The root word for courage is denoting the heart, as the seat of feelings: from Old French corage, from Latin cor ‘heart’.

The Lion in the Wizard of Oz who wanted a heart so he could be courageous!

The more we live from the heart and true authentic feelings and make decisions based on those no matter how illogical, it will take us to places where we can break through fears we’ve been holding onto for far too long. 

What is courage really? Is it strength? Is it tenacity? Is it our heart? It’s all of those and more. When we have courage to walk through the door to the other side, we give ourselves permission to break through fear! Life is Scary at times, and anyone who tells you it isn’t, isn’t being truthful with themselves and/or others. The more we step into our own fears, the more life will reveal to us. 

We are about to enter the Lions Gate our Leo portal as some refer to it. For some this is a powerful time and given we have 3 full moons this month is quite extraordinary! The lion is a powerful animal energetically which exudes strength, power and the heart of the Lion, LOVE. For me personally it holds a special place in my heart given the Lion is first animal I ever shapeshifted into and my connections to Africa. The indigenous tribes of Africa are so connected to the lions among other animals given they navigate by listening to the animal sounds and their felt sense of intuition! Some are known as the Lion Peoples! They are heart centered people with a way of communicating with the wild animal kingdom and nature. This is in South Africa, Kenya and other parts of Africa as well. Living on sacred land has so many benefits for them and as a society as whole. They are community based and support one another as individuals and as tribes! It’s a beautiful thing to witness.

We are leaving on our adventure soon, and if this is something that you have always wanted to experience, I enCourage you to take a leap of faith and go on an amazing adventure with wonderful group and a country full of so many heart centered people who are truly Lion People! Here’s the link for more information.

Sending Love,