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I have had more people/clients say to me, “I’m not sure why I’m here anymore or I just don’t like people anymore, I’m tired of all the separation on our planet.” I feel it’s time to really understand our own energy and how we run our energy. It’s an easy thing to do, but again we have to take notice of it and then practice paying attention to our own frequency. We are also in a time where things have sped up and WORDS are so powerful, that speaking with clarity and positivity can make a huge difference. Remember if we are having challenging times, our thoughts and emotions have brought us to that point. Every emotion we have had throughout our lifetime has brought us to where we are now. If we want a different outcome, we have to have different emotions (which again takes practice) and our thoughts have to shift. I refer to this as NEGATIVE LOOPING which I’ve written about before… The thought has to change in order for the emotional response to shift which in turn creates a new outcome. I have a practice every morning before even getting out of bed and repeating to myself “HOW GOOD CAN IT GET?”  this lends itself to curiosity. Another one I use during a challenging time is “ONLY GOOD CAN COME FROM THIS”.. I did this recently with a roofer who was coming to my house and I had played phone tag with him for quite some time. I just kept repeating to myself “only good can come from this!” over and over. He showed up and ended up not charging me to fix some stuff. I was so grateful. I didn’t anticipate the outcome, but just kept repeating “only good can come from this”… We are powerful energetic beings and the Universe has our back. All we have to do is ask and stay in an expanded frequency of curiosity. Once we ask for an outcome from my perception we shut off the valve so to speak. The Universe is full of surprises and so are our guides.



  • check in with yourself and your body. Ask “How am I really feeling today?” Am I mad, frustrated, excited, anxious, sad, tired etc? These are all emotions we know. The key is becoming aware of how you are feeling and then responding to whatever is happening at that moment from a neutral place, not a place of reaction. Become aware of your surroundings and become present. Once you feel neutral, then that is the time to feel into the situation and respond. It may take a few days to respond and that is a healthy emotional response.
  • Find time every morning to repeat little phrases to yourself either in bed or in the shower. Remember water is an amazing conductor and can elicit intuitive information. Maybe a loved one responds to you or your guides.
  • Before bed find time to ask “I ask all parts of myself to come back in” and repeat it a few times. At some point you will actually feel your being drop into your body. Personally the first time it happened to me, I was kind of shocked, but in a good way:).  I encourage this in the am as well given we tend to leave our bodies at night while sleeping/dreaming and gather information… It’s a great way to become grounded as soon as we get up in the morning. 
  • Find time in the evening or just before going to sleep now matter how challenging the day and reflect on the gratitude for things that happened during your day. Even the sight of a small animal, child or flower can have a huge impact on our energy system.
  • Take notice of any synchronicities during the day and write them down and you will start to see patterns emerging.
  •  WRITE DOWN YOUR DREAMS… and if you are one of those who says I don’t dream.. NOT TRUE:)!  Once we get in the habit of putting pen to paper an image can appear to you or a word. WRITE IT DOWN! This is how we start to open up our dreamscape.. If you do dream, write them down and pay attention to the metaphors, symbols that run in your dreams. They give us great insight to our lives as we are living a life here on this amazing planet.


I’m sharing a story of an ancient tribe that once inhabited the earth long long ago. Take what resonates with you and let the rest go. Given I channel these beings who are indigenous in nature and speak a native tongue and have a galactic star connection.  I channel/speak star language or what some refer to as LIGHT Language. I’m learning this is now starting to happen on our planet with more people. The more we embrace our innate Star Language and ancient connections, the more information is revealed. 

After moving to Taos Last year on my GRAND adventure in my Sprinter Van and purchasing a home, I started having amazing experiences. I’ve always had multi/inter-dimensional experiences, but this felt like on a whole new level. This is just one of many experiences, but I feel an important one given our time now on earth. The more we connect to our ancestral roots the better. And I’m not only referring to the earthly incarnations. We as humans have had many incarnations in different realities and star systems. I believe we have an innate code inside of us that holds our memories and secrets to who we authentically are as a being. Some more galactic than other’s, but we all have amazing connections to the Divine and Cosmos.  We have a vastness about ourselves that our true reality has to offer us. 

I didn’t know I was speaking LIGHT LANGUAGE until someone I was working with professionally pointed it out to me. Come to find out I had been doing this for years and to have someone acknowledge it felt confirming. What we have to remember with these types of energies is that it is a progression of sorts. Once it is acknowledge then more information is shared. I’ve learned this with clients as well, once we acknowledge a loved one coming through during a session or another being, they show us who they are and have plenty to say and share. It’s quite amazing and they can offer healing energy as well. This is true for Light Language or what I refer to as Star Language. 

For quite some time I was channeling (and still do) a galatic star language. I first saw them in a vision on my travels after being outside in a massive lightening storm. I would learn later who they are and where they come from. But again if we try to push things, we will not get the answers or the authentic answers we are looking for.  They did not speak to me at this point, but showed me clearly what they looked like , their clothing and a distinct marking on their 3rd eye which I will never forget. 

Some time passed and when channels come in for me at times can be random, especially when I’m first meeting a new being or beings of consciousness and usually in the bathroom lol. Not soon after I started speaking an indigenous star language and they spoke in their native tongue.  It’s very primitive and nothing I have channeled before. During this time I started noticing a different relationship with wild animals and domesticated animals. I was becoming very clear how they were communcating. More so than I had in the past. And with plants as well. I could hear names now of loved ones for clients on the other side. It was like they were helping with my connection and the stream became so clear!  What I would learn later is the indigenous star language crosses over and becomes the galactic star language. They are the same connection just in different worlds. Now when I channel them they will morph into each other’s languages at times. It’s quite intoxicating actually. 

When the Indigenous Star Language came through while standing in my kitchen,  I asked “who are you?” I heard clear as day “WANAPUA” and I responded “who?” and I heard it again “WANAPUA” then I heard “STAR CHILD BROTHER” then it hit me, we are brother and sister. I got a huge confirmation which I felt in my body… I went into my office and started automatic writing and they came through again and wrote “WANAPUA, STAR CHILD BROTHER 80 MILLION” . I was like that’s interesting, so I looked up what happened on earth approximately 80 million years ago and that is when we had a pole shift and a cataclysm on earth. I’ve learned to be skeptical about information, but this felt so real and again I could feel it in my body. They have been with me now for some time and come through on a regular basis. I’ve learned to make appointments with them and do ceremonies honoring who they are. This has made the relationship a lot more communicative and the connection more clear and concise. They have given me visions now of a creation story I believe and the energies that are happening on earth and how people are migrating so to speak. I encourage anyone who channels to make appointments with the energies you are working with as they do take notice of this. They’re just in a different dimension, but communicating through telepathy and other means. For me personally when I channel Galactic beings I start to become very cold even if it’s 90 degrees outside. This is information fo me that I’m in a different dimension, but still in my earthly body. We all connect in different ways, but once we know what they are for us individually we know what is happening and we stop questioning it. The other key component is TRUST!

They write in shapes, not words and through my work with someone whom I trust, he encouraged me to keep making the shapes as I was bypassing the language centers in the brain which now makes so much sense to me. As I continued to do this I would get words in block letters which they still do. The next word they gave me in block letters (and they are speaking native tongue when they do this by the way) was “SODEI.” I had to looked it up, but here is the meaning. A very spiritual person who often relies on intuition for decision making. This is the short version. My sense is they are sharing they know who I am and I felt so honored. I also named my new Black Kitty Sodei! 

They have come in recently and shared that I be a voice for them, which I will continue to do through writings like this and other writings. There most recent word in their language is “HA NE NE WA WA” meaning “STAND WITH US” I can tell you I will be standing with them and especially given what is happening on our planet and how they are speaking about it. I just got done channeling in a writing and will share in another post. 

What I love about them is they are healers as well and come into sessions with clients. Recently they came in and started singing which they hadn’t done before. It was so beautiful and heartfelt… I’m eternally grateful to be working with these Beautiful Beings. And on a side note they have shared where I am from which was another confirmation and the galactic beings they are connected to. They were channeling through while in the sauna speaking their native tongue and I heard clear as day “You are from the “BLUE planet” This made sense given I have felt this for years, but another confirmation was wonderful. 

I have seen them in a dreams as well. It took a bit to understand what I was being shown, but as I’ve said this is all a progression and it’s not LINEAR like our brains like to make out to be. We have to have patience, fortitude and most of all TRUST what is happening to move with it all. We are all internally and divinely connected. We are supported by our Spirit Guides, other worldly beings, animal spirits, Power Animals if we choose to listen. From my perception our guides and spirit animals will change over time as we evolve here in this earthly dimension…Onward!

Sending LOVE,