First an update on our Africa Trip! It’s shaping up nicely and we are now finalizing our accommodations among other adventures. It’s going to be an amazing trip.  We will be staying in beautiful lodges on the reserves along with drumming at night under the dark sky, walking sacred land with the Massai Tribe and learning about their culture, hiking a sacred mountain in Samburu (optional), experiencing the vastness of the Rift Valley with so many Heart Centered People and the beautiful mezmorizing wildlife! I’m so excited for this trip and taking a group to experience the wonders of Africa and all that it has to offer.

Are you aware if you are splitting your energy? It’s a concept that many don’t realize they are doing on a regular basis, and when we do split, we have a challenging time staying grounded or in the NOW! 

Splitting energy is a concept where when we obsess or over process a given situation, a person, a circumstance that we are dealing with, we will split off part of our energy and give our energy to whatever is being obsessed about. It doesn’t really ever stop. It’s normally negative thoughts and we are in the other person’s energy constantly and we don’t even realize it. We create anxiety that runs through our nervous system depleting our life force energy. That’s why it’s imperative to know and understand your own energy, felt senses and emotional body… 

Have you ever had the experience of have a challenging time with a colleague, friend, family member or a group of individuals where there is an interaction of resistance and then it keeps you up at night and the thought patterns are “why did this happen?” “Why did they do this?” Why this or that, etc. you get the point. When we do this on a regular basis even with our job or current situation, we will have a challenging time rectifying the situation until we get out of their energy and into our own. A solution most likely won’t come from obsessing or over processing what is happening, it happens when we step away, stop thinking about it and let go as much as we can, and then after a bit of time something shifts. As humans we love to control things, but we really don’t have any control and especially with what other people decide to do. All we can do is give our guidance or perception on something, ultimately it’s their decision .  

We can split off given trauma in our lives and as small children as well. A part of us actually lies outside of our energy so to speak and as we evolve and work on becoming more aware, healing our trauma and wanting to integrate that part of ourselves back in, we become more consciously aware. The best thing you can do for yourself and other’s is heal yourself first! You can think of it as part of an awakening or waking up a part that was once a part of you. It’s also called a soul retrieval in the Shamanic world of healing and I’ve seen it happen time and time again. It’s a beautiful process to see when someone can feel a part of themselves integrate back in.

Criticism is another form of splitting energy. When we constantly criticize another person or any situation on a regular basis, we are splitting our energy. From my perception criticism is a form of projection onto another person or situation and we are actually doing something we know isn’t in our best interest, but we do it anyway. We are actually criticizing ourself not the other person. Think about it. If we are projecting criticism onto another person based on a situation that we aren’t happy with, then we have the choice of leaving or going about the conversation in a different manner. Each time we criticize, we are over analyzing and processing something we are unhappy with, we contract our energy which creates over time stagnation in the energy body and will at some point manifest in the physical body.

I’m going to give an example of my mom! She’s now on the other side and is loving it over there. She didn’t much like it here on the earth plane. My mother had a lot of issues around relationships and men along with alcohol. After her and my father divorced she only dated once during my childhood and was devastated by the experience that she never did again. She wasn’t able to forgive herself or my father until she was close to passing. The reason why I’m sharing this is I was able to spend time with my mother before she passed from stage 4 ovarian cancer and she shared a lot with me and the realizations she was having on her death bed. It was a beautiful experience for both of us. That being said, given she was so contracted in her sexual organs and never spoke about it, she had so much repressed emotional and physical trauma that it finally manifested itself in her body. For some this is challenging to wrap their brain around, but this happens time and time again with people. I work with clients where this has happened, and all you have to do is find where the unfelt emotions/unfelt senses are being emotionally blocked. It’s deep work, but we are here to heal ourselves first and foremost, and for some that doesn’t happen until disease sets in and at times doesn’t happen. It’s all good just the way it is, but we will come back and work through what we haven’t in this lifetime, especially deep emotional trauma.

There’s so much to unravel being human and once we realize we are in charge of our own emotions, reality and outcomes, than we become powerful beings having a human experience. Journey on!

Sending Love,