Transition is passage from one state, stage, subject, or place to another : CHANGE, a movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, or style to another.

I recently had a conversation with a friend about transitioning. I feel it’s an interesting place to be in, but most of us either fear it, or don’t like it much. If we really look at our lives, we are in constant transition. Funny how we are always thinking about that place we want to be at or go to, and not really relishing in where we are in the moment. I remember someone saying to me once, “Appreciate where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going”. Truth Serum! 

If we look at preference and how as a western culture we prefer things and have preferences of how things should be done or are, we tend to shut down other openings of possibilities of creation. I personally found this to be an interesting exploration while traveling in Africa. The energy their for me personally was so expansive and I had to learn how to let go of preconceived notions of how things should be. Patience was a big one for me. I’m sharing this given what transpired, but I have come to see that the more we are in transition, the more vast we are and allow new things to come in. As humans, we view transition as this place of not being stable or less than, or we haven’t figured things out. It’s as if we view ourselves as not knowing what we are doing. The beauty is, we really don’t know what we are doing, given we are constantly going through transition. We have a choice to keep exploring or not. If we choose to keep exploring than we open ourselves up to the wonder of creation and what is in our field of potentials. We get into trouble when we sit and think, process and over analyze what we should being doing or not. What if we could embrace being is this constant state of transition, moving forward and enjoying each step and moment as we move along our yellow brick road. And believe in ourselves moment by moment.  Ralph Waldo Emerson once said“If the greatest thing a human can achieve to is the formation of their own selves, not something built by other’s” I love this quote given we are here to do what or soul is wanting to open up to. We are in a continuum in time given we live in a time space reality, but we have the capacity to allow the expansiveness of perceiving from our soul.

Transition is a key to creating anything new. Our bodies are in constant motion/transition given our cells continually vibrate to migrate. We transition every time we take a step or move. But yet we have this innate fear around letting go and moving into the unknown, the unfamiliar… Transitioning puts us in a place of vulnerability, not a place a lot of humans like to be in. It’s those places where wounds or old beliefs are buried in the subconscious and when we allow ourselves to be in vulnerability we can allow more space for healing to occur. 

I did an exercise this last summer where I went through layers after being quiet for a while, and I was surprised to see and feel this odd feeling around my childhood home. I could feel the energy of the home still in my emotional body and nervous system. I was a bit taken back given how vivid it was. I was taken through each room and felt the different emotions with all of them. I personally found this fascinating and a deep calling to allow more grief to be let go of. I also paid attention to my astrological chart at this time. I later had a conversation with an astrologer and she spoke about how the planets were revealing I was going back and working with the past. She wasn’t aware of what I had experienced, and she was spot on.

We are so imbedded with learned behaviors and beliefs that even when we do a lot of inner work and healing, there are more layers to be peeled away. When we allow old beliefs to come to the surface and hold a space for ourselves, we can see and feel what is coming through, recognize it, and allow moving forward as a transition verses a stopping point. Transitions are choice points as we move to evolve and learn about ourselves and where we want to go. Each experience is unique and different and if we continue to say “I should have done that then or a year ago or five years ago”, we wouldn’t be experiencing what we are in this moment which is growth and awareness, As someone once said to me “It’s not finished until there’s nothing left of it!” Meaning when we are transitioning and moving into something new or a shift, we let go of what we were doing when there is nothing left to hold on to anymore. Again, TRUTH! 

Enjoy the transitions of life. Some are more profound than other’s, but on a daily basis we are transitioning from our morning self, to our work self, to our home self,  to our relationship self, to our parent self, to being out in nature self. Enjoy all parts of yourself. The parts that aren’t calling to you anymore, you have the right to let go of… 

Transition on. 

Sending Love,