Where does Chronic come from? 

The word root ‘chron’ means time, and it came from the Greek word khronos ‘time’. … Let’s have a look at the word chronic that is used to describe something lasting for a long time as in chronic pain.

There are a lot of people on the planet that suffer from Chronic PAIN (I was one of them for many years) and it’s coming up more and more as the energies on the planet are shifting into another frequency. I would include FEAR as it goes along with creating pain as well.

Chronic Pain is nothing other than stuck/stagnant/repressed emotions. It’s really simple, but given we live in a society where a lot of the time we want a fix, we don’t see that it is deep and we have to do the work. There is no FIX! We have to dive deep, unravel, unwrap, unwind and release whats been buried. Pain is how our body talks to us on a regular basis and gives us a HUGE indication as to where we are vibrating. How do we maneuver out of it?  I was recently asked this from a client who suffers from a lot of pain and chronic discomfort. It takes practice and determination on our part. You have to listen to the body and I mean really listen, and do the work!

From my perception as an Intuitive and Shamanic Healer, it is imperative that we start taking responsibility for our own healing and inner work. We are on our own Journey, so why would we think others can fix us? This doesn’t mean that we don’t need guidance and healing work. Believe me, I did, and the healings I had from energy work and other modalities have been life changing for me. I feel at times when we are in the mix of deep inner work and transformation we don’t see the path that is leading us to this miraculous opening. There comes a time when we stop trying to figure it out, and just be in it.

EVERY PAIN, DISCOMFORT, DISEASE OR DIS-EASE IN THE BODY has an EMOTION BEHIND IT AND ATTACHED TO IT. It’s our job to FEEL what those emotions are. This is what I refer to as the FELT SENSES. We have to know our own felt senses as we all feel individually and uniquely. I truly believe this. It’s so important that we identify how we feel. What does excitement feel like in the body, anger, sadness, shame or being pissed off? They are subtle at times, but if we learn to identify them, we can maneuver out of them much faster when needed. I know for myself when my SI Joint is bothering me, I’m pissed off about something, and most of the time I’m not even aware of it until the discomfort shows up or I start to feel it coming on. I immediately get quiet now and feel into it, so I can allow the discomfort to release. This way it doesn’t turn into a huge cycle of pain. It’s not comfortable or much fun, but if we allow the emotions to come to the surface, it can have a huge impact on our emotional and physical well-being. When we allow ourselves to stay in the broader spectrum of emotions and not attach a situation to it, then it has an easier time releasing from the body. What I mean by this is, the more we choose not to label our tears and feel them, we have an easier time allowing them to pass through us.

When I work with people I can see the layers of trauma that they have experienced in their life and/or past lives, and it comes in details. Some are  shocked and I will admit at times, they aren’t happy with it, but the key is that it is coming to the surface without them even telling me because it’s wanting to be let go of. The body, nervous system & energy system is wanting to release the energetic and emotional attachment  This may sound harsh, but it’s that simple. The question lies in how do we let go when we don’t even know how? I’ve thought a lot about this on my own healing journey and how I was divinely guided to people and channeled in work that allowed my body to release the Chronic Pain!  I think one of the keys is I never questioned what was happening and I learned how to feel it even when it was so uncomfortable. I became comfortable in the uncomfortableness. We have to be willing to dive deep and go through the layers of the soul. I believe we at times have traumatic experiences to wake us up on some levels. That being said, there is no trauma that is not traumatic or significant. I personally have experienced extremes. But I do know now that it was a vehicle for growth and an opportunity to wake up a part of myself that was hidden. I don’t hold judgement or blame anymore and it took a lot of work to get there and have compassion. Once we can feel that, it’s a miraculous healing.  And it’s miraculous what it can do to the physical body as a whole and our subconscious. It’s an opportunity to allow the body to show us where we have been holding onto patterns in old beliefs that are no longer serving us.. The body is a miraculous vehicle if we allow ourselves to let it drive us. As humans we believe we actually drive the body, but in reality, we really don’t… Our Soul Being is what is driving us. If we can get out of the way, and start listening to that part of ourselves that is so subtle , but yet powerful, we have all the answers right inside of us and in front of us. WE HAVE TO STOP TRYING TO FIGURE THINGS OUT, FEEL IT AND BE IN IT! 

Sending Love,


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