We have a powerful Full Moon in Aries coming up on Sunday, October 13th that will be opposing Mars and a T-Square to Pluto! This is a intense combination along with other energies happening right now. I feel like this last quarter of the year is clearing out old patterns that are no longer serving us. This will be a period of time where fiery conversations can take a turn if we aren’t conscious and aware of our triggers. Pluto will bring things to the surface and the Moon will shed light on what has been unconscious or in our subconscious that is wanting to be revealed. These types of energies are important to now where our SACRED GROUND is!

Sacred Ground can mean different things to different people. For me personally there’s an internal Sacred Ground , a Spiritual Sacred Ground and an external Sacred Ground. The internal is where we find the place of solace, peace and grounding where we can not be pulled from. All those invitations that we are given on a daily basis can pull us in so many different directions. This happens in our daily life and also in the spiritual realm. If you are aware of your intuition ~ psychic abilities then you have connections to the outer worlds. This is where the Spiritual Sacred Ground is needed and needs discernment, just like our daily lives. The question is do you know what is coming in and how to decipher it and not be pulled in all kinds of directions. Do you have clear boundaries with the energies you work with? This takes practice and knowing how you perceive energy and listening to your guides or energies that you connect with. I call the ones that pull us off of our Spiritual Sacred Ground “Fly Bys”… They want to make contact and sometimes play or cause disturbance. If you are feeling uneasy, then it’s best not to engage. Again it takes practice. There is a felt sense of what feels like an expanded energy coming in verses one that is just along for the ride so to speak. I know most of us have experienced this, but it’s always a good idea to steer clear of unwanted energy just hanging out or flying by. All you have to say is “If you are not here for my highest good, then you must leave!” It sends a clear message for them to move on.

Do you take the time to sit with each invitation and ask, “Does this pull me off of my Sacred Ground that resides inside of me, my being?” I remember having this conversation with a friend years ago always saying “YES” when she really meant “NO”, but didn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings or disappoint someone. Each time we do this, we are creating a disharmony within our Sacred Ground and being dishonest with ourselves and other’s. We’ve all heard of the YES MAN! It’s knowing the Truth of where and who you are. The invitation to stay in the energy of you verses the energy of other’s.

External Sacred Ground is a wonderful place to find our way of being! This can be your home, a place in nature or wherever you feel like you’ve created a place that is calm and nurturing! My home is this way for me and my garden as well as being in nature. Listening to the birds in the morning or just sitting with my dog as he gives doggy hugs! Find the place or places that bring you stillness of being and reside there for a length of time and let it breath you and you it. I heard this not to long ago when I was channeling some work. “The pentacle of your existence is the breath on your tongue” I had to sit with it for a while until I really felt what was being channeled in. Each breath we take we are starting a new moment of time/space in a continuum of existence with self!

Find time over the next couple of months to tune in, feel in and decipher what’s being broadcast to you… You have all the insight and knowingness to move through all that is!

Sending Love,