We all come in with our own subconscious lessons to learn. Deserving of ABUNDANCE, LOVE, SELF LOVE, WEALTH, HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS, RESOURCES, HEALTH & WELL-BEING, PROSPERITY etc. There are so many layers to us as humans that we all are working on something throughout our lives.

We get what we BELIEVE not what we want!  BELIEVE in what you want! 

There is a differences between Layered Emotions and Layering Emotions!

Once we realize that our thoughts create an emotional response as well as our reactions over time we will hold onto Old Beliefs. THIS IS NOT A BAD THING! it’s all a part of being human given we are here to emotionally evolve and it’s most likely that at some point we will wake up and become aware enough to see what was once an old paradigm and we are ready to shift into a new paradigm. This is what I refer to as Layering!

Over time we layer emotion on top of emotion and create stagnant energy in the body which in turn will create chronic pain, disease, dis-ease, anxiety etc… Until we decide we want to dive in deep and do the work (which I know a lot of us already have), we will continue to layer on the emotions that become problematic

One of the reasons why we go into relationships is to see what we are wanting to learn about ourselves and open our hearts and be vulnerable. Some more than others at times are running patterns that they are working through and they may run them until they decide to leave the planet, or decide to choose a different route and create a new paradigm for themselves. When we do this we start layering on new emotions and releasing the layered emotions which we have held onto for so long. So in order to release the layered emotions it’s in our best interest to know our felt senses and where they go in the body. If you suffer from chronic pain (and I know from personal experience) it’s an a great way to start feeling the layers. You don’t have to know what it’s attached to, but feeling the layers of emotions is imperative. Feeling the first layer is a huge step in awareness and allowing yourself to feel that emotion and then the subsequent layers will start to reveal themselves either underneath or behind what you are feeling. I practice this technique with clients and it’s powerful and uncomfortable as it opens up gateways of energy to release what is being held in the body. The next step after actually feeling the contracted emotions rise and feeling them for a period of time (everyone will be different in the length of time), we start layering on new emotions that are conducive to creating a new felt sense in the body and allowing more light into the cells and nervous system. This along with cognitive work and shifting thought patters will shift the body into more of a homeostasis state.

If we keep telling the same story or stories in a slightly different way, we will have a challenging time breaking the patterns and moving energy out of the body that is not serving us energetically, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Energy is in constant motion, and it’s our choice to use it wisely and in our best interest. 

An update of our Mystical African Safari!  This is becoming a popular trip, so we are opening up more available spaces. I’m so excited for this trip and all the magical experiences we are going to have.. If this is something you’ve been thinking about for a while or on your bucket list, now is the time to book your ticket. We will be spending time with the magnificent wild animal kingdom, looking for the illusive leopards, Masa Mara and all at the amazing Lions, elephants and other wildlife, hiking a sacred mountain, drumming at night under the stars and see what the sacred land wants to reveal to us. Staying in wonderful places along with experiencing the culture of the Massai. Nature walks, and you will meet a Massai family close to my heart and feel their heart centered love for everyone and everything around them and learn about their culture. You will meet the guide who I have teamed up with and is a dear friend of mine along with his vast knowledge of the game parks and his beautiful country! And so much more!

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