up with two snippets of two prior dreams before venturing out to the East. They play in a role in what transpired with the Owl and Eagles. 

 I was being guided to a round table and given this statue that morphed into an eagle and started to nuzzle my neck. Up until this point I haven’t dreamt of an eagle and given what the rest of the dream was about I took notice when I woke up in the middle of the night. I sat with the Eagle for quite some time and felt the energy. The next night a dreamt of an Owl that flew over from a cliff and nuzzled my neck for quite some time and then flew off with another Owl. Over the years I’ve had several Owl dreams, but they are now coming more often. When I do energy work there is an Owl who appears in the wall and now there are two more who have come recently. While in the Ochoco’s this summer I had a dream with 3 owls in it as well. I pay attention to the animal spirits that come given they are leading me on my journey personally and having 3 eagles show up in the Steens was no surprise. They called and circled overhead every time we ventured out to explore the canyon. The last day we were there they came over the top of the canyon and called again and as we started our decent they went back over the canyon wall. I can’t begin to express how powerful and mesmerizing these experiences are.

The adventure in the desert and mountains we would come across an Owl, Wild horses, Eagles, Hawks, a Lone Wolf along with visions of natives and a jaguar, a light show that I’ve never seen before, plus dancing orbs! Thunder showers and lightening. Oh! and we can’t forget the TWO ginormous fighter jets that flew over within about 100 feet of our heads. It was crazy and fascinating. At first I was pissed, and then realized how ironic the contrast of military when these mountains were named after a Major Enoch Steen who pushed out the Paiute Indians. Again we see these indigenous cultures being eradicated. I also find it interesting his name was Enoch.

I felt we were in for a surprise when I opened the car door and got out on the Playa in the Alvord Desert and right below my feet was a HUGE HEART shape on the desert floor. I set up my tent on top of it and started taking pictures and low a behold Orbs started bouncing around. You can’t make this stuff up,. I drummed that night and my girlfriend felt like she needed to to a WIND DANCE which I wasn’t aware of, and truth be told, the wind came the next day and we had to break camp early and drive to the Steens. On our way there we came across several bands of wild horses and were able to stop and get up close to them. They are such magnificant animals. One in particular had coloring of this beautiful silvery satin color.

As soon as we started hiking in I could feel how ancient the area is. What I would come to realize is the huge Rocks we came upon as we were setting up camp are markers, I still am looking for information on this area and the significance of the rocks. There was one large one upright which I’ve seen at other sacred sites, and around the campground other’s lying down flat. My sense is at once point there was some type of stone circle or sacred ceremony in this area among native people.The visions in the canyon were quite different than anything I’ve experienced before. To be quite honest, it felt intense, like the energies were asking us to become more intertwined. they finally did on our last night as I was drumming I saw a huge Jaguar which to me is an indication of the shamanic connection to the natural world.

Now getting back to the alchemy of things. The nuzzling of the Owl and Eagle can be perceived as an act of intimacy, and I know for myself personally of my intimate relationship with birds, raptors in particular as they show up when called. The Owl in particular that came and played with us on the dessert floor for over 15 minutes and hovered over my head and then flew over and hovered over my friends head was nothing I’ve experienced. He then flew about 20 feet away and stood on the desert floor looking around, flew back over and hovered again, I said out loud “This is SPIRIT”. You could feel it. He stayed there hovering about 10ft above my head and this time he starting chirping or calling and again flew over to my friend and did the same thing. I put out my arm as if to gesture him to come in closer and he did. What I find fascinating about this is most birds would fly off once an arm has risen or a quick movement was made. Not this Owl. He was totally engaged… He also came back during the night flying over our tents. No sleep for us the night:) 

I drummed each night we were there and at night would hear strange voices, animals sounds and the dreams were intense. I truly believe we are being asked to show up and be a part of what nature has to teach us, It’s the natural laws of nature. We would encounter numerous hawks, but one particular would fly over our heads as we were hiking further up into the canyon. On this particular day my friend asked me several times ” Do you smell Palo Santo?” I would say yes I can smell it. And then it would happen again. She’d ask the same thing. Quite adorable and I would respond with “Yes I smell it, It’s spirit trying to get your attention!” Energies will do this in order to get our attention and usually they are wanting to express something to us if we listen. She was so surprised of the smell given we were out in the boonies far away from anyone. There wasn’t anyone else camping that week which was a huge blessing, we had the whole canyon to ourselves along with the animals and spirits.  On our way home we came upon a LONE WOLF standing in a field in the middle of the day. If memory serves me right, they don’t normally venture out in the middle of the afternoon to be seen or hunt, they hunt at night! He was HUGE. Again I’ve not experienced seeing a wolf before and was taken back by his size and POWER…He was so extraordinarily beautiful!  I’m so grateful and amazed how the animal kingdom shows up if we are open to listening. 

The more time I spend in the vastness of the nature, the more I come to realize that we are an extension of what exists in the natural laws. The dreamscape and nature are so interconnected, if and when we learn to pay attention to the signs and symbols we are shown the path of our soul on many different levels.

I LOVE sharing experiences with people in nature. It’s one of the reasons why ’m traveling back to Africa next month to work with a Shaman from the Kikuyu tribe given they are connected to the 9 sisters which is connected to the  “Mother of 9” whom I channel . If we look at mythology the 9 sisters are connected to Mt. Kilimanjaro. In the village of the Massai Tribe I spent time with last year you can see the mountain from their village. I’m so looking forward to spending more time with them in their village studying their culture and the ways of the land.

Sending Love,