Before anyone can remove or move past their issues of envy, we have to consider what the root cause of it is. In most cases ENVY arises when we are experiencing dissatisfaction in our own lives. We feel the need to project our own fears onto to someone else or situation given we yearn for success, affection from others or desire what someone else has instead of looking inward!
Jealousy, Envy, Judgement are interesting bedfellows. They run off each other energetically and can cause distress in one’s life. When we learn how to move through the resistance of these energies, we are able to see that we are actually the one creating what is being reflected back to us. Projection is a powerful self reflection and once we recognize we are doing it, we can shift out of negative perceptions of ourselves and others. The best thing we can do for ourselves is be authentically happy for someones endeavors, accomplishments, success and their life in general. It’s their experience not ours! If you truly desire what someone else has then feeling joy/excitement for them and what they have will expand not only your desire to have what you want, but the collective as a whole.
Our Africa Trip is coming up soon. We are about two months out and I just received this picture from Nello the Maasai which depicts the young boys getting ready for their initiation rituals for beginning the journey to manhood. Every tribesman goes through this process in Kenya & Tanzania. I often wonder what it would be like for young men in the United States to have some sort of community based support for this process as well as young girls.
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