We recently came back from our Africa trip which was amazing along with wild and emotional experiences for all. 

I feel what came out of this trip energetically was how we see truth in different ways. It’s interesting how we perceive truth from our own perspective. First someone will show you where they are and who they are based on their truth and integrity in the own personal perception. What we tend to forget is the perspective. When we choose perspective, we take the time to see the perception from all different sides.

When someone isn’t as conscious or hasn’t worked through fears, traumas or gained a lot of insight to who they really are at the core of their being, it’s going to be challenging for that person to come from a place of truth. BUT! from their perception they think they are even though they have learned over time how to manipulate others for their benefit. But in turn, it reality it really isn’t for their benefit as they are still running the same pattern and until they actually see the truth of what they are creating, it won’t benefit them until they have an AHA moment and wake up to the fact that they are being a victim in their own circumstances and only hurting themselves in the long run.

I bring this up as there is so much going on in our world that is deep, layered, old and ancient. There’s so much fractal trauma embedded in the earth and in people as individuals and as a collective. If there wasn’t we wouldn’t have wars on the planet. But it is rising up, and from my perspective we as a collective are at a choice point. We all have choices individually throughout our lives. and anytime we make a choice, we have created a new timeline so speak with an outcome. (The question I would ask is “Does this choice feel good to me? Does it feel expansive in nature?)  We do this as a collective as well. If you go back in mythology, history, prophecies, cultism, you will find truth to all that is happening. The elders in indigenous tribes have spoken about what is happening in our world. Personally I choose not to take on the collective energy, but I do have compassion for those who are suffering and going through horrendous experiences. When you spend time in Africa you see the level of poverty that is not experienced here in the states and how they survive and some will manipulate and calculate in order to do so. It’s no fault of theirs, again it just shows us where they are and who they are at the moment and what they are experiencing. It can be challenging to be around those types of people, and at times we fall into the trap of thinking we can change them or help in some manner. This is why I profoundly say, are they coming from a place of truth and integrity. When I work with the Maasai tribe who I support through educational purposes for children, this is a place of truth. These wonderful children are happy for the most part and have very little. I spent time with them , played soccer with a make shift soccer ball, skipped and wrote our ABC’s in the dirt. They showed me their educational report cards, and are so proud that they get to go to school and learn. It was a honor to be a part of this family and the time spent was meaningful for me on such a heart level and for those that came along this trip they were able to experience this as well. 

At some point we have to stop blaming others for our demise and look at where we are in life. When someone is honest and truthful about what they need, it at times may not feel good to hear, but that person is giving out information about where they are at. As humans we tend to take this so peronsally instead of stepping back and seeing that someone is needing something different at the moment and it’s not personal at all. When we blame others for the way we feel, we are really internally in resistance. Once we realize that the resistance is an opportunity to feel the experience and work through a feeling of being uncomfortable, can we see a situation from a different perspective hopefully.  

2024 is going to be an interesting year and especially the last half of it. The energies I can feel are morphing into something that as a collective we will be able to tap into if we choose to. There are those on the planet that are feeling the morphogenetic field and are able to tap into these expanded frequencies. Some are states of euphoria or bliss for bits of time… Given we are in a dense reality, staying in those states can be a bit challenging given in order to get to that state and stay there, all of your humanness has to be transformed. And we are doing this day by day individually and collectively!

May your Holiday be filled with wonderful experiences for all and a wonderful New Year of light and shared consciousness.

Sending Love,