I’m back writing about the dreamscape once more. I’m a huge believer in our dream world given I’ve lived most of life listening to my dreams and visions in my waking life. I truly believe our dreams can give us information about our future, a next step to take and/or different paths that are available to us. Our dreams will show us our life’s purpose, our destiny depending how you perceive that for yourself. They show our ancestral line going back thousands of lifetimes if that is part of our souls journey in this lifetime. We will dream about people who are a pivotal moment in our life or can change our life in any direction. Our loved ones will come in our dreams given we are in a lucid state to communicate and our mind can’t get in the way. And when it comes to NIGHTMARES, there aren’t any. We are dreaming of the shadow parts wanting to come through and open up lines of communication. That being said, we can have precognitive dreams of disasters, people or loved was passing or any number of things coming in the immediate or far future. That’s why its’ key to understanding your own dream language. 

First and foremost understanding your own language and symbols are paramount. We all have our own individual dream language. For instance, I have an essence of myself that appears in my dream as a woman with dark hair. At times her hair will change, but I can always feel her energy and her essence, and know that she is showing me something relevant in the dream pertaining to my waking life and what I’m currently working through. 

  • Cars are modes of transportation just like airplanes, bicycles, wheelchairs, horses etc. I know when I see a RED car in my dream to pay attention. It’s about how I’m moving through life and something is wanting to present itself… 
  • Airplanes are traveling faster and again a mode of transportation, but can also be interpreted as shifting into a higher consciousness. So it’s always good to pay attention to what else is happening in the dream. 
  • Dogs and horses are considered psychopomps, meaning they take us to alternate realms.
  • Houses or a home is about the self. If the dream is about your waking life home, then something in your waking life is wanting attention. The self that you have been presenting to the world is about to shift. This can be a profound change over a short period of time or long depending on how it’s worked through in your waking life. 
  • New construction verses old construction. Again about the self especially if it’s your current home or a childhood home. Always good to pay attention to the details in the dream. Are the walls dark and falling apart, or bright with color? New construction can represent something new that is coming into alignment with the self. I’ve seen this with clients when doing dream interpretation for them, and it’s amazing to see the transformation. So exciting!
  • Elevators. again another mode of transportation, but usually about consciousness. Are you going up in the elevator or down. Is there something in the underworld (down) your shadow self that is wanting your attention. 
  • Keys are asking to be taken notice of. Is it an old key, a new key, a key that isn’t recognizable? Keys are just that, a key wanting to present itself in order to open another doorway, portal or a part of yourself that has been closed off.

The amazing thing about our dreamscape is we can work through so many parts of our shadow instead of spending hours upon hours in talk therapy. I’m not dishing talk therapy, but there comes a point when the patient/client needs to take flight. When we choose to write down our dreams we learn over time our own unique dream Language. We can see the patterns emerge and what we are working through with our shadow self. It’s quite profound from my perspective.

On another note, we are heading to Africa on our Mystical Adventure in October, 2023… If you’re interested, or have questions here’s the link. We are almost full, so if this is on your bucket list let us know and we will get you signed up.


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