Truth Serum.

Vulnerability! Root word Latin noun vulnus means “WOUND” 

Interesting how the root word is actually WOUND! What are we wanting to dive deep and dig up in order to heal from?  Are you willing to release the MASK? We all where them, and they are different depending where we are during the day or chapters in our lives. We all have wounds, some deeper than other’s, but I guarantee if you are one to those people who love to grow consciously , then you will continue to expose those wounds that are needing you to be vulnerable in order to feel what is needed to be released. Easier said then done a lot of the time. 

I recently had someone ask me after they were given some information that was challenging for them.“How do I get to the emotions that I can’t even feel?” What we have to learn are the FELT SENSES in order to expose the layers that our soul is wanting us to feel, see, recognize and bring forth for healing. Some of what we are dealing with is OLD and YES this means from other lifetimes.

From my perception vulnerability allows us to see what we are masking. We may not even know what it is, but we can become aware of it given issues with our body. This can manifest in so many different ways. Health issues, skin issues and even chronic pain. Some times it comes at us suddenly. Possibly we are diagnosed with a disease out of the blue and now our body is really talking to us and we have to pay attention. Possibly something appears on our skin and we take notice each time we look in the mirror. What are we not seeing about ourselves that is wanting to be seen? The key is to become aware. You may not know what it is at first, but if you acknowledge it, it will most likely reveal itself in some form. This could be through meditation, or maybe you seek out a healer or therapist in order to get to the layers that are hidden. 

From my perspective we all arrive at our emotional body in different ways. I can speak or write from my perspective and experience having suffered from chronic pain from 20’s to my early 40’s, and I mean severe pain… The kind you go to the emergency room for and get heavy duty narcotics. I deduced one day that it was enough and started seeking out different types of modalities to help with the pain. What I ultimately found was my own creation of a system that allowed me to go deep into my body and actually see the stagnant energy and work with it and then release it. It took some time, but eventually the pain was gone and I’ve been PAIN FREE ever sense. So what I’m getting at is find a way to talk to your body and then LISTEN and FEEL the felt senses. These are the KEY components in order to allow anger, frustration, grief, sadness to release from the body. And yes I’m talking about somatic responses. But at the same time you don’t have to know what it’s about, the most important thing to do is FEEL IT. 

Have you ever had those moments where you cry so hard that you’re convulsing? I know I have. Your body feels like it’s wrenching, but it’s one of the most healing things you can do. The body cleanses itself through crying. It’s how we RELEASE. It’s unfortunate in this country there is still a stigma that goes along with it. In other cultures it’s a graceful thing to do and experience.

 If we can allow ourselves to surrender to what we are masking so to speak, then we can see through the layer of reality that is really holding us back to have a deeper connection with the SELF. 

Halloween is upon us and this is when the VEIL between worlds is the thinnest. It’s a wonderful time to ask for guidance if you have a challenging situation and are wanting to make contact with your higher self , spirit guides, animal spirits and/or helping spirits or loved ones on the other side. It’s also the celebration of Samhain (Samain) which is celebrated on November 1st. This is a time to give thanks to our ancestors and those that came before us and honoring the dead. I recommend doing rituals during this time if that is part of your spiritual practice and giving thanks and appreciation to those before us, those with us and those coming after us.  

Shine bright and many blessings on your journey.

Sending Love,