Elise Ann Moore

Intuitive/Energy Healer

“There is a world within-a world of thought and feeling and power:
of light and beauty, and although invisible, its forces are mighty” – Charles Haanel


Elise is an Energy Intuitive/ Healer who teaches you how to connect to your own fields of energy which will allow extraodinary shifts in your life. She works remotely with clients as well as hands on.


Read Elise Ann Moore’s latest blog posts about intuition and energy healing to get insights and practical ideas to improve your energy body’s vitality and health.

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Private sessions are designed to meet the needs of each client individually. Sessions are done remotely or in person.


Elise offers inspiring mentorship for 2019-20


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Elise Ann Moore, Intuitive/ Energy Healer & developer of MooreFit Energy Systems™ , has an exciting invitation for you to experience opening new pathways to Intuitive Energy Healing, Bridging the Gap between the Metaphysical World and our Physical Reality, Sound Therapy, Mediumship, Shamanic work, and so much more!

We each have guides, seen and unseen, that have vital information for us to heal old wounds, to make challenging decisions, to shape the direction we travel and to take responsibility for being entirely present in our own lives. Whether an intuitive listens closely, feels with the gentle laying on of hands or studies the energy around us, we can learn to be more aware of the information and energies that serve our well-being. This is the gift Elise shares with those who are open to a new experience.