I find the word Asbolus interesting as it means “soot” in Greek or some would say ashes. He is considered a winged centaur, seer, augur and/or prophet and from my perspective I would add ShapeShifter. He reads signs in the flight of birds.

I am writing about him given my dreams with him and waking visions and now his channels coming through. He showed me what was happening with the Pandemic before it was upon us. How we would be sheltered in, so many without means of financial support and the empty streets in our cities. Now in hindsight, I know he has more to teach and show us. I’m on board with being open to his visions and insights. He has intense energy and I found unless you are ready to be taken to a galactic place of insight, he’s not an energy you tread lightly with. He means business given he is one to take the dark energy that we hold and turn it to soot/ashes. From my perspective he posses a fire element that really isn’t talked much about. If we are willing to embrace his aspects, he has a lot to teach humanity.

Astrologically, “Asbolus is noted as indicating persons able to tap into the zeitgeist, or “spirit of the times”, those who have their finger on the pulse of events and trends, able to anticipate the future. Often their advice or input is rejected, as being ahead of its time. They have strong intuition and may possess psychic gifts.”

I took notice of the Astrological chart and where Asbolus the astroid is in the sky. He is in Gemini almost conjunct Venus. As of this writing we have entered Venus Retrograde with the North node transiting Gemini as well. It will be interesting to see what he brings forth with Venus so close in a sign of upmost communication. He reveals what we are most wanting to work through on a deep level. The question will be, are we ready as a collective and personally? 

Asbolus the Astroid orbits between Jupiter and Neptune. If you look at Asbolus the astroid itself, it has a major crater in it signifying a wound. Not unlike what Chiron represents, the wounded healer. Asbolus is connected to birds and the underworld, and we know birds hold a sacred place in mythology and are connected to flight. Are we willing to take flight? If we are willing to dive deeper with beings that come into our awareness, they will show us different perspective of the energies they are bringing in. What I have begun to learn from this centaur is that he carries with him a darkness that if we are willing to work with him, he unearths something inside of us. He creates a crack in what we perceive and allows us to see what potentially is on the other side from my perception and experience with him. 

I refer to him as a male energy given my interactions with this being and the intensity he brings. It’s powerful energy and a force that at times leaves me in AWE. He is galactic in nature and what I gather from him, he is here to help humanity call in the dark side of the soul and plunge even deeper into the depths of who we really are. Are we willing to dive deep and expose our most vulnerable wounds and work with the archetypes around them? Are we ready to embark on a path of TRUTH and humility as we come from our souls wanting to create in this physical form.. All good questions to ask. 

He has the ability to take us to the dark part of our soul if we allow it. It can happen once in a lifetime or several times depending on if we choose to listen. From my perspective this is a beautiful aspect of him. In order for growth we must break through our own barriers and beliefs that aren’t serving us. He illuminates what is being asked to be shed. I personally can relate to this quote above (Often their advice or input is rejected, as being ahead of its time.) I feel when we are gifted in areas that the collective is not comfortable with or open to, they will shame or put down anyone who says they have the ability to perceive the future or energies outside of the earth realm. What I feel as a human collective we forget at times, is we are surrounded by energy, energy of different dimensions that can flow in an out of our energetic field and magnetic field around the earth. The Veil! If we are open, and it is part of our Souls destiny to embody gifts from other beings and dimensions, our essences, then we have the ability to see outside of our own earthly realm and perceive what is coming. If we can speak to someone who has crossed over, which I personally do quite often, then why would it be any different in perceiving what may be coming. We have these algorithmic points I believe where we can by choice as humans shift the outcome of any future potential, but you have to be aware of what is happening and in tune with the energetic flow of energy that has already been created. We are creating our futures out of our emotions every day and as a collective, we do the same thing. It’s our emotional thought processes that define who we are in our human form and those emotional thoughts take on an energetic form and are propelled out into the ethers to take on form. Thoughts create form, this is why it is so important to watch our own thoughts and where they go on a daily basis.

I look forward to sharing more about Asbolus as he comes in. This is a short excerpt from a channel from a few days ago from him.

“The darkness rains down so you may all see the internal light that resides within you to bring forth that of who you are. 

The mythology of forebears are part truth in ways in which seers would gather the information to create the myth that humans seek to bring forth what they are seeking…” 


Sending Love,