Here we are in this new decade and on the cusp of the Aquarian/Humanitarian age in my opinion. We are moving into a more humanitarian consciousness along with creating a place where we can stand in authenticity and sustainability. 

I would like to share a story about TRUST! Trust is KEY to allowing our intuition to become more accurate and onboard with how we live your daily lives. This is not what our mind tells us to be accurate in any way shape or form. I truly believe that in order for us to fully embrace who we are and shed the layers that are no longer serving us, we have to see through the those patterns of fear that hold us back to living in a state of well being, joy, love, adventure and knowingness. 

As most of people know I practice shamanic work. This comes in many different forms in the shamanic world. Shamanic encompasses the dreamworld, the etheric world, other realms and dimensions among other forms of energies. The dreamworld is a powerful place to gather information if it is part of how you communicate.. There are so many layers to intuition and the shamanic world that one story or 3 pages is not enough to explain the vastness that it holds for our spiritual self and world. I feel honored and am beyond grateful for the gifts that have opened up and that I tap into on a daily basis, but it’s a choice I have made and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. It’s one of the most rewarding experiences… given it is never-ending like our stream of consciousness.  

Lets go back in time about 11 months or so. I did a journey on my own which I do often. I had not set any kind of intention with this journey , it was just a day I felt I needed to listen. As I was in the middle of the journey listening to the drumming, I heard in clear words “NAIROBI, THERE’S SOMEONE THERE FOR YOU”… It caught me off guard and then I heard it again, so I knew this was an important message. I sat with this for months and would ask for more information, but nothing really was coming in… In June of 2019 I decided to go to England and visit sacred sites. The night before I was flying home I had another dream of a LION.  There’s a whole story with the dreams of Lions, but I’m not going to go into a bunch of detail other than Lions play a huge part in my dream world and this particular dream is what propelled me to move into action. The dream was simple, I was walking down a dark street and I turn around and this huge LION which has been in other dreams, came out of the darkness and roared at me and so I turned around and kept walking. I got to the airport the next morning and I heard over the speaker “last call for Nairobi” and my body was covered in goosebumps… I then heard the call again and the same thing happened. When this happens for me and Like I tell clients these are truth statements. I now refer to them as TRUST STATEMENTS…We might not know exactly what they are about at the time, but it’s important to feel into what is happening and take note… I took note and walked to the gate where people were getting on the plane to go to Nairobi and it was like I was being pulled to go. 

I flew home that day and the following day went to the post office to mail some things and I heard this man behind the counter talking about how he just got back from Nairobi. I then heard Nairobi again. I new this was a huge SIGN for me, so I interrupted him and started asking questions on what I needed to do to get there and so forth. 

About a month later in the summer of 2019 and I’m out hiking in the mountains with a friend and we are backpacking in and I always bring my shamanic drum. I find I have magical journeys in the wilderness given the ground is less polluted by city noise… We get there and there’s a mountain that morphs into different shapes and I immediately see a Lion and so does my friend, so I’m getting confirmations left and right which is so amazing. We are back at the campsite and I start the drumming just as it’s getting dark and the sky is full of memorizing stars. I can feel the energies of the land and it starts vibrating and then all of a sudden this African Shaman comes into my vision and says “This is the way to the Shaman” Meaning the drum. I can feel the Shaman take my hand and the drumming changes. I now drum like this when I’m teaching or drumming for myself personally. Then a wolf appears as well. When I finish the drumming my friend says “WHOA” that was powerful and she felt it to and says out loud “It’s the drum that’s the way in” At this point she doesn’t know what I have experienced. 

As we are driving home the next day I can feel and see this African Shaman with me and the wolf… And my friend can feel the wolf as well. The wolf is important as I would later have a dream of this wolf while in Africa and he is connected to one of the children I met there.

After I’m home for a couple of days I do another journey with my drum and ask for the African Shaman to come in. And so the energy appears again and this time I hear “ A Massai will appear to you” I was like what? and I hear it again “A Maasai will appear to you” Now at this point I’m thinking the energy said Messiah … so I go and look up and then I realize it’s an African Tribe the energy is referring to… I wasn’t familiar with the tribe and starting reading about them.

I sit with this for some time asking for more information and then after going in to the post office, I knew I was going to Africa. I had no idea what would transpire or why I was going. I do know and I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to listen and to feel into when to take action. 

I remember sitting with my computer and deciding to click the buy button on my ticket to Africa. At this point I didn’t have a guide had no idea where I was going to stay , I just knew at this point I was going , so I punched the purchase key…

As soon as I did this, one of my clients referred me to a guide and wired money and got on a plane 3 months later. 

I chose to go on my own without a group and I’m so happy I did this given it gave me flexibility in how I wanted the trip to go. Once I landed in Nairobi I could feel the change in energy .. I did meet the person from which the Journey said “Nairobi, there’s someone there for you!” He was my driver and guided me to the Maasai. There were challenges along the way, but the end point was and has been life changing for me and the work I do in the world. 

I would go on Safari and I see every animal imaginable along with ones that most don’t see. I would have dreams that would blow my mind away and started happening into what I refer to as REAL TIME dreams . I would contact those whom I dreamt about and they were a bit taken back. I’d put an intention out and it would appear to me. I found this so magical and the ground so sacred. It was like coming home for me. 

But the KEY here is is that a Maasai did appear to me in flesh and blood. I was guided to him and his family and had the honor of meeting his father the Chief and spent time with them. He would take me out into the bush every day twice a day walking with the wild animals. I’m talking about having a whole heard of elephants walk in front of me about 100-200 meters away, zebras , giraffes, gazelles, what bucks, birds, lions, etc… It’s one of those most amazing experiences I have had in my life. We would talk about his culture and how they live off the land, what is sacred to their tribe and culture and then he would come back to the lodge with me and he would teach me Swahili words and then the meaning in the Maasai language given they speak Maasai in the villages… He would teach me about plant medicine and how to track animals. What bird sounds meant given if danger is coming or when we saw a white hog it meant we had a save passage on our journey ahead. How they consider Lions there protectors when in the bush and guide them home. How they bury their dead and so much more. 

NO words can describe the feeling I felt while I was there and given how I listened to the African Shaman appeared to me and guided me to Africa and to the Maasai whose name is Nello … I will go back and help with the education of his children and the well being of the village and learn from the shaman in the village. I know now that I have a family in Africa that is welcoming… 

The last night at the lodge that I stayed at close to the village through me a surprise appreciation party as well. The cake they presented me with, they had written “Welcome Back! Again and Again!” They had no idea what I was experiencing and what those words meant to me personally, but on other levels from their heart and being they most certainly did. I was so taken back by the grace and generosity of people that I encountered that I am forever grateful. 

I’m sharing this experience hoping to express that it is vital that we listen to our intuition , our guides however you perceive them or it. THE KEY is that TRUST is the most important piece in everything within the unseen world. You can’t think about how much something will cost, or when or how it will happen. All you have to do is listen and TRUST and it falls into place… 

I wish you Peace, Joy, Adventure and Transformation in this New Year and decade. May all your dreams come true and when they do, keep dreaming and always keep evolving… We are never-ending beings of light.

Sending Love,