Paranormal really is normal to me!

We recently finished a year long mentoring group, and at the last class I asked what is the most important thing or the one thing that stood out over this last year? Confidence was one, Trust was another,  but what came next made my world all that more electrified … One participant said “For me, I have now experienced what I only use to read about in books” I can’t begin to tell you how that made me feel. I was elated for her. She referred to her experience with me in class as a Wayshower! This is a huge compliment in that she felt there was space held for her to feel safe as she explored experiences that she may have not done otherwise. They all learned how to trust what was coming in and learn their own language of intuition, which is key to deciphering symbols and metaphors in the psychic realms. I love watching people tap into their gifts and intuitive abilities. It brings me so much Joy.. Plus it’s a blast !

I’ve been writing a book now for over a year, but this statement was the icing on the cake for me. Not only did she experience things she always wanted to experience, she had read about them and now new for herself that it’s possible to connect with energies, beings, her guides, other realms as she wanted to. This came with a lot of work on her part and providing the space in which the frequencies were held to where she and other’s where able to expand to other realms and experience what they had desired. Beautiful!

This is what I refer to as the Tapestry, and the energies I channel talk about this. When we are able to bridge the separation of anything that we have judgement or fear about, we allow ourselves to expand our Tapestry. We become more of our light body… The Tapestry as I perceive it and have been shown lives outside of our Auric fields and connects to them, but has a greater connection to the United Field per say. I see a broader system than just the Chakra system and Auric fields that most talk about. I see a whole other system inside the body that runs up and down our channel (Hara line) which then intersects with the chakra system, auric fields and then our Tapestry. It’s as if we have to work from the inside out in order to clear away debris that is no longer serving us. We do this by releasing separation and becoming more of light and allowing our reactions to be our own responsibility… There are so many layers to being human, and once we start to uncover them and peel back each layer, more is revealed. Below are a few channels that have come through lately and I will give you my perceptions of what they are conveying. 

“There is common good beyond the borders of the intellect where consciousness meets with creation. The development of current traditions are manifested into physical form to be taught in order to transgress the thinking mind of the human traffic. Commodity is a forum of allowing what you think is substantial but only a common practice of enticing others to believe in your process of how the world forms material items which you deem necessary, but are frivolous. The taking of things to become more affluent is a process deemed of the soul being broken and flashed upon by unwanting energetic electric forces that creates wholes in the tapestry.”  M9

The above channel is pretty self explanatory in that they are speaking about our material world and how we need to stay out of our heads and come from our heart! If we continue to be of consumption and not giving back in ways that are sustainable, we will continue to have wholes in our tapestry. As a whole we will continue to live in separation. We can see this in our culture and it’s been prevalent for a long time. We’ve had oppression of lands for thousands of years, and if we continue to take and destroy, we will as a collective pay the price. This creates more separation and divide. We see it now with the human condition and especially with being in partial lockdown all that is being revealed about our humanity.  I do feel on some levels though that people are learning how to consume less, live more simply and hopefully in the long run, we will understand that we have to come together as a collective community, live sustainably, have autonomy, and live from the heart. 

“Bestow upon those that are keeping the vessel of light in order to broaden the horizons of other’s. May they shine the forth coming insights in those that are seeking to break the paradigm.”M9

They are expressing that there are those on the planet that are of expanded frequencies of light and they are here to help guide those that feel the huge shift and all of the energies that are coming in which can make them feel scared and vulnerable. They are asking those to share their insights in order to help other’s see the light and break the mold of our old paradigm.

“Travel the lengths of the tapestry to bring back and bring forth intuitive knowledge left by your forebears . Knowledge is a false pretense in it already exists.  You are seeking what has already been created. The past tense are maneuvers of the tapestry that is cycling a new dynamic of co-creation with the self and those you intersect. Myth is upon you in order to see what has come before you.” M9

This is an interesting channel. I’ve been conversing with them and what they have expressed is that all that we are has already been created. Meaning we have past lives, future lives, parallel lives all running at the same time. I will attest to this given I’ve experienced this. What I have learned is not to judge someone’s perception given I haven’t experienced it yet. They have, so it rings true for them. In other words, we are here learning what we already know and the more we learn how to let go of separation, we bridge the gap of our experiences and interweave them into our tapestry. Every time we do this we are healing all of our life experiences in other lives that are running at the same time, and we are healing the Cosmic Collective Consciousness as a whole…For some this is far fetched, but we aren’t the only universe,  planet or species. We have guides that are with us that we have had experiences with in other realms, and they are here helping us. Myth is our history and from my perception, Myth is truth. We tend to as humans think myth is somewhat make believe. Again, until we’ve experienced those myths it’s best we not judge those that believe.

I refer back to the mentoring student I wrote about above . Her response was “I have now experienced what I use to only read about in books” Again until we’ve experienced it, we really can only imagine what something is like. If we can do that with compassion, excitement, joy and without judgement we allow our tapestry to open, transverse and we will create new experiences for ourselves. This is how we allow separation to dissolve. When we transverse the tapestry and stop forecasting, we come from the heart. We interweave our experiences without separation and we begin to see the broader spectrum of all living beings here and elsewhere. 

Sending Love,


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