Where to begin!

We are changing in so many ways, personally, collectively, cosmically and universally, and if we choose not to, there will be a tipping point! I have faith and hope in humanity even though there is trauma and discord happening. On some levels we are going through the dark night of the soul as a collective. This doesn’t mean we are all suffering dramatically, but we are all connected in this maze of collective energy. We are learning to feel from the Heart Centered Space as other cultures do. If you have any experience or even studied indigenous cultures, especially those in the Americas, the Hopi, Native Indian Tribes, African Tribes to name a few, they are heart centered people as a collective and individually. As soon as you come into contact with these people, individuals, you can feel it. It’s one of the most loving feelings on the planet. I truly believe this is what we are striving for in this country. There has come a time where astrologically we are experiencing some of the same energies of times before us, but there are also new energies coming in that we haven’t experienced before from my perspective. . The masses choose not to listen and it shows you where we are as collective human consciousness. As one of my wonderful Shamanic teachers has said, “we are here to wake up the zombies and help them remember who they are.” This is not a judgement, but a truth. We are all here learning what we already know. Some will do it quickly, other’s it will take a lifetime, or choose a path of contraction. The system has been created by us, we must be the ones that dismantle it and move in a different direction of being a collective force of unity.

Yes! Love in the highest vibration there is, and if you have ever experienced it on the other side or in other realms , you know what I mean. There’s nothing like it… We have the potential, but I do believe we are being asked to see the shadow part of our culture, ourselves and elsewhere. We are being asked to have a collective human soul growth so to speak. It’s almost as if we are having a collective soul retrieval. Our spirit comes into our body which I perceive is a spark of our soul. We are here to evolve and emotionally grow through our experiences. We then go back to our greater consciousness and weave it into the tapestry so to speak. It’s like a divine spark comes down embodies a body and we go on a journey. Some journeys are easier than others, but we are all here individually growing and expanding , but we are collectively creating and individuating at the same time through creation.

From my perspective George came in and his soul new there was greater work to be done. His death has rocked our world and it’s not only here in the states, but elsewhere. George came into this world from my perception for a much bigger purpose. He gave his physical body in order to shine a light on a greater issue than just himself, but he paid the ultimate price of dying. I wake up every day and give thanks to George for what he did and what his soul decided to do in this lifetime. He is much bigger than life now as we know, and I truly believe that we have exit points when we come in and when our soul is ready to go, no matter what the circumstances are, our soul will take flight. That’s what George did, but his soul flight was to bring awareness in a time where our country is dividing in so many ways.

My African friends whom I consider family are so supportive and feel the pain we are experiencing. And I have to interject this about the African communities, the ones I have experienced. I’ve always been attracted to people of ethnic backgrounds and the Love I felt in Africa I have not experienced in the States. I have wonderful friends don’t get me wrong, but the heart centeredness they exude is tremendous. I miss being with them every day!

This has been a huge issue in our country for so long and we are not going back to any new norm. We all can see it and feel it, even if we are denial from my perception. The energies that are coming in are huge, electromagnetic and some are having challenging experiences, while other’s are just taking it easy. What I do feel is we have to come together and rectify this issue of race. If you take away color, the body and look at a soul, we are just souls being with souls. Souls talking to souls. 

Sending Love,