I believe in being a catalyst for CHANGE! Change is something we can always count on and it propels us forward into growth and expansion of the Soul. If you are ready to keep evolving, grow consciously, be creative and listen to your own innate intuition, then I encourage you to dive in a take a leap of faith. I’m an open channel that sees the layers someone’s soul and guides them to uncovering their own innate gifts and talents. I work with a broad spectrum of successful professionals to individuals who are experiencing their unique gifts for the first time. This could be for someone who is just tuning into what they see as a bit fearful given they haven’t experienced the unseen world or just opening up to their own intuition. Or possibly you are someone well on your way and are needing that next propulsion of insight to help bridge the gap or clear the space so to speak. 

 Here’s the breakdown.

In person, we meet once a month with two follow up phone calls and/or emails per month.  Online clients meet twice per month via Zoom and 2 phone call and/or emails. I give homework, so that means you are held accountable for your own growth. You have to do the work and practice is key to shifting consciousness.

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This program will cover:

  • the energetic system
  • auric fields
  • how to read the energetic system & auric fields
  • MooreFit Energy Systems™ assessment tools
  • the relationship of the energy centers to the body
  • how to release stagnant energy in the body and expand your frequency.
  • shifting consciousness
  • shamanic Journeying
  • business strategy

You will learn:

  • Intuitive Energy Healing
  • Hands on Healing
  • Energy Medicine
  • Flipping Negative Looping in the Brain
  • Meditation/Shamanic Journeying
  • How to read other people and give intuitive readings
  • How to use other modalities to enhance your intuitive abilities
  • Change in Perceptions
  • The ShadowSelf

During this course you will learn to perceive how emotional blockages and stagnant energy can hold you in fear of moving forward through limited beliefs. This can be in your personal life and/or business life. The intuitive tools you’ll learn will give you the insight to break free and move forward in your daily life. You will also experience the ability to perceive the energy of others in the course, and the support and guidance you’ll experience is remarkable.

Through this program you will find how uniquely intuitive you are, and tap into your own abilities to see, feel and hear beyond the normal senses. You will be given tools to learn how to embrace these beautiful gifts and find your own unique way of working with them.

I look forward to working with you!

Sending Love,



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 Words of praise!.

Working with Elise in her mentoring program has proven to be life changing.  She has guided me to find and experience everything this current life has to offer and encouraged me to expand beyond any limitations I have ever put on myself.  My life has shifted in such a significant way since starting her program and I expect it to continue to do so as I continue to do the work.   With an open mind and heart anything is possible.  Dreams can be actualized.  Life purpose can be realized and true happiness can be a constant.  My own intuition and energetic gifts have bloomed because of her program.  I am forever grateful for her ever expansive gifts and knowledge.


My experience with Elise was so positive and profound. She is able to hold space for individuals when we are all on our own path. An incredible experience. Thank you!


I’ve incorporated the work I’ve learned through the mentoring program into my daily life. This was a life-changing experience for me. I learned so much about the energy system that I had know idea about and how to raise my own vibration. Many blessings to you Elise.


The empowerment & insights I have gained through the mentorship with Elise Moore are priceless. Early on I didn’t think I had the time or money to spend on this program. The skills I cultivated here have empowered me to grow my business, my personal freedom and at the same time granting me more of both.
I am so excited to continue studying with Elise because every session we’ve had has improved my overall quality of life.
I love you & am so grateful for you!