I’m so excited to announce this year in October 2024 we will be traveling to Mallorca, Spain for an amazing retreat at the Santuari de Lluc Monastery where we will embark on a mysticaprofound inner journey of illumination, grace and personal transformation.

The Monastery has been a spiritual centre for over 700 years and is home to the Black Madonna, patroness of the Balearic Island of Mallorca. Surrounded by the spectacular landscape of the World Heritage Tramuntana Mountains we will explore symbols, messages and guidance through Channeling, Tarot, SKY-Inquiry, and Dreamwork.

I will be a facilitator along with Robin Johnson and Monika Evans-Napier who reside on the island and bring a beautiful & unique presence to this retreat. The Retreat also includes a private session with a facilitator of your choice, a guided hike, and an excursion to the picturesque town of Soller on market day.

The Program is designed to support participants in an inward journey of discovery through workshops, journaling, fireside chats, personal sessions, nature walks and contemplation away from the demands of daily life and digital distractions. The energies of Samhain (Halloween), All Saints and All Souls as well as a New Moon in Scorpio will make this a particularly potent time for deep transformation and renewal.

I can’t begin to tell you how expansive this retreat feels to me and overjoyed to be asked to be a facilitator. Take some moments to feel into the retreat, and feel what transpires for you. Staying at a Monastery that has a been a spiritual center for over 700 years offers a unique experience of tapping into sacred land, all the energies that have come before us, along with the spirits that reside there. If you’ve ever spent time in Monasteries, then you know what I’m talking about. There is a profound connection to all that is and what is unseen if we allow ourselves to become open to transformation.  Here’s the link for more information.I hope to see you there as we will embark on a mystical, magical time on sacred land along with connecting to energies that are so potent and transformative.

Being at sacred places on our planet along with taking time to spend a week with a group is a transformative experience. We will take home with us wonderful stories along with inner wisdom and new awareness!. I can tell you from personal experience on the island, Mallorca has a frequency that is so expansive and when we choose to tap into those energies, amazing things can happen in our lives.

Sending Love,