Energy in Motion

Meditation, Mindfulness & Motion

Energy in Motion is an incredibly powerful, elegant system which facilitates profound shifts, insights and releases in the body physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually. Meditation Mindfulness & Motion™ all wrapped into one.

Our body, cells (more than 50 trillion of them!), subatomic particles all respond to their own environment. We are Energy in Motion, and If we incorporate positive thoughts, a change in perception, motion with meditation, sound therapy & movement, the cells will start having a different outcome. They will respond to the change in thought, the movement pattern, the vibration of sound, the breath behind the breath, all of which open up space in the body to create more migration of light. The new thoughts we create in turn change the cytoplasm which creates a new histology. We create a homeostasis which supports a healthy outcome for our cells, body, mind and spirit.  We become this light of Energy in Motion. 

Watch the videos below for a brief introduction to MooreFit Energy Systems™:

After suffering from chronic back pain for years, I was starting to see & feel things inside the body I hadn’t experienced before. Through my own healing process, I ultimately realized I was channeling a system that could also help other people to tap in to their own energetic system and find areas in their body where they were holding stagnant energy, chronic pain and blocked emotions.

I remember the first workshop I taught a participant said, “Wow! This work you’ve created doesn’t come from here! It’s amazing how it opens up my body and I can feel what I’m holding onto is being released!”

The first layer of the Energy in Motion allows the body to open into what I see as horizontal plates/circles in the body which create internal motion and allows the motion of a double torus. This allows the energetic system to awaken. The first layer is subtle work and can be meditative for some, others will find they are tapping into layers and layers of stagnant or repressed emotions. The important component I teach people is not to attach a thought to what is coming up. The more we can stay out of the brain, the easier the energy can be released from the body. That being said, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have emotions, but if we can allow them to come up and cry, shake, shiver, whatever that is for you, and allow them to go through the body and be released, the less likely the body will hold on to the the energy.

We next layer on sound therapy with breath work. With sound therapy we create a whole other dynamic in the body. We increase the vibration at a subatomic level and allow the cells to vibrate at a higher frequency. This creates a reverberation, which starts to shake things up and allows the stagnant energy to open up. There’s scientific proof that sound therapy is used for many ailments in the body and is coming to the forefront of the healing world. The body becomes a Rhythm of Life from the cells, organs, tissues, bones, chakras, auric fields and then into light. Moorefit Energy Systems™ creates a double torus in the body which allows the Ka body to emerge and become enlightened.

Once the body is open and responsive, we layer on the movement system. Working through a three dimensional plane on a vertical and horizontal axis, this allows the fascia to move through serpentines somewhat like a mobius shape. Ultimately this creates a sphercial type mobius which allows the fascia to move in an infinite plane without resistance. This is a fluid movement system somewhat like dance is, meaning each movement flows to the next using breath work and muscularity.

Energy in Motion is an innovative, but simple approach to allowing your energetic body and tissues to realign.

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Best of health,

Elise Ann Moore


MooreFit Energy Systems™ begins with an assessment tool to find where there is blocked or stagnant energy in the body.  For some this will be a powerful beginning to shedding away layers of stagnant energy. Others will find this system to be meditative and informative in finding where they are holding tension in their muscles and fascial tissues. It allows the body to drop in to the parasympathetic nervous system where the body heals itself.


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Sound Therapy Sample

Sound therapy is used for assessing blocked/ stagnant energy in the body. This sound therapy is used in conjunction with the assessment tool when doing MooreFit Energy Systems™.