I work as an Intuitive, Shamanic Healer, Channel, Evidential Medium, DreamWork Practitioner, among other hats. I feel when we are an open channel and can bridge worlds and channel energies from other dimensions, it’s best to leave the doors open so we may be of service on many different levels. As I developed into an adult, I discovered who my essences were in the metaphysical, multidimensional & spiritual world and began working with them. I find it an honor and a gift! . This is why I am so passionate about the work that I do and am able to give back in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

I offer private sessions, where I help clients understand their own energy system, own unique gifts & talents, as well as relaying messages from loved ones on the other side which is profoundly healing! One of the most asked questions I get is  “what is my life’s purpose?” When we are vibrating at a lower frequency or contracted frequency it’s challenging to perceive what is out in front of us. When we are open to expanding our energy and allow the receptivity to flow in, we are able to perceive what our soul is wanting to experience as far as a “life purpose/destiny!” I work with all walks of life from someone who is a CEO of a corporation to a stay at home mom/dad. We all have the ability to tap into our innate intuition if we choose.

When I lay my hands on a client, I am able to feel and see how each organ is vibrating and am able to see inside the body in X-ray vision. It allows me to see anything from a disease or dis-ease in the body.  I will see past lives, trauma and contracted energy that can be released. I’m an LMT which allows me to move tissue when necessary and allow the fascial tissues to become more fluid and the soft tissues and skeletal system can be more at ease.

I intuitively coach people in groups, one on one either in person or online. I help in facilitating guidance which allows each individual to open up to his or her own intuitive abilities, unique gifts and shift in consciousness in order to evolve. My belief is we are here to emotionally evolve on the planet, have experiences and have as much fun as possible while doing so.

The Dreamscape is one of my favorite places to be! We are all dreamers, and if we understand our own dream language, signs & symbols we can navigate life with more ease. I love doing dream interpretation and have for years. It’s when we don’t listen to our dreams, we tend to follow a path that isn’t in our highest good. I teach people how to navigate their own unique dream language and live a more fulfilling life.

The movement piece! Given I’ve have been in the Mind/Body industry my whole adult life and have worked with thousands of people. I channeled in and created Energy in Motion. What I have found is it works wonders in so many different ways. The first aspect is it allows the body to go into a meditative state where the body is able to come back into alignment and in doing so, you gain insights of your own energy system and where there are blocks and free flowing energy. I’ve been teaching this to clients now for years and it  amazes me how simple it is, but yet so powerful.

The system starts with an assessment tool to find where stagnant energy and tissues are held in the body. With that information, we layer on sound therapy to increase the vibration in the body to move energy, and a movement system to open up the tissues in the body that are being blocked or for some feel stuck. Energy in Motion is an innovative, but simple approach to allowing your energetic body and tissues to realign. Given my background in Dance, Yoga, Pilates & GRYOTONIC, I have different modalities to give exercises in order for the soft tissue to stay in alignment.

I offer retreats once a year normally to Africa where I am connected to a Maasai tribe in south Kenya! I came into contact with this tribe from an African Shaman in spirit who guided me to them. It was an amazing experience, and now I take groups to experience the Maasai culture and the Wild Animal Kingdom! You can check out the events page for upcoming retreats to Africa and other destinations.

I’m a true believer in the galactic world and how we are a species among so many others in the Universe! I’m an Experiencer, Contactee & Abductee! This has been happening since I was a child and I love it. I’ve been interviewed by Mufon which is an organization that researches and tracks paranormal activity. It’s not something I take lightly and have profound respect for those out in the field and those that have had experiences which have caused them fear and trauma. I work with people that have had experiences and am amazed once the fear is released, there is a way of having a different perspective with the experience from ET’s that is extremely healing!

Shine Bright and many Blessings on your Journey!

Sending Love,


Elise Ann Moore / Energy Intuitive


Intuition is about staying true to one’s inner voice and listening to what feels right. It’s about finding the goodness that comes from that and not being afraid.