Intuitive / Shamanic Healer

I work as an Intuitive Consultant, Shamanic Healer, Evidential Medium, DreamWork Expert among other hats. I feel when we are an open channel and can bridge worlds and channel energies from other dimensions, it’s best to leave the doors open so to speak so we can be of service on many different levels. As I developed into an adult, I discovered who my essences were in the metaphysical/spiritual world and began working with them. This may seem odd to some, but for me it’s so normal that I can’t imagine my world without these connections. I find it an honor and a gift! . This is why I am so passionate about the work that I do and am able to give back in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

I offer private sessions, in which I channel information pertaining to the clients needs. This can be anything from illness to a new way of working in the world. I intuitively coach and consult with highly successful people and do healing work where I have seen some amazing healings take place.  In my practice I will lay hands on people, clear energetic blockages of stagnant energy and move tissue when needed. I am a conduit for clients to find the root cause of an energetic imbalance. I coach my clients intuitively, give homework and exercises for self-care.

I teach a mentoring group each year, along with mentoring individuals in person and online. I help in facilitating guidance which allows each individual to open up to his or her own intuitive abilities, unique gifts and shift in consciousness in order to evolve. My belief is we are here to emotionally evolve on the planet, have experiences and have as much fun as possible while doing so.  

The movement/body piece! Given I’ve have been in the Mind/Body industry my whole adult life and have worked with thousands of people, I find being clear in the body as a conduit is key in the work that I do. This is why I channeled in and created MooreFit Energy Systems™.  What I have found with MFS, is it works wonders in so many different ways. It acts as a meditative device that allows the body to come back into alignment and in doing so, you gain insights on your own path. I’ve been teaching it to clients now for some time and it always amazes me how simple it is, but yet so powerful. Not everyone will use the whole system, but pieces of it are extremely effective. The system starts with an assessment tool to find where stagnant energy and tissues are held in the body. With that information, we then layer on sound therapy to increase the vibration in the body to move energy, and a movement system to open up the tissues in the body that are being blocked or for some feel stuck.  MooreFit Energy Systems™ is an innovative, but simple approach to allowing your energetic body and tissues to realign. Click here to learn about upcoming events and workshops.

I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Craniosacral Therapy & MFR, Usui Reiki Master, SRT Practitioner, certified in Level l & ll GYROTONIC® Expansion System & Jump Stretch Board, Stott Pilates (all levels), Yoga & Postural Therapy Alignment.

I express gratitude for the ability to work with so many beautiful & amazing people.

Much Love,
Elise Ann Moore / Energy Intuitive

Elise Ann Moore
Intuitive/ Energy Healer

Intuition is about staying true to one’s inner voice and listening to what feels right. It’s about finding the goodness that comes from that and not being afraid.