We are done when we are done!

Being done with a situation, relationship, job and/or a chapter in life is part of our journey here. I feel we get so caught up in our head about over analyzing and processing a situation that at times we actually prolong the process instead of letting it play out for our highest good.

Think about a situation or something that is in your life at the moment that you may have a bit of a conflict with or a challenging time. Take the time to feel into it and see what it feels like to you. Do you feel sad, excited, frustrated or angry with it at the moment. Any feeling is perfect as it is, it’s just an indicator of where you are at in the moment. Is it a work colleague, a romantic relationship, a family member etc. My suggestion is if it’s a relationship that you are working through, how do you feel when you are around the person? Whomever it is, take the time to see how you feel when you are around them and then what your brain is telling you once they leave. Are there conflicting stories going on? The heart knows what you want, it’s our thoughts that usually get in the way. The situation may not be ideal, but what situations ever really are? There is always a higher octave of the relationship running. What I mean by this, is the energies of both parties participate with each other energetically and higher consciousness and awareness. If we can tap into that energy, amazing shifts can happen. Again, there’s an evolution and process to any given situation in life and we choose how we navigate them.

When we choose not to blame the other person or situation for where we are at in life, then we have gained huge awareness we are creating our own outcomes. If the situation is challenging, then there is a deep rooted belief about yourself that you are working through and wanting to resolve. Again we have a choice to move on completely which at times is the best course of action. Other times we are being asked to work through something that has been hanging on through many past lives and the person that you are working through it with keeps showing up in a slightly different way in each lifetime for you to gain insight into your own souls evolution. It’s deep and profound work, but once we recognize it, we are able to move through it and move on.

We can’t force it, push through it or even skip it. We may be able to skip through with a light heart on some levels, and we will know when we are done given we will feel it leave out energy system and our thoughts completely shift out of it. When we are transversing a chapter, meaning letting one go and moving on to the the next, we are in the middle of bridging the gap so speak. We are ending as we are beginning. It’s really a beautiful process once we recognize it. We will take some things with us that serve us and leave the rest behind. This always reminds me of our south node and north node in astrology. I personally don’t believe we leave everything behind to get to our north node. We will take gifts, talents, expanded awareness with us moving forward through each chapter of our lives… Some will serve us well, other’s may create more blocks until we understand when we integrate what is necessary we let the rest go. Our north node is where we are gravitating towards through each chapter and everyone is different given the house and sign the north node is in and where we are on our our souls journey.

Remember it’s never done. We never completely evolve in this current lifetime, but we can sure jump quantum leaps if we choose to do our shadow work. It’s deep, uncomfortable at times, sad, frustrating, but how we react is the key to progressing and moving on to the next amazing story of our lives. 

Happy travels through your own consciousness with releasing old beliefs and integrating new ones.

Sending Love,