Truth Serum!

I always find it interesting when someone uses the word WEIRD! I use to take offense to it, but now I know some really don’t understand how weird is actually a compliment. I love this word even more, along with the pink and/or purple hair, multiple tattoos, etc. I can appreciate how someone else may choose to express themselves in their unique way.

The key is knowing who you are authentically and true in the way you are expressing yourself and not AFRAID to be WEIRD! We are expanding into a time where the human consciousness is catching up with how we create a joyful life of what feeds us in all areas of our life. When we finally step into that power, other energies about ourselves are unleashed and dreams really do come TRUE! We are ever evolving spiritual beings here having a human experience to emotionally evolve.  Are you standing in the POWER of YOU?

Now I want to talk a bit about Shamanism because I feel a lot of people have a perception of what they may think it is or aren’t really familiar with it. From my perception there are different forms given we all live in different parts of the world and we live in a material world. For some this will come from indigenous tribes, others will go to trainings and then there are those of us that are taught through the supernatural energies. I know this may sound WEIRD! but if you have read anything about the Plains Indians they believed and believe this as do other indigenous tribes. A SHAMAN is chosen by the supernatural world and taught by those energies channelling through them over a period of time. They are taught by the energies and the natural world. The initiations!

This is my WEIRD!  I’m telling you about this given this is my background. I know who my essences are and I channel them on a regular basis and keep my channel clear and open in order to do this. It took a lot of practice and when it first came on board or the radio dial started changing dials, I didn’t know what the heck was going on. I learned along the way and kept expanding into new frequencies and then one day. BAM! I was on board. I believe there are different types of shamanism, mine just happens to be more cosmic/galactic. I could share some wild stories that most would have a challenging time wrapping their brains around, but it happens and it’s happened. It’s not for everyone, and again I will continue to say this, we are all uniquely different and divine. I do believe we can study with one if we are called to do so. But my perception is a Shaman is chosen from the other worlds or supernatural world and if they listen, they will know how to proceed and take in the energies necessary to heal themselves and be a catalyst to help others heal. I will never forget the day I heard  ‘I am Shaman” “This is the way to the Shaman” as I was drumming. It was one of the most powerful experiences. People will say a true Shaman never says they are a Shaman, I do believe this on some levels, but I also believe that we must embrace who we are. I do other things in the world as well, but this is my true nature of my essence. I can’t imagine my life any other way.

Go get out in nature, sit and talk to the birds, the deer, the bears, the wolf, the trees anything that resonates with you.  Find ways to connect and you will start to see the signs being presented to you. Give back to the animal kingdom, volunteer in nature or for the greater good of our world in some fashion… I donate every month to different organizations I believe make a difference in our world.

Go get some WEIRD on!

Sending Love,